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What Product to Use to Get Pee Out of Fabric Chair?

Oops~In the process of potty training we had a little accident at the kitchen table. Does anyone know of a good product that will take the stain and smell out of the chair and clean the fabric?

What can I do next?

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Hi M.!
Try a little laundry detergent and water - especially if your laundry detergent has an "oxi" agent - should take both stain & odor out in one quick cleaning. I feel for you as I remember potty training ;)
Take care,

Kids and Pets. You get it at Wal-Mart. It's awesome. It gets out everything.

Hi M.,
There is an amazing product that we've used to get cat urine out of our sofa. It is called Nature's Miracle. I wish I could remember if we picked it up at a PetSmart, or a Walmart/Target type of store. I believe that it is all natural and it really did the trick for us with just a single application...and cat urine smell is 100 times stronger than people urine--UGH!

I hope this helps!

I have this awesome product that I have used to get out pet accidents which I am sure will work on potty training accidents too. The product is natural and great.

Solumel has worked wonders for me! I've used it to get stains & smells out of fabric (clothing & furniture) and my carpet. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Kids and Pets I get it at walmart on the pet isle. I love it.

Check out the pet store. They sell live Enzymes in a bottle. But beware, while the enzymes eat the urine they also excrete a yucky temporary smell. Once they are done, the urine and the enzymes and the bad scents are gone.

PS: something else for nighttime, an air mattress under the padding and sheets. Keeps mattress safer than those fabric ones and less stressful for you and little one.

Good luck! C.

Ok, this is going to sound silly, but go to the petstore, I know Petsmart has it, it's called Simple Solution. It gets urine smell out very well! It will work fantastic. It even smells pretty good! I used it when potty training my dogs and it will work wonders on your little mishap!

"Mother's Little Helper" might do it. You can find it at Babies R Us. It also comes in a dog version called "Nature's Miracle" that you can find at Petsmart. I believe they are both the same formula.

Good luck!


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