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What Kinds of Chores Do Your 6 Year Olds Do?

I want to start giving my 6 year old son some chores around the house. What chores do your children have? How do you enforce them? What is your consequence if they don't do it? I'd like to get something started for the summer time to help teach him some respect for the house and our things as well as responsibility. Any advice is great!

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I have three kids. Lauren is 2, Bella is 3 and Gabe is 5, (has autism and on a 3 year old level). All three of them have always helped around the house...they have always loved to clean and cook / bake with me. They mainly dry dust, (after I dust the proper way). They help clean windows, sort and do laundry. Empty the dryer and help put away clothes, they love to do socks. They love to sweep and mop, they try to clean the bathrooms with me but I don't let them around those products. They help load and unload the dishwasher, they also help set the table every night. The one thing we still battle is putting away the toys, but they go to bed early so I can take care of those. I dont have to enforce them because this is something they have always done and it has never crossed my mind to give them an allowance since this is thier home too. :-)

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I have four children ages 8,4,2 and 7 months old. With the exception of the baby of course all of my children help around the house. We explain to them that our family is a team and it takes an effort from everyone to have a successful team. My two year old loves to help with laundry and putting groceries away. My four year old enjoys dusting and putting her laundry in her drawers. My son doesn't exactly enjoy it, but he does take the trash out to the curb on trash night and he brings all the laundry down from upstairs once a day. We always used positive reinforcement with them. They enjoy helping around the house b/c we always praise them for it. Just recently we have discussed setting up some regular chores for our oldest child to earn an allowance.

My 6 yr old has to pick her toys up and make sure her room is clean. She makes her bed every weekend. I don't expect her to do it during the week because we are running around getting ready for school. She helps me put dishes away, fold towels, put her underwear and socks away. All my kids love to use the duster so I bought one for my 3 girls and they all dust. One less thing I have to do. It may not be done the way I would do it (they are 6, 4 1/2, and 3 yrs old) but it does get done. My oldest wants to vaccuum but mine is too heavy for her to push. All 3 get turns to set the table for dinner and they each help clear the table when they are done eating, mainly just put their plate and cup in the sink.
If they do what they are assigned to do they do get to stay up late on the weekend to watch movies or get a chance to play on the computer or they get a dollar to spend at the store or save it for something else. I only pay a dollar at the end of the week if they do what they are suppose to do.
Good Luck!

Hi R..

6 years old is a great age to start with the following chores: Matching socks, dusting, putting silverware away from dishes, setting tables, making their bed(not always perfect, but they can spread the comforter), putting toys away and putting some recycles in the recycle bin.

It has to be an agreement, that plans are in action and if chores aren't done, they don't go through. We do an allowance right now for my older kids (10 and 7). They don't get the entire allowance if they miss a chore or if I do it because they didn't. They are at the ages where it's hard to earn money for the things they want that mom and dad don't buy.

Family Fun Magazine has some suggestions..some on-line at familyfun.com.

This will help you so much when you have the kids help out and it can really boost their self esteem!

My 6 year old makes her bed everyday and picks up her room. As needed she will put away laundry. She even likes to "clean" the bathroom..I just give her the windex for the mirror and those disinfectant wipes for the sink. I usually clean the toilet bowl, but she will wipe down the outside of it.

We have explained to our 2 daugeters, that we are team and family and it takes all of us to help keep the house kept up. Just because mommy stays home, doesn't mean she's going to do it all!

Your 3 year old is even old enough to do some chores.

(when my girls do clean, it isn't "mommy clean", but it's good enough for me, although sometimes I do have to go back over it if company is coming)

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