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What Should I Pack for the Hospital?

Hi, mamas!

It is getting to be the time where I should be packing my bag for the hospital. In the books that I have been reading and checking on line there are lists that are super long and some that are super short. I don't want to pack so much stuff that I won't actually need, but I also want to be prepared. From your experience, were there things that you didn't pack, but wish you did? Things that you packed that you didn't need at all? I'd love to hear your advice!


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WOW. You all are AMAZING! Thanks for the tips. I will be well-packed and ready to go! Getting very, very excited!!

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Definitely bring the baby book and ink if there is a place for hand/foot prints. My hospital wouldn't provide the ink. Also lots of lotion and lip balm. And warm socks.

The number one thing I recommend that you bring is old, full-coverage underwear and loose-fitting leggings. You'll bleed a lot and the underwear and leggings help hold the pads in place. You'll also feel better being a little more dressed than in the hospital gown, so bring a couple of comfy (long - to cover the thick pads)shirts.

Other than that - I didn't have any down time, so didn't need any books or anything like that. Some food was helpful to have with. Camera and video camera. I liked having my own music for when I as in labor. Clothes for my husband (he stayed the whole time). Going home outfit for me and baby. That's pretty much it. Don't over-pack.

Everyone else had great ideas. I loved having my robe. Also, chapstick and lotion. I got really dry in the hospital.

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A photographer will take your baby's picture during the first day or so. If you want your baby's photo taken in a particular outfit, bring that. I wanted my baby to be photographed in a special outfit on a particular blanket, so I brought them.

Otherwise, I would pack very light. Between feedings, trying to nap, and admiring your newborn, there is not much time to do anything else!

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Congratulations!! Someone recommended to me to buy Tucks medicated pads (witch hazel) to have at home - your hospital will probably provide it while you're there but it wouldn't hurt to have some at home and that way your husband doesn't have to go out and find it in the stores!Good luck!!

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Everyone else had great ideas. I loved having my robe. Also, chapstick and lotion. I got really dry in the hospital.

I think you have gotten fantastic advice so far but I actually have two things I would add to the list. One would be if you have space in your trunk put your breast pump in there. This might sound crazy but a lot of babies do end up spending sometime in the NICU. The hospital has a pump if you are in a situation where you cannot feed but this is also an opportunity for you to break out your own and have the nurse really show you how to operate it. Plus it might give you more freedom as to when/where you can pump. You don't need to bring it in with you just have it in the trunk and if you are in an unfortunate situation you can at least have your husband go get it and start actually using your own. I also would advise picking up a stool softener. Whether you have a C-section or a vaginal delivery you will most likely want one. In the hospital they will provide it for you but getting it in advance could save you a trip to the pharmacy later.
Congrats, and best wishes!

Here's what I'd bring (I've done this twice)
your pillow
a boppy or other nursing pillow
a robe and slippers
toothbrush and toiletries
a clean set of maternity clothes to wear home (you will still need them, but especially if you were laboring in them you'll want something clean!)
food and drinks for you, your husband, and anyone else (I liked having some Gatorade or similar to drink while in labor)
something mindless to read (trashy novel or magazine)
going home outfit for baby (or you can have someone bring it to you after Baby makes an appearance)

That's it! Best of luck with the birth! Don't get anxious if your baby decides to wait until after Christmas - most first pregnancies last until 41 weeks.

Robe - so you can cover up quickly.
Big underwear - if you have a c-section you don't want the elastic resting on your insition.
Baby outfit - I highly recommend buying one of those onesies that have the cuffs that flip over the hands so the baby doesn't scratch herself.
I wore the hospital gowns during the 5 days I was there. I had a c-section and I didn't want to have to worry about the blood from my c-section getting on my nice pjs.
Good luck!

Hi K..
I haven't read through all the other posts, so this may be a repeat...
1. nightgown and loose pj pants
2. nursing tanks and nursing bras
3. slippers/socks
4. BOPPY (I wish I had this in the hospital)
5. Pillows for your husband if he is sleeping over
6. phone charger
7. camera charger
8. birth plan
9. snacks
10. baby book
11. tooth brush and paste

Don't forget to save a newspaper of the day the baby was born. It's great for the baby book. Good luck...this is such an awesome time!

Congrats, so exciting!!!

For me, the staples - boppy pillow, Lansinoh breast cream (in purple tube, can get at Target - this stuff is also awesome for dry hands in winter), GOOD shampoo and conditioner, razor, body wash, hair straightener, bit of makeup, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, etc., good slippers, my OWN comforter for the bed, robe and change of clothes for day 2 (very loose fitting, easy to nurse in and go to the bathroom in because you'll still be bleeding HEAVILY, but I can't handle the hospital gown for more than a day). Chargers for camera and cell phone, magazines (hard to focus on a book really and you'll need to be sleeping when you can anyway, so I like to keep reading light). Cute headband for labor and after. Tiny nail file for the baby - their nails are way too fine and teeny to use nail clippers yet, but they are often long at birth. They sell baby nail files with most safety baby kits. Also encourage you husband to get sushi for you guys for the 2nd night and bring it to the hospital.

For baby - her own cozy blanket, and outfit for going home! Don't forget the bundle me for her carseat and hat too. And hopefully you have an extra head support in her carseat for the first months.

Good luck with everything!!

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