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What Is the Pain on Stomach After C-section?

I had a c-section on Feb 1st. Of course I know I will feel sore on the inside like i did 1 million sit ups but my stomach is so sore between my belly button and the incision-on the outside. So much so that I am even sensitive to my shirt rubbing against it. It feels like its chafing or something, but I don't understand what the pain is. Its almost worse than any inside pain i feel-help! Is it an intense bruise?

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I had it too, I think it is the nerve endings regaining their feeling. Sometimes there is numbness, pin prick sensations and just general sensitivity there. It took a few months to go away for me.

I had the same pain after my c-section. I was told it was from all the muscles being cut. I had an abdominal binder that I wore, and it made the pain less intense. Hope this helps.


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I had a c-section in Oct. I wore grannie underwear and my maternity pants. My incision felt the same way, my doctor said it was healing...although they were not helpful in anyway for the recovery. I got a book that was great, The Essential C-section Guide, it was great, full of great info. A complete guide to getting back in shape and how to take care of your incision...all the things our doctors should be helping us with. Good luck,
A. Laufer,
Stay at home mom, three kids, 3 and a half year old, 2 year old and 4 month old, one c-section.

Hi C.. I've had two c-sections and have never experienced what you describe. I felt worse after the second one, but not like you describe. You should have had a follow-up by now. What did the doctor say? I'll tell you how my pain felt: 1st time. like I had no muscles in my stomach and when I tried to move it felt like my stomach was going to rip. The 2nd time, I more pain right at the incision, but I think that was b/c I had staples the second time and I could feel every staple. Both times I was good in a week. What kind of pain pills did they give you? I would really talk to doctor if I were you. Everyone heals differently but by 12 days out I didn't need pain meds anymore. Oh and except for when I had to clean the incision touching my stomach, even near the incision, didn't hurt. Good luck!

Hi C.,

My best advise to you is go back to your doctor, that is not normal for you to be feeling pain outside like that. Hopefully your skin is not infected. I had a c-section 13 years ago, and I never felt any kind of pain on the outside. It is best you go back to your OB-GYN soon and make sure your pain is nothing major.

I had a C-sec about 7 years ago. I don't remembe what you described. I remember pain, feeling like my guts will fall out if I stood too long (first week or so), and needing a pillow to press against my belly before a cough or sneeze. What you describe sounds more like over sensitivity maybe caused by the healing nerves. I would expect it to go away however nerves take a looong time to heal from trauma. I am not a doctor so please mention this to yours.

best of luck,

Congratulations!! I have had 3 c-sections and had similar pain. I truly believe that it is your uterus still going back into place. Do you remember all of the pushing the nurses had to do in the hospital? That is some of the worst pain ever. And since you had twins there is probably a lot more stretching and going back into place that needs to be done. I am sure you are fine but you never want to take any chances. If you feel at all unsure call your doctor. It is hard to remember that you not only a mother. Don't forget to take care of yourself. We are all better moms when we are healthy and strong. Good luck and God bless.

Hi C.! Congratulations! I too had a c-section almost one year ago. My daughter will be turning 1 February 28. I know exactly what you are talking about with the pain. I'm not a doctor, but I can only tell you what has been told to me. With the c-section, they have to (sorry to be graphic) cut through a lot of nerves and the pain is your body trying to heal itself. It's also probably bruising from the tugging that was done. I think I was "out of commission," so to speak for about a good 2 full weeks. To help with that pain, I put a tension belt, almost like a giant ace bandage for my belly (the hospital gave it to me) to alleviate some of the pressure. I think Medela makes one...I can't think of the proper name. To date I still have a numb tingling feeling right below my belly button and this is almost a year later. I think the pain you are feeling is normal, but if you are really concerned I would give your doctor a call. It never hurts just to be sure.


PS. Enjoy your boys, I still can't believe my little sweet pea will be one soon. It really goes so fast!

My sister-in-law said she had a tingling/burning/numb sensation where the scar was for almost a year afterwards. She said it was very annoying. I had a c-section and don't recall any problems...but I know my OB did give me a cream to rub on the scar for a long time afterward...maybe the cream somehow helped with my healing...it was supposed to help with scarring and now I have almost no incision mark, so it must have worked. I'd tell your OB because maybe it's just nerve endings or something but who knows, they might have a cream or something topical that could help. Also, I recall that regular bikini undies were very uncomfortable for quite some time, becuase the sacr area was sensitive so I had to invest in a few pairs of "granny panties," which, much as I hated them, didn't have a waistband to put pressure near the incision line. Thankfully, that problem didn't last too long; in the short term they felt much better to wear but didn't do much for my post-pregnant body confidence! (Nor did my husband teasing me about them.)

Hi. Congratulations on the birth of your twins! I hope they are healthy. My daughter was born at 33 weeks so I know how worrisome having preemies can be. As for the pain you feel, I think it is normal. I had trouble walking for 6 weeks after my C-section. Every time I went off percoset, the pain was almost unbearable. Like you, I also felt outside pain. I am not sure what it was caused by. Have a blessed day and let me know if your twins need prayer at this time. I would be happy to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. C.

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