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What Pad Is Best for Young Girls

Well I had the talk with my 11 1/2 yr old last night because she is going to camp all week and she really could start having a period any time. All other signs are happening. So not wanting this to happen to her unprepared while away from home I thought it best to prepare her. The problem is I don't know which pads should I buy for her. I bought what I thought would be smaller and both her and I looked at it and thought ,no way! I also got panty liners which look the right size but they are not going to hold much if her flow is the least bit heavy. Please help me before I spend a fortune on pads that are not right. I wish they made some labled for young ladies. Any other wisdom to be shared is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks to all the mama's who shared their advice and experience on this topic. It really helps and saves money to have the info to buy the right product. Science camp was a great time for my daughter and she didn't get a visit from our "friend". I kinda figured Muphy's law would play into affect. Thank you very much as I feel like we can find the right product now.

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My daughter is now 13 but she has been using the Always pads with wings that are orange. We buy them at Costco most of the time. At night or on heavy days she wears the green always pads with wings. The panty liners are good for her to wear if she's worried that she just might start any day. Let her know to listen to her body...if she feels cramps (something other than a tummy ache) or if her breasts feel tender she might be getting ready to start.

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I recommend the Always with wings. They are not too big and they stay in place to avoid leakage.

Kotex makes an ultra thin pad but they may be to long for your daughter depending on how big she is. Also I think Always brand came out with a smaller pad for younger girls but it could be a different brand thati'm thinking of. You could call Planned Parenthood and ask them about it, or your doctor. Pads are pretty much a trial and error thing and sometimes you have to try different ones before you find the one that's right for her, that's what I had to do. I do use the Kotex ultra thin and they work well on light and slightly heavy days, they also come wrapped in little packages that are discrete for younger girls, small enough to fit in a front jeans pocket. Good Luck!

I like the Kotex light days better than the Always. Always used to make me itch like crazy (though it has been many years now... and my sister, who's very sensitive to dyes and perfumes, has no problem with them).

One more tidbit: whatever she wears is going to feel huge and conspicuous, but really, no one is going to know except her! I hope she doesn't start while she is away... just for her own security!

Always Ultra Thin Pads are best. They are so thin they are hardly noticeable. They come in many different sizes and styles (with and without wings). I haven't had any problem with them leaking either. I've tried other Ultra Thin brands but they have not been as good and there is nothing more embarrassing than that for a young girl.

Hi R. Always makes a pad thats for slender sizes that is what i buy for my girls

More than likely she will not have heavy flow the first couple of months so a panty liner may be okay. Another option are the pads for "light days". Good luck


I like Always ultrathin with wings. I think they would be thin enough for your daughter and also give her the added protection. Thats what I would buy-- good luck!


I don't know how much time you have before she goes to camp, but I found this link where you can request free samples from Kotex and they give you a variety: http://www.mysavings.com/free-samples/Kotex-Sample-Pack/6...
I know OB Tampons makes a variety pack, I was looking to see if there was one for pads.
Also, Always has a little "Find out which Always® products are right for you!" quiz which might be helpful:
Best of luck!

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