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What Is a Good Christening Gift?

I am invited to a very good friend's son's christening. I won't be able to attend but would like to send a gift. I do not know what is an appropriate gift to give. I use to go to church growing up but haven't gone as an adult. Most gifts I've found have a religious theme to them (I know christening is a religious event). Would a check be to impersonal? I would rather send something they can have and cherish. I'm willing to spend up to $100 or so on the gift. Any suggestions will be welcomed!

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Why not a gold cross or charm of john the baptist? my daughter recieved both as christening gifts and wears them all the time.

You can get a Savings Bond, or you can go online and order a nice silver (or silverplated) cup with the baby's name engraved on it and it can be billed to you and shipped to them. Everyone likes something classy like that!

Two of my favorite things to give as christening gifts are a Silver Piggy bank or a Snowglobe. I know the snowglobe sounds a bit odd, but I had someone give one to me for my son's christening - a Noah's Ark snowglobe - and he's always loved it (and so have I!).
:-) P.

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Hi A.,
My son had his christening last year & he got some $$, some toys & about 6 crosses( I have no idea what to do with all of these crosses). I think grandparents & godparents can get the religious stuff. I am always a fan of $$, a cd or a bond. If you want something more personal, a nice engraved picture frame( I got nice picture frames for the godparents that are also a photo album at Things remembered). Hope this helps.

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Two of my favorite things to give as christening gifts are a Silver Piggy bank or a Snowglobe. I know the snowglobe sounds a bit odd, but I had someone give one to me for my son's christening - a Noah's Ark snowglobe - and he's always loved it (and so have I!).
:-) P.

Hi A. - If you can't think of something appropriate for everyone (your sensibilities included), how about a savings bond?? That's always a great gift and not really "cash"...

I have found that a savings bond is always appreciated. Sure it would be nice to give something they can 'keep and cherish' but you know what? How many silver piggy banks and engraved cups does a child really need? I hate to say it but they eventually become expensive dust collectors. Go with the bond. Your friend's child is a baby. By the time he/she is ready for college the bond will be worth twice what you paid for it. Maybe it will go toward that first car or a down payment on a house or a wedding. Your name will be on the bond. When it's cashed in your friend's child will know that you helped finance that important event in his/her life.

I alsways give savings bonds. They are great gifts for babies. Also, checks or cash is good too, so the parents can start/deepen a savings account.

my son received cash and savings bonds for his christening.its not impersonal she could put ita way for college fund.

Hi, A.. I think that you should get a small gift that the baby can have as a keepsake, and then maybe a check for the parents to start a bank account for him. When both our children were christened, we appreciated having the money to start saving for our child's future. If you don't think that they would start a bank account, you could always get a savings bond.

Someone bought our daughter a nice cross to hang on the wall. American Greetings has a few different keepsakes for religious occasions, too. Try to check them out.

I like to give a savings bond. Traditional, non-religious, and something the parents can appreciate now, and the child will...eventually.

Hi A..

We make a personalized Baptismal Burp Cloth which can be used the day of the Baptism, and then saved for a keepsake afterwards. You can see some examples on our Burp Cloth page : http://www.babycalla.com/baby_calla_burp_cloths.html

Savings bonds are also a great way to go, and will definitely come in handy once it's time for college! Good luck!


If you know that the monetary gift will be put towards the child's future, then I would send either money or a savings bond, and NO, it is NOT impersonal, it's thoughtful. How many items did you receive for your 2.9 yo son that you have NEVER used because you just have either too many or no use for them. Having christened my son this past November, the one thing that he doesn't have that I suggested to people was a baby bank.


A Series EE U.S. Savings Bond is a wonderful gift for an occasion such as this, especially if you aren't religious yourself but still want to get them something. We've received several for my 3 & 1.5 y.o. boys for Christening, birthdays & Christmas, and it's wonderful because in a few years we can start explaining to our older son about saving money and earning interest (and you can check savings bond grown online now). And in 25+ years, he'll be able to cash it in or let it keep accruing interest (up to 30 years).

An entirely different and unique idea would be to go to the International Star Registry (Google it for the website) and name a star after the child. I don't know the current cost, but I bought one for my mother one year for Mother's Day, in honor of my deceased baby brother. It was one of the most moving gifts she'd ever received.

