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What Is a Good Mop for Kitchen Floors?

Help! :) I'm frustrated with the mops I have and have been debating about getting that Swiffer mop that I see advertised - the one with the spray thingy. Before spending the approx $30, I thought I'd check to see what mops you all prefer. I have linoleum in kitchen, tile in bathrooms and wood in dining room. It's the kitchen that is causing me the most aggravation, though. I need something for the tough stuff! Any recommendations?

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I use the Swiffer wet jet and I love it! I have tile and linoleum and it works great! IT DOES NOT HAVE ANTIFREEEZE IN IT!!!The people on here who are saying that should really find out first before telling someone false info.

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I've never liked the swiffers. I just don't think they get things clean enough. But I love my Libman wonder mop. You can ring out the excess water and you can throw the mop head in the washing machine when it gets gunky. And in my experience it gets things much cleaner with less effort than the swiffer. My mother, on the other hand, swears by her swiffer and absolutely loves it, so I think it is really a love it or hate it kind of thing and you just have to try it. Good luck.

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I use the Swiffer wet jet and I love it! I have tile and linoleum and it works great! IT DOES NOT HAVE ANTIFREEEZE IN IT!!!The people on here who are saying that should really find out first before telling someone false info.

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I use the swiffer pad for my kitchen and think it works well. I have the Armstrong floating floor in there, the kind thats not supposed to get really wet. But for my linoleum I use the regular sponge mop. Mine is not the smooth stuff; it has the grooves to make it look like rock and the swiffer just doesn't seem to get down in the grooves. My opinion, Swiffer is not made for the tough stuff or textured floors.

I would get it.You can go in swiffers website and print out coupons for it

I am glad you're asking this question bec. I need help with this as well, H..

I had a regular Swiffer before the new one came out that sprays. I actually started buying the off-brand pads and I just use whatever spray cleaner I have on hand (mixed with water) to wet the floor when the pad begins to dry out (so I'm a little frugal LOL!). I like it for regular maintainence, but it is not ideal for a thorough cleaning. I love the O'Cedar sponge mop that you can sqeeze the excess water out of.


It has a rough scrubbing replacable sponge and a scrub brush attached. I know most people these days like to use all of the eco-friendly products, but I normally just use the Clorox Clean-up. I mop after my son has gone to bed, and he doesn't crawl or play on the kitchen floor. If you are worried about chemicals, try the vinager/water idea with some scented oils from the whole food store to add a fresh smell. This may sound weird, but I can't stand mopping with buckets - it just smears around dirty water! I usually rinse the mop in the sink and then dunk it into the soapy water to continue. Then, of course, I disinfect the sink afterward. Hope you find something that works for your needs!

God Bless,

I have a floor steamer and it gets my floors squeaky clean. All you have to do is add water and let it heat. You don't even need any cleansers...the steam does all the work.

Other than that, my second favorite is a string mop the has a wringer attached. The string mop can get around table legs that other mops can't.

BUT, don't use either of these on your wood floors. You don't want to get them too wet.

I swear by my "Shark". It cleans with steam only, no chemicals and honestly cleans better than anything I've used! I had the swiffer, and it left my tile dull. No such problem with this. Even the stuck on gunk from spills cleans and leaves the floor shiny.
Not sure it can be used on wood, though. But, since you said it was the kitchen that was the most aggravating it is worth it.

Oh, yeah the floor is instantly dry, another big plus.

The regular Swiffer mops worked pretty well for me if I used them on a weekly basis. However, just this last Christmas I got the new Steam Shark mop (and yes, I asked for one as a gift, lol!). It comes with a long cord, a water tank, and 5 reusable mop pads. All you do is fill up the tank, plug it in, and wait for the steam to build up. Then activate the steam by pumping the mop handle as you mop. If you find a tough spot, pre-treat it first with a kitchen cleaner. It works great on my kitchen and bathroom floors (linoleum) and doesnt leave behind a chemically smell when you are done!

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