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What Does This Mean? - Anaheim,CA

Hi Moms,

My dad asked me what this punctuation mark means and I have no idea, :)I know this is a strange request but I googled this and came up with nothing. Since he asked me for help, I have seen :) used in a couple of mama source responses so thought I would give it a try. My curiosity about this unknown mark is peaked. Please help, I am feeling a little ignorant.


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It's a smiley face created by using a colon and a comma. It's not really puncuation, it's just cute and nice to see.
:) :) :)

Good Morning :)

It is not actually punctuation, it is a sideways smiley face :)

Have a nice day!


Are you talking about :) ?

If so, it's a smiley face, if you look sideways. The main affect of it shows that the writer is smiling or laughing at something that she is writing about. It can usually help the topic at times...I usually use =)

Hope this helps!
A. T

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No need to feel ignorant....it's as simple as a "smiley" face! The smiley face is on it's side; on more updated computers when you use the colon and the shift key on the zero (0), the computer will actually turn the sideways smiley face into an actual smiley face symbol rightside up.

Have a great day! :)

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a sideways smileyface eyes : and mouth ) :)
a wink ;)
a frown :(
somepeople put a dash between for a nose ;-) :-)

:) symbolizes a smile. If you turn or tilt your head to the left just a bit, you will see it. It is often used after a sentence that has a bit of humor or conveys friendliness.

It's a side ways smiley face.

It is a sideways smile.

it's a smiley face....different versions are ;) :0 :} :\ and so on...some people get really creative.... :>| :0/....cute...i like them......

It is a smily face. : are eyes )is mouth.
You might try turning your head sideways to see it better

is a smilley face :o)

It's a smiley face.

:) is a smiley face on its side! The colon is the pair of eyes, and the parenthesis is the smile.

Hi, C..

:) is a smiley face. :( is a sad face.


It is a happy face..It just means that they are happy with what ever was said.


Hello, C.,

Doesn't it look like a little smile face on its side?

It's a happy face. : are the eyes and ) is the mouth. Some people also put in the nose. :-) See it's sideways.

C., I always thought :) meant a smile to you. Makes sense. B. B

Hi there. This isn't actually a punctuation mark. It is the use of two symbols to look like a happy face. So when you see this-- :), someone is smiling at you. When you see this-- :( , it's a frown. I hope this helps! :)


it's a smile. someone just wanted to let you know that they smiled when they wrote the last sentence. lean your head to the left side and you will see its a happy little face: two eyes and a mouth - smiling


or frowning


got it?



A lot of people use this as a happy face turned sideways. It's used in emails. :) Is actually a colon and a paranthesis mark used in a creative way. I hope this helps!

It is a happy face a smile :)

It is a happy face. Turn your head side ways and you'll see. You can do them a couple different ways. If you type :) in word it should automatically change it to an actual happy face circle with eyes and a smile. Try it! :-)

smilie face: it is sideways two eyes : and the smile)

This is winking ;)
Frown :(
surprised :O
tongue sticking out :P

It helps to be a geek sometimes lol + laugh out loud... that took me a couple of years to get...


You should have asked your kids, they probably would have known. It's a sideways smilie face. : )

See - look at it with your head tilted. You'll see the eyes and mouth. Most of these little expressions that people use are sideways.

Hi C.,

This is commonly used to show a smiling face. I have also seen it with a nose :-) or winking ;) or laughing/sticking tongue out :p :P

S. S.

It how you type a happy face...a smile with two eyes.

It is a side ways happy face.

If you cock your head sideways, you will see a smily face ;-)

ha ha, I also didn't get it years ago and had to ask.

For the person that asked about the J - this took me a while to figure out, but sometimes if you're typing an email in Outlook or some other progam that allows HTML it will convert the sideways smiley face into a right-side up smiley face with a circle around it. That is actually a character in a font where each letter stands for a symbol (The font is called windings). The corresponding character for the smiley face is a capital J. If I lost you - open up Word - select Windings as your font and type a capital J - you'll see what I mean. Anyway - when you get the J it is either that you (or your server) doesn't receive HTML messages - or at some point through the email process - perhaps even at the sending server side it didn't convert over. So when you get that J - the intention of the typist was to have a smiley there.

Probably more detail than you wanted, but I was so perplexed by this for so long that I really wanted to shed some light on it for you...

its a happy face... At least that is what I and everyone I know use it as :) 2 eyes and a smile mouth

It's a smiley face created by using a colon and a comma. It's not really puncuation, it's just cute and nice to see.
:) :) :)

It's a smiley face. :) Turn your head to the left and look at it.