Hi A.. The past couple years I have been giving special plates as gifts for christenings. I have ordered from: http://www.birth-plates.com/. The plates are hand-painted and personalized. They come out beautiful, and everyone I have given them to cherishes them. One person even cried. It really is a special gift. Good luck!

Hi A., I gave a gift certificate for portraits. If you go go an upscale portrait studio, you can maybe sit down and look at different packages and decide from there how much to spend on a gift certificate. I did not go to an upscale studio, my gift certificate was part of a gift with other items. I went to a baby shower recently and they got this as a gift and they were very excited.........

If you have a special relationship with the child, perhaps a religious keepsake-statue, cross, frame, etc. But otherwise money is great!! Especially if you aren't religious as you'd probably find it weird giving something religious. I didn't feel there was anything impersonal about the $$ DD received. That would be a very generous gift. Bonds are also nice.

How thoughtful of you!! Checks are useful, and a child may appreciate them later on, but some of the most cherished gifts we received are books with a personal message written inside. A child's bible is nice, but if you are not religious, it's more personal to give a favorite title or one you loved as a child. My son's godmother gave him a copy of Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree"-- I read it the night of his baptism and wept-- it takes on a whole new meaning once you become a parent.

I always give a night light with either a little boy or little girl (precious moments) praying. I find my night lights at Regina Gifts. There is one in Melrose. Any gift shop that sells religious gifts as well as everyday gifts would do. I received one from my grandmother and I still have it! I just think it is personal and fitting for a christening. If you are looking to give something more substancial, you could always give a gift and money.

I always give money and some special books for these events. Books are my favorite gift - maybe a mother goose anthology and some cute bedtime books?

Hi A.,

When my daughter was baptised last summer, I found that we received two kinds of gifts: money (which we automatically put into our daughter's savings account at the bank) and personalized/engraved/embroidered with our daughter's name and her baptism date. I found that something personalized just speaks volumes, and plus, it's a special day for the baby as well as the family and friends. What better way to remember that?

Good luck!

I would suggest a savings bond instead of cash. The EE series will double in a set amount of time so if you spend $100 then child will have $200 when it matures.

Try www. abbeypress.com
Great religious theme gifts
A. F.

Wooden animal toys. Could be chew toy, pull toy or puzzle, depending on age. Its not religous but religous folk would think of Noah and the animals.

How about an heirloom gift? Danforth Pewter (out of Vermont, I think) has a few beatiful baby things like pewter bowl-and-spoon sets, tooth fairy boxes, etc. I'm sure they're engraveable and while not religious in tone, would be a lovely gift for a baby. And I'm sure there's other companies out there with sterling silver heirloom gifts as well. (I just happen to know of Danforth - you can google it for their website.) You could also perhaps get a handmade baby blanket or such. Good luck!

I always found it helpful when someone asked me what I or my child would like for a gift. When my children were baptized, lots of people gave $, savings bonds, opened savings acct with deposit etc. Since the Mom is a good friend she will likely feel comfortable giving you a suggestion as well. Perhaps there is an item they need/want that would be perfect for you to give now...Hope this helps !

try this site, www.paintedwithheart.etsy.com, she creates handpainted plates and gifts, maybe she can come up with something special for you,

We have given "Christening coins" and have the backs engraved with the child's name and date of the event. I work at a local bank and we sell them. It is very personal, and is a nice keepsake that is not a common gift. Everyone that we gave them to has loved them. You could also get one and have it framed in a shadow box with a picture of the child. Just some suggestions.

I'm not really sure what everyone else said, but I gave a Savings Bond to a recent christening I attended. Maybe you could give $50 savings bond, and then a more personal gift of up to $50 for the family to cherish... have you ever heard of Personalization Mall? I believe its personalizationmall.com and they have the BEST gifts. You can get everything personalized for free, and they offer quick shipping and wonderful customer service. I use them all the time for family gifts because my parents don't go by Grandma/pa so I want our gifts to reflect their choosen names. I know they have christening gifts on there too. Also, if you google "coupon code personalization mall" you can probably find a nice coupon (20% off, free shipping, etc) I never have had to make a purchase without a valid code!
Best of luck!

