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What Is the Best Razor to Start My Oldest Out With?

My boyfriends oldest daughter just turned 11, she is scared to death of shaving, however she is starting puberty. She now has hair other places than just her legs. I am looking for a razor that is safer than most. I absolutely refuse to let her use disposables, which is what her father and grandmother recommended. I want something for her that she has very little chance of cutting herself with. I love her dearly, but she bumps her toe and it's the end of the world, lol. Our 9 year old is in the same grade and she is used to doing everything with her sister, however, she is not yet starting puberty. How can I explain to her that her sister can shave but she can't, when they are used to doing everything at the same time? Our 9 year old is an extremely sensitive girl, she gets so upset when her sister gets to do things she can't.

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Well, I would like to thank everyone for responding. We actually tried a few different ones, before we found the right one. She happens to like the wet/dry shaver, because she can't cut herself. It was a very fun last few days, lol. Thanks again everyone!

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Hi. Maybe Im the only one thinking this, but, what are you shaving and why? I just think its so important to teach girls the beauty of themselves the way they are and not let society dictate it. I know Im in the minority, and please dont be offended, but I think it just sends a message that she is not good enough the way she is and she must accept the the social standard of "beauty." Right now, its shaving, but in a few years it will be something else. Just my opinion.

My daughter & I had good luck with a Venus razor when she began to shave. (she was 10 yrs old when the original one came out). The pivoting head seemed to make a big difference for a new beginner.

Hi S.-
My oldest girl (now 14) started shaving at 11 but I made her use Nair. It is a cream hair removal that would last her over 2 weeks and she has really hairy legs. Once she hit 13 the Nair didn't work as well but it helped to keep that sharp razor off of her legs!! It took her over one month to learn how to shave and not nick herself. We found that the noxema disposable was really good-there is another one that the head moves when you use it and the head has lots of room around the blades so she doesn't nick that much. I would definitely look at the razor's head and evaluate that-the very cheap disposables are the ones that nick the most. My 9 year old girl is begging to shave her legs because they are hairy-I am trying to hold her off as long as possible with once you start you can't stop etc. but I will use Nair with her as well. Good luck!

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i think that shick made the razor i started with. it has fine wire wraped around the blades. it prevents cuts.

i like the BIC Soleil(sp?). they have a disposable version, and a replaceable cartridge vesion. the have a triple blade, moisture strip and i think they have safety notches on them to help prevent nicks. they are a littel on the expensive side, but they are worth it. just make sure to get her some good shave gel to use and take the time to show her the proper way to shave, and remind her that she needs to take her time and that once she starts, she'll have to keep doing it on a regular basis. as far as the younger girl goes, just tell her that he sister is becoming a young woman and going through some body changes right now. once she starts experiencing these changes then she can start shaving too.

Wow! You ARE busy! A word to the wise...DO NOT move in with your boyfriend until you are his WIFE! You have LOTS of children to whom you serve as an example.

I am not sure about this for a little girl, but the Intuition razor that I use is surrounded by a soap/lotion material that makes it almost impossible to cut yourself. Not to sound like an advert but it also is pretty good for more sensitive skin.

Good luck!

I agree that the Venus is probably a good razor to start out with, and just teach her to GO SLOW and to always pull her skin tight around hard places like her ankle or around her knee. She WILL nick herself eventually, and she has to know that it's not the end of the world. It stings, but doesn't hurt THAT much. On the other hand, an electric razor will not cut her, but might pinch some.

As for the younger daughter issue, you can approach it one of two ways. Either she needs to learn that she can't do everything her sister does (as several others have said, which she will need to learn anyway), or you can let her shave her legs too. It's not like it would cause her any damage to shave her legs, but it might decrease the 'right of passage' feeling the older daughter will have from the shaving thing.

Hi S. :)
My response will be a little different, I want to talk about the sister relationship. This is a big step for the 11 year old, & it's okay that she's growing up. There's no way out of it anyway. You need to reassure little sister that this is something for big sister and when she gets older and her body starts changing, she will be able to do it as well. I think you will begin to see them kind of separating a little, which is good. You don't want big sister to be little forever, nor do you want little sister to grow up too fast.
God Bless!

Well, any razor will cut you if you aren't carefully when using it. I think a disposable will be fine as long as she changes it often and you show her the correct way to shave and the right amount of pressure to apply. All girls knick them selves learning how to shave. It's all apart of the growing up process and learning how to shave your "own" legs(hair pattern growth). Men's razors always seem to shave the best and closest. As for her younger sister-it will be hard, but you're oldest should have something all her own right now. It's a big deal for girls to reach the "stage" of shaving their legs. She needs this milestone for herself by herself. Just explain to the 9 yr old she's not old enough and when she reaches 11 she to can learn to shave her legs too, then just leave it at that. I'm sure(from what you said) she'll be upset, but you can't speed up time. Life happens when it happens and she'll get there one day. Good Luck.

Wow - I admire you for taking care of such a large family, especially when you're so young! And if shaving is what brings you to this site (rather than "blended family" probs, etc) - then you must have things really flowing along. :-)

You asked only for razor suggestions, but here's an unpopular thought for others to consider, : Does she have to start shaving at 11? Maybe she's getting teased about having hair or there's an odor problem, but if not, I just wouldn't worry about it unless she does, if you know what I mean. Our girls in particular grow up all too fast, imo.

Your 9 yr old will learn that she can't do everything her older sister does, and eventually, she won't want to, as their individual personalities will become more apparent. Could be time for both of them for a talk about puberty and what to expect, emphasizing the fact that it doesn't occur at the same time even in sisters? And maybe with the start of shaving could come the start of new "grown up" responsibilities? Not sure if anyone has tried that or if it would be beneficial to your family.....just throwing it out there.

Good luck to you and your beautiful family!

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