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What Kind of "Milk" Can I Feed My 10 Month Old Who Has a Milk Allergy

I am going to be weaning my little one in a couple of months and was just wondering what kind of milk I could feed her. She was diagnosed with a serious milk allergy when she was a couple of months old. She was having bloody diarrhea. I have had to cut milk out of my diet since then. :( Anyway, my 3 year old son is on rice milk because he is on a gluten free/casein free diet. I wanted to give her rice milk but I am afraid it doesn't have enough "fat" in it for her. I know that goats milk has casein in it too so I can't offer that either. I also don't want to use soy because of all the hormones in it. I don't mean to sound so picky but if you have any other ideas for me I would be very very very appreciative. Also if you have been feeding your baby rice milk since they were at a young age I would like to know you experiences with it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond.
Happy New Year!

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We use Almond milk in my house. My son and daughter have milk allergies. I was on goats milk and something wlse as a child.

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Hey D.! You can't give her any form of milk until she's 1. She should be on soy formula for the next 2 months according to everything I know about it. They're all supposed to be on formula or breast milk until their first birthday.

Hemp milk sounds interesting - it has omega fats. Almond milk is also good, but I'm not sure of the fat content.

In any case, she can get fat from other sources, like avocados and nut/seed butters.

There are a lot of doctors/researchers that actually advocate against cow's milk for many reasons - you can check out Dr. Fuhrman if you'd like.

Good luck!

Have you tested to see if she's outgrown the allergy? You could try organic soy if you're worried about the hormones, which honestly I don't pay attention to.

Also, you could continue breastfeeding or giving formula, there really is no requirement to stop that at the 1st bday.

Keep breastfeeding for one year. The child will be better able to tolerate another milk after one year. Organic soy milk is a good choice then. You need not worry about the estrogen hormone. AF

We use coconut milk and prefer it greatly over rice milk. With my dairy allergic little guy we are still nursing though too because not only was I worried about the fat but other nutrients as well. I've heard on other lists I'm on that some dairy allergic kids can tolerate sheepskin milk even though it also has casein in it because while goats and cows are from the same branch sheep are not. Also read a study from Europe about pigs milk again not tried it. We use coconut milk for most things prefer the stuff in the dairy section over cans only use rice now in things like cream of broccoli soup etc. Having had my oldest on soy her first 2 years and seeing her hormonal issues we are dairy gluten soy and corn free. I'm glad we have been soy free because when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer her type of cancer feeds off soy.

Oh and just because it's organic soy doesn't mean it doesn't have the hormones.

if she has a true milk allergy this won't work, but many folks who have been diagnosed with milk allergies are only allergic to processed milk. if you can find good natural raw milk, that might do the trick. if all milk is out of the question, i second the suggestion of yummy coconut milk. the plain variety is nice and neutral, and the flavored ones are delicious. almond milk is also excellent. i've seen oat milk but haven't tried it. but with any of these you'll need to find alternate ways of providing fat.

My 18 month old has a milk allergy also. I still have her on the soy formula. I use the go and grow formula. I know she is still getting the nutrients that she needs.

Our family is vegan. Our son was exclusively breast-fed for his first 7 mo's. After beginning to give him solid foods we also offered almond milk to supplement. He took it just fine. After he was about 1.5 yrs, we turned him onto rice milk. He's now 3 yrs-old. We do still give him some almond milk but now his milk intake is mostly rice. You may also check out oat milk; I'm not sure of its nutrient content, or if it contains casein, but I know that a friend mine's son has serious allergies (milk included) and he was given oat milk. Hope everything works out!

my daughter had a severe allergic to casein too and was breast fed till 9mnths and used 'Enfamil nutramigen hypoallergic lipil formula' if i need to add milk to her food etc/cereal and also continued to give her that till 1yr when i switched to organic soy. she is 4 now and has overcome her allergy i was told to be very deligent in checking all the food she ate till she outgrew it. she would immediately get a rash even if milk ot milk products touched her skin let alone consumed!
didnt use rice milk because of the fat issue and decided to stay away from almond just incase of a nut allergy.
hope she overcomes it

soy milk is usually the status quo. Have you check out Almond milk? Your physician should guide you with this issue

Try oat, almond, or hemp milk. I don't know how these compare to regular milk for fat content, but almond might be your best bet. good luck!

We use Almond milk in my house. My son and daughter have milk allergies. I was on goats milk and something wlse as a child.

I'd strongly suggest coconut milk,or hemp.Those have the highest fat contents. Almond, and rice would be next. Soy would be last due to the allergic component. I'd also second the comment about breastfeeding as long as you both are willing. We are a vegan family and have no problem finding sources of milk, non dairy cheese with no casein, and "ice cream".
Hope you are finding more success.
L. M

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