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What Does Your 2 Year Old Toddler Watch?

My 2 yr old boy loves Dora and only Dora. I've exposed him to Sesame Street, Yogabagaba, Diego, etc but he shows no interest in any of those. My hubbie thinks we should introduce "male oriented shows" for him. What do you recommend? I recorded Bob the builder for him to watch so we'll see if he likes that. Of course we can't do a thing even if we introduced a "male oriented show" and he's not up to watching it but we just wanted to know what your 2 yr old toddler boy watch. Thanks!

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My two year old son watches everything on Noggin/ Nick Jr. and the sprout channel. Dora is a very popular show to all the children . My son enjoys it also compared to Diego. Give him time kids know what they like. I don't think he necessarily cares that she's a girl. It just the whole concept that he enjoys.

Hello L., I have a 2 year old grandson and he loves to watch elmo. Lately he loves to watch Mickey Mouse, he just got into mickey mouse, them are his to favorite.

My son is almost 2 and he loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Elmo, Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, Dora the Explorer, Imagination Movers, and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I have tried Thomas the Train and he watches it some. Oh, and he recently started liking Wow Wow Wubzy. I don't think it matters if they watch male oriented shows at this age. My son is "all boy" but still enjoys playing with his kitchen and enjoys Dora as much as everything else. Just have fun!!

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My son loves Sesame Street - specifically Elmo. I agree that you can't make them like anything in particular. The addictions will come and go. For a while there my son would ask to watch the Kellie Pickler video on On Demand, he was obsessed with her. Now he couldn't care less.

Dora isn't gender specific in my opinion.

I wish you luck.

At that age, my son liked Dora too. Don't stress over it. Gender is not a big deal at this age. Let him watch what he likes. My son also liked Thomas The Tank Engine.

Kids are generally "unisex" until around age 3+. You'll find boys liking girl stuff and girls liking boy stuff and then as they get older they see their surrounding and start comforming to what society and their family does. At age 2, I wouldn't let hubby worry about him watching a girl, lol. What's the big deal about that? They don't see Dora as a girl. They see a kid having fun and entertaining them, that's all. Dad is the one who sees a "girl" cuz he's a man. I wouldn't worry about it. Let him watch whatever he likes in his age appropriate catagory. There's Blues Clues and buy some Brainy Baby DVDs for him to watch sometimes too. They're educational and taught my triplets more stuff than I had time for, lol. I would go through your guide on your cable box, on the menu click on search, kids, all, and see what's on that is his age. I like the shows on PBS like Super Why, Word World, Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train. And Sprout is always a winner in this house no matter how young or old. It keeps them age appropriate!

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It seems to me that your husband is concerned about your son's sexual orientation based on a child's show. Do not get me wrong, but it is a little bit to early to conclude such a thing. My son loves Dora, as well as yours. I mainly introduced Dora to my son because I do mostly speak Spanish to him and Dora frequently, pronounces Spanish word in her show. Likewise, my son identifies the characters in the show as, Boots the monkey, Tico the squirrel, Swiper the fox, and so forth. Other shows are already mentioned by other moms like Go Diego Go, PBS shows, Nick Jr., Sprout and Disney Channels. In short, let your son to enjoy himself and watch what he likes. Nevertheless, your husband can introduce your son to sports or other boys activities that he regards as more "proper" to your son. In the end, the important thing is that you son is a balance person and with plenty of health to enjoy life the way he decides.

MISS SPIDER!!!!! animation is fabulous!!!

My 2 year old loves tv & watches a bunch of shows. I don't really think gender matters at this age, but these are his favorite shows:
PBS - Caillou (male), Super Why (both, lead character male), Dinosaur train (neutral),
Disney Channel - Mickey Mouse club house (neutral), Jungle Junction (neutral), Winnie the Pooh (neutral)
He likes others from PBS as well, I just can't think of the titles now. He is NOT a fan of Sesame Street. I too find SS a bit boring compared to the others. Caillou is his all time favorite & it teaches A LOT of GREAT lessons. He has learned so much from watching it. One day in the bath he even told me the whole water cycle (water goes down the drain, into the ground, up into clouds, rains down into rivers & oceans) b/c he saw it in an episode. If you only want him to watch one thing, this would be my choice.

Hello L., I have a 2 year old grandson and he loves to watch elmo. Lately he loves to watch Mickey Mouse, he just got into mickey mouse, them are his to favorite.

Hi. I know I'm late, but I was just cleaning up my email and found this. I did a quick scan of posts and saw no mention of Kipper. The best cartoon ever! Nothing annoying about it for parents, and kids love it. All the characters are male, but I don't think that matters. It isn't on tv much, but you can try it from the library. The dvd's are also cheap to buy. Kipper is a dog. He and his friends are active and creative. It may not be the most overtlyl educational, but it's mellow. It's actually the last thing played everynight on sprout's bedtime show. You have to see a few of them to start picking up on the subtle things, but the adults in my family have rather lengthy discussions about all reasons we love Kipper (jazzy music, adult voices, subtle humor, real personalities...). No surprise that we are watching it right now!
Also, my daughter definitely goes in cycles. Just when I think I'm ready to go to Australia to commit Wigglecide she moves back to Kipper. Or discovers Angelina Ballerina. It will change when you least expect it!

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