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What Foods to Feed 6 Month Old?

Hi my 6 month old boy just started solids 2 weeks ago and I started out with rice cereal and fruit. I need to know what food groups (fruit, vegetable, protein, whole grain) should I be feeding him for bfast lunch and dinner.


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At 6 months you can start to feed your baby just about anything that you eat.
Of course it should be mashed up a bit and on the soft side.
This is a critical time to begin introducing different textures and flavors to babies.

If you do too much baby food, he may become so accustomed to the texture it will be hard to get him to eat regular solid food.
If you are still nursing it isnt as critical to get a strict schedule of food groups just yet. That will be more necessary at 12 months and up.
Right now food is mainly for different tastes and sensory experiences

Try oatmeal with a teaspoon of organic cream in it for breakfast with a fruit.
Yo Baby organic yogurt is great too!

Lunches can be soups with solids mashed up, roasted veggies mixed with animal or vegetable protein, or pastas cooked soft with perhaps a veggie baby food on top or a bit of pasta sauce.
If you have a food processor start by processing a bit of your dinner (within reason, no steaks, shellfish, nuts, etc) each night and accompany baby food with it. You can gradually step it up as he gets older.

It will make your life easier too! Baby food is such a pain in the butt!!

My son is 13 months and was tasting everything at 6 months. He now eats practically anything including pbjs! He LOVES those the best!
He was off baby food by 9 months.

I hope this helps, sorry so long winded! Good luck!

Ask your pediatrician but here's what I did.
Breakfast - rice cereal or wheat cereal (with breastmilk or formula) mixed in with bananas or peaches.
Lunch - vegetable -- sweet potatoes, squash etc.
Dinner - vegetabe or fruit again.

Formula/breastmilk in between of course. Milk should still be the primary source of nutrition.

My pediatrician said no meat-containing solids for the baby until at least 9 months. I didn't really ask why, just stuck with the veggies and fruits. Probably because it'd be too heavy for the tummy, the veggies and fruits are light and won't cause stomach aches.

I started with rice cereal, then oatmeal cereal, then mixed grain cereal. I then tried with vegtables, then went to fruits. Then you can try meats. But everyone is different. As long as you're encouraging new foods, it doesn't matter what order you go in. Good luck!

i see lots of people already told you about wholesomebabyfood.com they give you great ideas- like parsnips and other veggies i wouldn't have thought of, as well as ages to start foods.
a great site! it's very easy to cook and make purees. just remember your little one is just starting on this new process. it took my daughter until around 7-71/2 months to really be into eating anything besides breastmilk. i would also skip the rice cereal and do barley- doesn't cause the constipation. good luck and have fun!

Same here. I was exclusively breastfeeding then my baby was close to 6 months and I started with quinoa and breast milk since he did not like rice ceral then I put quinoa in the baby food and now he is still nursed and goat's milk. For iron, there is the Yo Baby fruit and ceral fortified with iron and it has 45% of iron. I think the pediatrician should recommend and iron supplement.

You don't need to worry about food groups right now. It's just about exploring tastes and textures, slowly and carefully. So keep introducing new foods, giving at least 3 days between them. (A little longer between foods can't hurt!)

You're nursing, right? That's giving all the nutrients your baby needs, and will continue to do so until he's much older. (Same goes for formula.) So just enjoy this time! Try fruits, veggies, and different types of cereal. No need to worry about protein yet. See what your kiddo likes, and then keep trying new stuff. What he hates one day, he may like a few weeks later. As he gets used to solids, you'll be able to experiment with textures too.

This is fun stuff! :)

All the responses you have received have been great so I am not going to be repetetive. I am certainly not a good cook by any means and needed a little help figuring out how to prepare some veggies for my little guy and get some new ideas. I visited www.wholesomebabyfood.com often to get ideas. It's a great site and it even gives menu suggestions from 6 months to 18 months I believe. Here is a link on their site with menu suggestions. I printed and taped this to my fridge just to give me a little guidance.
Happy feeding!

I just followed my babies cues, started once a day quite a while, I did one single item for almost a whole week then tried something else, then twice a day, ad SLOWLY added and increased. My first baby, I did veggies -- I followed a guideline -- starting with a certain color, then fruit, then protein, then 2nd baby was so strict with the order but still didn't give him something new with each meal. I did jars and I easily pureed my own and then as I cooked our food for that meal could easily mash something for the baby.

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