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What Is a Good "Starter" Cheese to Give My 11Mth Old?

I still haven't started my son on cheese though he has been eating yogurt (no cow's milk yet). I just don't know which one to try. His dr said he can start cheese since his 9mth check-up, but I don't even remember if I asked what kind!! Just want to know what other mothers started their kids with and at what age. Thanks!

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I tried him with the mozzarella string cheese, he loves it!! Then I tried a little cheddar, he likes that too. Thanks everyone.

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My 10 month old loves baby bell chaddar and it is easy to pack to go as well so it is very good on the go. I break it since he has no teeth yet. He also loves the mini mozzarella balls from whole foods bocacini I think they are called. I have seen other moms give string cheese but I don't like to give too many preservatives to my son so I try to stay away. Cottage cheese is good too, and american, I mix american into oatmeal sometimes and he loves it.

I started my daughter with a mild cheddar at 9 months. She loves cheese and enjoys feeding it to herself. I buy the block of cheese and cut into slices and freeze. When it is time for cheese I take out one piece at a time.
She also like mozzarella and swiss.
Good luck

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Anything with a mild flavor will probably appeal to him. Blue cheeses, limberger (blecch!) anything really sharp or really funky smelling will most likely put him off at this age. Mild cheddar, mozzarella, baby swiss, colby, muenster are all good choices for snacking. You can put paremigiano-reggiano or Romano cheese on his pasta, or cream cheese on some toast or a piece of bagel if you like, too.

I would stay away from the processed cheeses and the cheese spreads, too much salt.

HI! My daughter loves the horizon organic american cheese and once your son starts eating pasta. I love to use that with a little milk and make macaroni and cheese for her. She is two and still loves it.

i give my 10mo pieces of my older daughters string cheese all the time. she loves it.

I started with Colby cheese, I think. Something very mild.

As long as he doesn't have any allergies you could give him anything you want.. not sharp or pepper (ha) And he is old enough for cows milk too so, its really up to you. I liked giving my son the Yo Baby organic yogerts and when he was older I gave him string cheese. (still do) Just be careful because cheese can be binding and the last thing you want is a constipated baby!
Good luck,
M. from Pittsford

My son is 9 months, and loves sliced cheddar and havarti. The thinner the slice, the better.

Cheese is his absolute favorite food! :)

I first started my daughter at 10 months on american cheese but I was then told that cheddar and mozzerella and other types have more nutritonal value so I began to give her all types. She loves it and when I started she only had 2 teeth. It was not a problem for her to eat.

R. mother of Maya now 1 year old.

My son loved shredded mozzarella on his high chair tray. It made a mess, but he could pick it up himself and it occupied him for long enough that we got to sit though a whole meal. A lot of it ended up in the seat next to him or on the floor though!!

Good luck!

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