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What Is the Best Solution for Getting Urine Smell Out of Carpet??

I have a dog! My dog has urinated several times in our playroom (usually in the same spots) It has gotten to the point now where no matter what I do, the carpet and the room, just seem to have a permanent urine smell. There is nothing worse than that to me!! We bought a Bissell Steam Cleaner yesterday and cleaned the room with it using a pet odor formula. It helped a little but the smell is for sure still there. Who has had this problem and solved it?? I don't have a problem with stains, just the smell!! I need help!!

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The local Pet stores carry a product for just this problem, you spray it on, quite a lot, and it removes the odors. It works. You have to use it every time though. I had an old dog that lost control and I used to put the stuff into the steam carpet cleaner and it really got deep down.
I would also suggest getting the dog a physical to see if there might be an underlying physical ailment causing this. If you're talking about a puppy, well then you need to do some intense training, asap....good luck

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Get a gallon of Nature's Miracle (or another brand of the same) from Petsmart and completely soak the area (as in, standing puddle!). Let it sit overnight, then steam clean. It will have a funny smell for awhile until the enzymes finish breaking down.

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If you go to a place like PetSmart, they sell a product called Petzyme that is an enzymatic cleaner especially for removing pet urine. You should spray it on as soon as possible after the event, and before putting anything else on the stain. It eats the enzymes that cause the odor and helps it not stain the carpet. It also works on pet vomit and blood. My husband also had success using it when he cut his finger and bled all over some towels. It removed the human blood stains because he put it on before washing the towels. Good lucK! :)

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Urine Out. I think I saw it at Wal-Mart in the pet section.

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Hey R.,
The best solution I've found is a mixture of part vinegar and part water and then baking soda. Here's what you do:

when you find the soiled area, use paper towels to get all the urine up off the carpet (or at least until it seems fairly dry) and then spray the area with the half vinegar/half water solution. You'll need to soak the carpet and then sop it up again with paper towels or a towel. Then start working baking soda into your carpet scrubbing it in with as much water as necessary. Then dry it again with paper towels or a clean towel and leave it to completely dry. Sometimes a fan helps. Then vacuum or use your steam cleaner.

The vinegar breaks down the ammonia of the urine so your pet doesn't smell where he/she has marked and won't continue to do it. You can also go to Pet Smart and get a kit that comes with a black light. Once you shine the black light on your carpet in a dark room, you can see where all the potty stains are.

Good luck!

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Before you clean, spray the entrie area with Nature's Miracle or Petzyme... which you can get at PetSmart.

Let it sit for awhile, then do the carpet cleaner. Use ALOT of Nature's Miracle or Petzyme. It is expensive, but it is cheaper than buying new carpet.

---------------------- Addition---------------------
I came back to read other suggestions and some of you scare the heck out of me with your chemical mixing. Bleach and Ammonia can be lethal! So is Bleach with Vinegar. Here's a site about mixing common home chemicals... please read before someone ruins their lungs or something.


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we use a combination of bleach and amonia in our steam cleaner, just be sure not to leave it sitting on the carpet as it will bleach it!

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We have cats and similar problems!! The thing that has worked best for us is to replace the carpet padding under the area where they have gone frequently. Most of the cleaners we have used from Petsmart etc, get the majority of the smell out of the carpet itself, but not the padding since it is made of that foam stuff that doesn't absorb the cleaner. It is a huge pain to do it, and hopefully the spots are in a corner or along the edge. If so, just peel the carpet back, cut out the part of the padding that had the odor (you will be able to tell!), and replace it. The padding is really cheap at home improvement stores. If the room is not too big and the spots are more in the middle of the room, you might think about replacing the padding in the whole room. That is alot harder to do since you have to restrech the carpet to the tack strip. And then ban the pets from that room so they don't do it again!! I think you will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in the smell. Hope that helps :)

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I raise dogs and have several in the house. Try Oxy deep clean spot remover and baking soda pet carpet fresh... Not sure the name. It took me several carpet cleanings to get the smell out. In between the carpet cleans.. (* and get pet odor remover for the steam cleaner).. use febreeze and room freshner...

As long as the dog can smell it, he will go back to the same spot... He is marking his territory.


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