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What Should a "Healing" Plantars Wart Look Like?

It seems like such a silly question, but I'm not sure if the over the counter liquid acid we have been using is working.

We use it twice a day and the skin around the wart has been white and irritated as many people told us it would. My son has told me it doesn't hurt like it used to.

At this point it looks like coming to the surface are some small blood blisters or dark spots. Is this the "root" of the wart? It has been such a long time and nothing on the internet is telling me what it should look like.

What can I do next?

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Just went to the podiatrist today about a plantar wart. Plantar warts are only on feet and are extremely hard to get rid of with OTC remedies. Yes, they do turn white, and you can excise the dead skin with clippers or a scalpel but it often takes a long time (many many treatments). My podiatrist prescribed a much stronger...like 80x stronger med called TriChlor which i apply twice a day and go back for him to take care of it every three weeks. the nice thing about that is that it is effective for a 10 generic copay. you could spend a fortune on OTC stuff an still have it not work. ususally gone in about 8-9n weeks depending on the size. I have also had them removed by dermatologists but the nice thing about the podiatrist was that he was especially sensitive to my need to continue to walk on the foot. The dermatologist wanted to go directly to laser removal which would make things very hard to walk for the weeks while it healed. ..Good luck

My daughter went through the same thing. We kept putting on the wart remover till the root finally came out. It too looked white and tender but she said it didn't hurt. I did keep the white skin clipped (using finger nail clippers). As far as I can see they have not come back and it has been 2 years. Good luck,

From my experience, what you described sounds like a healing wart. I will tell you I've used OTC wart removers that only remove the surface of the wart, and a few months down the road it returns. If you go to a dermatologist, he can put some liquid nitrogen on it (I think that's what it is). That will make it go away w/in 2 weeks, and it will stay away. If you're tired of dealing w/ it, I'd recommend going to a dermatologist.

One of my children had a wart tha just wouldn't go away. We tried all the over-the-ccounter remedies...they just didn't work. You could be killing good blood cells. I finally took her to the skin dr. and she removed it properly with no pain or no longer embarrasment.

I had a planters wart many years ago &, yes, it actually looked worse before it got better. The root is darker & comes to the surface, like you explained. Since what you're describing sounds typical & your child says that it feels much better, I wouldn't worry. I believe mine took about a month to COMPLETELY go away! Hope this helped!


I had a plantars wart many, many years ago on my hand. Nothing was getting rid if it until someone told me to crush some aspirin and put the powder on it. If you can double check this on the internet or with a Dr. that would be a good idea. I am pretty confident it was aspirin, I know it was white and powdery once I crushed it. I kept it on with a bandaid. Anyway, it didn't take long before it started to heal. It got all dried up and looked sort of like ugly cauliflower. Eventually, the pieces were driy enough to fall off or be pulled off.
I know this sounds disgusting - and it was. But it was on my hand and very painful. It might be worth a try.

Good luck!

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