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What Is the Legal Age in in That a Child Can Be Left at Home Alone?

I have relocated to Greenwood, IN from OH. And I have an 11 yr. old daughter, who I know will be asking me if she can stay at the condo by herself in the afternoons after school. I am a bit unsure what the legal age is that a child can be left home alone and for how long of a period of time. I work downtown and it takes me about 25 mins to get home. But I get off at 5. And I know traffic can be a challenge at times.

So if someone can either tell me or give me a link that I can go to, I sure would appreciate it. Because this would be a backup for those times I would either have to work over a few hours or if the school is closed. I know that the Greenwood Middle School offers an after school daycare but I would like some more options.

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I just wanted everyone to know that I got great responses from everyone. It is hard when you are moving to a new state and town to figure out what you can and can't do. But my greatest concern is my daughter. She's(and of course, me) have always had Grandma & Grandpa to rely on for the past 7 years. My parents were nice enough to let Chelsey & I come into their home when she was 4 yrs. old after her father and I separated (we're now divorced) I wanted to make sure I was some place safe. And I had the last 3 months of my degree to complete(55 miles away). So I wanted her to be with someone I could depend on.

Now my dear parents have my daughter and dog, "spoilt" but in a good way. But I want this experience to be the best that I can have. Because there will be let downs later. That's life and when she finally learns change can be good then things will smooth out. She's never liked change but she's excited about this move.

I am just glad that I found out about this forum. Thank you everyone! I hope to be able to help one you, but in a good way like a referral. Thanks.

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I'm not sure of the exact age. But you could probably call The Adult & Child Center. They have one in Greenwood located off of Madison AVe. inbetween Stop 11 & County Line Rd.

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I'm not sure of the legal age, made you should contact the Johnson County children services they made be able to help. Check the phone book for numbers. There are 2 options that I know of for Greenwood School Systems. The greenwood community center has after school programs for kids ages 8 and older and the YMCA also can pick up kids from Greenwood schools and take them by bus to the YMCA for after school programs. Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood. a quick google of either names can get you their weblinks.

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I am pretty sure the age is 12, it could be 13 though.

You could always "google" it or ask.com

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Regardless of "legal age", and with an understanding of your daughter's age and how mature she or you think she is, anything can happen. I would at least have a trusted neighbor or someone check on her every now and again.
When I was a child, I lived in the country in a small town where no other houses could be seen, but our home was robbed two times. Anything can happen anywhere.
These days with all the stories you hear on the news about teachers, ice cream truck drivers and "regular" people molesting, raping and abducting children, that is not a risk I would take. And just to be extra cautious, you should get on line to check if there are any registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.
The fact that my house was in the country, shows you that somebody was watching to see when my family was home or gone for the day. You never know who might notice these things. For the sake of your daughter, please be careful with your decision. I know my baby is the most precious gift to me, and, unfortunately, no one can be too careful these days.
Please take my thoughts into consideration.

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The legal age in Indiana is 12. I know from experience, I allowed my 11 year old son to stay at home once and the lovely neighbors called and I was "reprimanded" really just a verbal warning, so I'd wait until she is 12. It is also the age when she can legally babysit as well.


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Where from OH? I too am from OH. Anyways, I think it is based on the maturity of the child or 12 years of age. Try an internet search. My daughter also goes to Greenwood Middle School. It is a nice school; she liked most of her teachers. Good luck!

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