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What Should I Fix for a Special Celebration Brunch?

My Son is returning from a 2 year mission he served in England! He arrives the day after Thanksgiving and I would like to have a Special Brunch for Friends and Family Sunday Morning before we go to church. Life will be very busy Friday and Saturday. Can you think of something wonderful I could fix maybe way ahead and freeze or something simple to assemble that morning and..... could it be fairly in expensive and feed about 60 people....? I am not asking for much am I? :)

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I am already so excited for the suggestions you all gave me and I am sure there will be more! It's still early. I am just filled with gratitude for your help and good wishes. Thank you so much!

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W., How wonderful he's in Mission's. Try Breakfast brretos, with what ever left overs you have. Anything goes into them. If you would like more info please call or email me @ 480-557-176. ____@____.com and blessings,

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That's tough. I always do lasanga for large meals, but man, 60 people at brunch? Hm. Soup? Breakfast burritos? Sloppy joes? Taco bar? Oh, also, perhaps chili?

Whenever I have a brunch for several people I always make a breakfast casserole and some type of baked french toast. They are nice because you make them the night before and then just pop them in the oven early in the morning. Here are a few recipes that I have used and everyone has raved about them.


I have also used this Paula Deen quiche recipe and it is very easy and tasty. I don't know if it would work out if you made it the night before, but most likely it would.


Hope that helps and welcome home to your missionary. My husband also served his mission in England and he LOVED it there.

You could do a hearty soup from Thanksgiving leftovers with a big bag of rolls from Costco...or my favorite...potluck. You could do an extra turkey on Thanksgiving and do sandwiches. Have guests bring a favorite sandwich fixing...lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

By the way, congrats on your son's return. This Thanksgiving will make 19 yrs since I served! It was definitely a great holiday to come home to.


There is a breakfast casserole I always make for large amounts of people (sorry, I am talking 15 and not 60!) I got it from a bashas mailer, and includes peppers, onions, crushed bread, cheese, sausage bacon cheese etc etc....you can sautee and cook everything the night before (or even 2 days probably) and put it in the casserole pans with the eggs to bake. Try to find it by googling it, or if you can't find it I can scan it to you. It could be expensive, but with all your meat and egg products, start shopping and buying them on sale when they come up. You'll be fine! And congrats!! What a great celebration.

You could pick out some different quiche recipes and make them ahead of time & freeze them! You could serve them w/ fruit, have some meatless and some with meat... here are some from allrecipes that have great ratings and look tasty!


You could make or buy quiche and a ham The hams from Costco are great and so easy to prepare. Costco also sells huge trays of muffins and baked goods. Make it simple so you can enjoy the celebration. Stick with one type of quiche and then have a variety of baked goods from store.
Good Luck

W., How wonderful he's in Mission's. Try Breakfast brretos, with what ever left overs you have. Anything goes into them. If you would like more info please call or email me @ 480-557-176. ____@____.com and blessings,

I would make all of my sons favorites. If you have the 9:00 block I would go very easy.

i have done stratas before with good results. check out any online recipe site.

I would make a Crustless Quiche (google for lots of recipes), a small amount of flour is beaten into the egg/cheese mixture. I use one with both cottage cheese and cheddar cheese. I like it best with spinach or green chilis. Borrow a couple of large pans from neighbors. Two large pans would do it. Cut into small squares for serving. Then please ask your 60+ friends to bring fruit platters, bagels, pastries. They will all want to bring something to celebrate.

We just did this for my BIL who returned form a year in Kuwait and did his favorite food: Mexican. Don't be shy about asking your closest family/friends to bring in fresh flowers, OJ, jams, coffee cakes, plates/napkins.

It seems like a tight squeeze to do this before church, so keep it simple. Is there any favorite English food item you can make to honor his time spent in England?
Happy planning,

I am at work now and can't access recipes, but a nice sausage/ egg brunch cake (I have that recipe) would be good, and/or coffee cake, fruit (cut up the bananas and keep in lemon juice - serve with toothpicks), juice, pancakes, or those little quiches that you can get at Costco. I'm just trying to think of easy things that you can make/ do ahead. Serve on good paper plates for a quick clean up. Good luck!

I think that the breakfast ideas already mentioned (egg casserole, baked french toast, fruit)sound like just what I would recommend. You could also get a variety of bagels and cream cheese from Costco or Sam's. I am sure you are so excited to see your son! My youngest brother leaves on his mission early next year. What a wonderful and life changing experience!

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