Yes, it's a smiley... technically they are called "emoticons" for more, check here (or Google "emoticons")


It's supposed to represent a sideways smiley face. There called "emoticons" since its often very difficult to understand someones attitude with email. Often emails can seem literal or too cold; making the intention difficult to express. Emoticons help ligthen the email/comments.

here's a helpful list.


It's a happy face on it's side

It is a happy face turned sideways.......by typing a colon and a right parenthesis. Just lean your head to the left, two eyes and a smile.

I like to put this one after my name (((*_*)))

Hi C., my daughter who is in college says it's a smilly face. side ways. J. L.

It's a sideways smiley face silly. People use it in cute expression all the time. It's like OMG(Oh my god/gosh)and ttyl(talk to you later), etc.


it is a happy face...some variations are :-) or winking ;-) or without the nose. Also, it can be the other direction i.e. (: or (-: etc.

It's a smile.:) Sideways two eyes and a mouth

It's a happy face. Turn the paper to the left and Smile; your Dad played a great trick on you!

Your question is about :)?

This is one of many of what are called "emoticons" or icons expressing emotion in written text. It is meant to be read as a happy face, as opposed to :( sad or ;) wink etc. It is also written with a nose :-)

I'm shocked Google didn't answer you, but try searching for the word emoticon.

It's an emoticon for a smiley face. Emoticons are used to just add a facial expression onto a comment (look at them sideways) the same way you would add a smiley face to a handwritten letter. Here are some other examples:

:) means writer is smiling after their comment;
:( means writer is sad or unhappy;
:P means writer is sticking their tongue out at you;
:O is an expression of shock.

Hope that helps!

It's a smiling face. : is the eyes & ) is the mouth.

Hi- Just in case no one has told you. :) is not a true punctuation mark- it's a sideways smile.

Tilt your head to the left,,it's a smiley face.

Good Morning :)

It is not actually punctuation, it is a sideways smiley face :)

Have a nice day!


Your question made me laugh...I remember when I just could not see it..

it is a smile..sideways!

Now it is my turn...what is a plain J on the end of a message???

C. R

It is a smile. Called an emoticon to show some emotion in an otherwise sterile form of communication.

:) is an "emoticon" that means a smiley face. Usually one sees it with a "nose," like this: :-) But sometimes people just put the "eyes" and the "mouth." :) (Turn your head sideways if you're still having trouble seeing it as a face).

Sometimes people do laughing/big grin faces with a capital "D" instead of a close parenthesis for the smile, like this: :-D . You'll also see frowny/sad faces: :-( and perplexed or slightly bummed-out faces :-/ and the occasional stuck-out tongue :-p


R. Neese

It's a sideways smiley face :)
This is a frown :(
and so on.

Hi C.,

It is actually a smiley face. I have a teenage daughter thats how I know.

It's a smiley face. Here are a few more:
;) = a wink
:D = a big smile
:P = sticking your tongue out!
:S = crazy smile (this would be the emotion you were feeling when you realized what this all was!)

As several people have already told you, it is a happy face. Here's one I just figured out <3 is a heart!

:) is a smiley face if you tilt your head to the left you will see 2 eyes and a mouth. its not stupid to ask at all so dont feel bad.

Are you talking about :) ?

If so, it's a smiley face, if you look sideways. The main affect of it shows that the writer is smiling or laughing at something that she is writing about. It can usually help the topic at times...I usually use =)

Hope this helps!
A. T

looks like a smiley face to me :O) (I usually have a nose in it)

It's just a symbol for a smile. If you look at it from the side, it looks like two eyes and a smile. Sometimes you'll see this ;) - that just means a "wink". An upside down smilie symbol, :( is meant to relay sadness or disappointment of some sort.

To me it just means a happy face or you could not a sad face like this :(.

It's a smile! And :( is a frown!

this was one of the best requests I've read yet - made me smile!


Good for you for asking about something you didn't know - that is a sign of intelligence you know!



It's a smiley, happy face! Usually people use it when something is funny, a compliment, or they have good news. Your aren't alone. You don't know what you don't know until you know it so you must ask to find out. I see new stuff everyday that I have to figure out or ask someone about. Asking actually makes you pretty smart!!! :)

M. P

It's a sideways smiley face. The colon makes up the eyes and the parentheses make up the smile. This is part of the new email language...look out for all those acronyms, too!

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