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What Is the Going Rate for in Home Care?

I am taking a survey of the cost of in home care. I have a local babysitter who has offered to take care of my 10 month old for,3 days, approximately 20 hours a week, but I feel her asking rate of $160 per week is a little high. Please let me know if you are in a similar situation and what you pay, or if you know what a day care facility would charge for the same amount of hours.

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I was wondering the same thing. I was quoted $200 per week ( 5 days, 8 hours a day) at kinder Care. Then I thought that I might want to have someone in my home and I figured that I couldn't pay anyone less then $10 per hour, so that lady that gave you $160 is really not that bad.....

Be very happy as you got minimal payment possible. I personally would be concerned with the quality of such low-pay babysitter. I live in Plantation and pay $14/hour for really good person.

i used to watch a child in my house 2-3 days a week, the mom would drop her off around 7 (sometimes 6:30 sometimes 7:30) and i would have her until 5:30. i got 60 a day. the child was the same age as my daughter and i watched her from 3 months until right before two years old.

I had an in home care for my baby girl for first 12 months and payed $10.00 an hour, so it looks like you are getting good deal $8.00 an hour. The day care will charge about $100 for a week, they mostly do not do hours.

$8.00 per hour is the going rate for one child. I have friends paying $10.00 to $15.00 per hour. Which I think is crazy for one child. Also, you have to consider the experiance and age of the babysitter and if you trust this person. Also, does the babysitter have a certification? There is a class that a babysitter can take which teaches them CPR on infants along with many other things. If a babysitter has this certification they are worth more money.

If you don't mind me asking would you recomend this person to other moms? If so, can you please contact me via email. I am looking for a babysitter for an occational evening out with my husband. I think the best way in finding any kind of help is through recommendations.
Thanks M.

Hi K., I have a two year old in day care in Deerfield Beach. She goes each weekday from about 7:30 to 4:00. I pay about $130 weekly including her lunch which is catered in. I used to have her in home care and only paid $125 a week. I was very pleased and this also included her meals and snacks. I think that $160 for only 20 hours is too much!


I live in Plantation and my son goes to Kinder care learning Center five days a week (full time schedule). The cost is $165 and includes meals. (It's a franchise and they have two locations in Plantation - one by the Broward Mall and the other on the corner of Sunrise and Nob Hill where he goes)

When I was researching the other places - I found this price to be very acceptable. Adventure Bay was at $150, another very appealing place at Clearly between Pine Island and University (forgot the name) - $165 (meals not included).

The only places that SEEM to be cheaper are "religious" places - I've checked Methodists (the cheapest and highly recommended by my friend - at 70th street by the Methodist church), catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish childcare places. They do have lower prices, however they are open 9 months a year, with a summer camp at the double price. And they are closed on all religious holidays (quite a few when you add them up). When you consider those factors the "seem" word at the beginning of this paragraph makes a lot of sense...

As for the non-religious places - their rate for 3 days a week is only slightly less then the full price (they want to discourage that) - a year ago it was at approximately $135.

My personal opinion is that unless your nanny candidate has a degree in children education and can offer that added value of professional assistance in your child development, she seems to be pricey.


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