Hi A.,

No, a check is not too impersonal. We took the checks for our children and started bank accounts for them--perfect gifts!!!!
However, if you want to send an actual item (or combine with check), you have lots of things to choose from. Children's bible, simple cross for the room, white christening blanket, saint medal, silver piggy bank--or the like, nice outfit, engraved frame--any of it can be as religious (or not) as you would like.
$100 is a lot to work with. Really, anything that reflects your happiness and love for the baby and family will be appreciated.

Hi A.,
We just celebrated my son's Christening last month. In my opinion, money definitely is not too impersonal for a gift. In fact, it's very practical & useful. My husband & I opened up a college fund & put all of the money he received into the fund. If you do want to get something personal, perhaps you could pick up a special photo frame, photo album, personalized blanket or book & give that along with a check or a savings bond.
Good luck,

It is becoming more customary to give checks when there are certain rites as a christening so I don't think it would be impersonal. If you are like me, then you still feel uncomfortable with just the check. I like to buy a beautiful frame they can put a picture of the day with or maybe one nice outfit and send a check along with that gift. Good luck.

Why not a gold cross or charm of john the baptist? my daughter recieved both as christening gifts and wears them all the time.

Check out www.Iseeme.com for beautiful books all about a child's name. You can do first and last name or first and middle name. The illustrations are lovely. It's not really religious in theme but very appropriate for a christening. They run about $35.00 so maybe include a check too if you feel you want to spend more. Savings bonds are popular christening gifts. If you want something religious....look up a series of books by Max Lucado. They are absolutely beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes.

For christenings I have been to, a check or a savings bond have always been appreciated!

I always give musicboxes as Christening gifts. I still have mine from when I was a baby and feel they are something that can be enjoyed but also treasured over time.

You could get a silver picture frame and engrave the date, they could put a picture in. That would be nice.

You can get a Savings Bond, or you can go online and order a nice silver (or silverplated) cup with the baby's name engraved on it and it can be billed to you and shipped to them. Everyone likes something classy like that!

Hello Ann: $100 is a very generous gift. Cash is always welcome, but perhaps somewhat impersonal. Because your friends are celebrating a memorable event, I think a personalized gift fits perfect for the occasion. I started making them to give to relatives and friends and they became so popular that soon enough I started selling them: Very popular Christening gifts are for example, the Boyd’s Christening bear, with the child’s name and christening date on the gown, as shown on my website: http://www.mercadventures.com/jan06/baby/other-baby-gifts..., or for a boy, better even a lamb lovie like this one http://www.mercadventures.com/keepsakes/Sacrament-Keepsak.... You do not need to spend a lot of money to give a personalized gift: These precious keepsakes are just $30, however, they will be priceless to your friends. Moreover, your thoughtfulness is likely to last as long as the gift (which could become a personal heirloom in time). If you wish to spend more money, we can make a precious basket full of personalized treasures. Visit my website for other gift ideas, like bibs, blankets, a sacrament hankie, charm pillows, personalized guardian angel, etc. http://www.mercadventures.com/embroidery.htm. Finally, I just want to tell you not to stress about the gift, that regardless what you buy them, your gift will be very much appreciated, it’s the thought that counts. Take care.

My son just had his christening, and he received a check for his college fund from his grandmother, and some cute religious books from his aunts and uncles. My sister gave him a Taggie book with a sweet prayer in it, very cute! A few titles that I love to give are "God Gave Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren, and "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. My sister in law also likes to give a piggy bank to each of her nieces and nephews for their christening. I think that's a sweet idea, too!

We had our daughter christened in january, she was 4 months at the time. We got an amazing number of beautiful and thoughtful gifts. One that I really appreciated that was not religious at all was a 50$ savings bond.

Other things we got were a children's bible, a book called 'On the Day you were born' which seems to be a native american birth/naming legend and a noah's ark themed blanket.

I felt uncomfortable that so many people sent gifts but was so touched by all of the wonderful and special things so I am sure that anything you send will be really appreciated and valued by your friend.


Savings bonds make great gifts. I received them as a child and was able to use them for college and graduate school! Now my daughter receives them and I really appreciate it.

We always give a saving bond as a gift. You could spend $50.00 and get a $100.00 bond. Then if you wanted to get something else small you could. You just need to get the social security number for the child.

I don't think money is too impersonable.. I used it to start savings accounts for both my kids .. it's hard because there's only so many things you can get, so you don't want to give them a 3rd wall cross or a 7th rosary bead.. I think money works great and if they want that wall cross, they can use the money for that too...

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