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What Is the Best Stroller for Traveling by Plane?

We are planning an international trip in a week or so. Would like to know - what is the best stroller to use for air travel - easily collapsible and lightweight.

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Don't bring one. So much easier to carry the kid and/or let him toddle. Such a pain to haul it through the airport.

We travelled in Prague and Italy for three weeks with a Maclaren Volo and it was terrific! Lightweight, small and very easy to collapse and set up (one hand is usually fine). Good luck!

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we travel a lot and we like to take an umbrella stroller. we thought about bringing our bigger stroller, but we never if it'll fit in the rental car. the stroller i like is the esprit sun speed. it handles almost as well as a mclaren but it's a fraction of the price at around 99$. it reclines almost flat for naptime.

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Hi V.,

you have plenty suggestions already,
but consider the
it is truly amazing, i have travelled a lot with it, internationally was a breeze
as it
- is lightweight
-folds one-handedly and fits thru the xray conveyer belt
- fits in the OVERHEAD compartment in case you ever get stranded and need to board a plane last minute...
- has a great sun and rain canopy
- big storage basket
- easy manoeverability, as only one double front wheel
and should they get bent on european cobblestones, replacement is only 15 $
---BEST FEATURE: baby/todddler can nap in reclining position
none of the other lightweight strollers do that.

so there, happy travels, C.

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The last 2 times I've flown, my choices were an umbrella stroller or a jogger with a swivel front wheel. Both fold, or course. I opted for the big jogger, for ease of use and its ability to carry a substantial amount of cargo--and I am very glad I did! Now, I have two little ones & a double jogger--and next time I fly, that is very likely the stroller I'll take, even though it's a bit heavy.

It depends on how sturdy you want it to be. We have a MacLaren Volo we use for traveling. It's lightweight (I think around 10 lbs) but it's a sturdy stroller that you can use to walk around all day. Many, many people use this stroller as it's dependable and light. You can easily get one on craigslist if you don't want to buy it new.

As long as you don't need a recline feature, our favorite is Maclaren Volo. It's sturdy, very light, has carrying strap, folds and opens easily, and the handle is taller than the typical cheaper umbrella strollers -- you won't get tired from stooping when pushing the stroller. We first bought it because I was traveling alone with my daughter and we wanted to make sure that I can handle a young child, a carry-on, and a stroller on my own. Later we used it on a trip to Italy. As some said, the stroller doesn't work well for cobblestones (many strollers don't either), but for the other parts of the trip, it's wonderful because we could easily fold it up and carry it with the strap when getting on and off public transportation or staircases.

It depends if your child is going to have his or her own seat during the flights. We bought Sit n Stroll stroller through ebay (much cheaper than buying at full price at $249. We were able to use it as a carseat for our daughter (when she was 14 months old) during our flights to and from Japan/Korea. And we were able to use it as regular stroller when we were getting around on land. My daughter stayed very comfortable throughout the trip (almost two weeks), and able to sleep while being strolled around at Tokyo Disney and riding rails. The stroller is very light and can easily be converted into carseat and stroller. And if you are planning driving once you get to your destination, you have a carseat. It's very versatile and it worked out so perfect for us.

I assume you are requesting this info as an alternative to the actual"umbrella" stroller which is easy to use, light weight, and cheap to the point of being disposable. Target/Walmart/Kmart/BRU all carry these.

We have traveled extensively and found that a Maclaren stroller can withstand a battering and is very easy to use in addition to being lightweight. Our Maclaren Triumph is still going strong with our second child now. It folds like an umbrella stroller and handles well through airports and, more importantly, on the ground at any destination. We also prefer it to the regular (cheapy) umbrella stroller because the hood is helpful in sunnier destinations. Maclaren has a whole line of this type of stroller and you could probably find one that best suits your needs.


We travel internationally a lot and we use the Gogo Babyz Trvale Mate (http://www.amazon.com/Go-Kidz-TravelMate-Black-Orange/dp/...) . That way I can keep the car seat with me all the way to the plane and then just install the car seat at her plane seat. I use a Britax Marathon with it.

Also, unless I'm going to need a stroller in the final destination, I don't even bring one with me any more. If I need it, I'll check in the stroller at the counter (instead of the gate). Less things to carry by hand.

Good Luck!

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