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What Size Backpack for Kindergarten?

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if any of you have any suggestions on what size backpack to buy for Kindergarten? I see all different sizes at the stores. The school suggests 950 cubic inches . . . but none of the backpacks are labeled this way. They're usually labeled as small, medium and large . . . And even those sizes vary from store to store. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

T. M.

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It doesn't have to be a huge one or one with rolling wheels. But, don't get those mini size. They need to be able to fit standard sized folders, art projects, and lunch boxes/snack bags.

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Hi T.,

I would suggest you make sure that a standard size folder and notebook will fit inside any book bag you purchase. Try it at the store - also, make sure the straps are adjustable, and adjust them to fit your daughter comfortably before purchasing. So a small bag should be out of the options, but teachers/schools really don't tell you that.

Teachers will be sending home papers, and to protect them, your daughter may be required to have a folder, or maybe even a binder, to be brought home occasionally - this should all fit into the bag without bending.

When my son went into kindergarten, he was required to have all of this, and I bought him a bag that was too small, and his binder wouldn't fit, so I had to buy him another bag to fit his stuff.

Good luck

let her pick her favorite.. but try it on her back.. I remember my son... he picked a purple backpack with the telletubies.. go figure.. by Jan of that year.. he wanted a new one.. so he got a real boy type one.. he was so happy with the first one.. he looked cute.. then he went with baseball.. the ones for little kids aren;t expensive either.. his first one was about 15 dollars.. now he is going into 8th grade.. and they are about 35- to 50 each.. oh well. Bring her to the store.. and see what they have .. look for smaller ones first.. then pick out 4.. and then let her pick.. they love to pick... my daugher is going into 5th.. and now it's more of a bag.. she got one with peace signs on it... and can't wait to use it.. have fun.. also check out lillian vernon.. they have really cute ones.. so does target, walmart and toy r us..

Choose a packpack that will fit a pocket folder. Most kindergardens send home school stuff in a folder with your childs name on it.

Just make sure it's large enough to fit a folder, marble notebook and her lunchbox (so she doesn't leave it on the bus)!! That's about all a kindergartener carries!

if you go to ll bean or lands End, they label them by age...5-7 is the right size for k-2...we use and love the small haul class mate or classmate jr from lands end...I buy it for K and when they move into 3rd grade they move up to the bigger one(I've done this 3 times and just purchased the 4th as my 4th son is entering K as well...and yes they last 3 years and still look new!!)...not to mention all my kids are boys and they're extremely rough on things and the 2 older boys still use their smaller backpacks for sleepovers etc...and they're entering 4th and 5th grades and the backpacks still aren't worn out :)

Go with a small one. At best, the only thing they carry is papers. Actually, I have never heard of a backback
size in cubic inches!!!!

Depending on whether or not your daughter goes p/t or f/t i'd just find one that allows u enough room for a lunchbox (for snack) & a folder. The most I can remember my daughter bringing home from school was a library book or a craft that she had completed. While at the store try fitting one of the lunchboxes into it or maybe even find the ones that have the soft lunchbox attached to the front. Good luck!

As long as it is big enough to hold a folder you should be fine. There really isn't much that goes into a backpack in kindergarten. They don't bring home books at that level unless it is a library book.

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