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What Does It Mean When Your Boobs Hurt and Itch?

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Monday my boobies stated to hurt, actually just the left one. then after a few days the right one started to hurt and then the irtching started. OMG I have had the most annoying and miserable boobs. This began midway through my cycle 2 weeks before AF was due...Aunty Flo is due in about 9 days. Anyone experience anything like this before?

My first thought was pregnancy. The pain was similiar to that of pg boobie pain, but DH is fixed 8 years ago. So that would be a LONG shot. Could it be cancer symptoms? I am thinking about making a Dr. appt. ut I figure as soon as I do that, it'll go away and I won't have anything to report to my doc. Hmmm

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It definitely can't hurt to have it checked out. Could be nothing but it's better to have something like that checked. My mom had a very irritating itch for about six months before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not to say that's what you are experiencing, but it taught me to be in tune to what's going on and to be safe and just have things checked by a doctor. Get a second opinion if the first doc blows you off and you are still itching.

Not to sound gross or anything but if you squeeze the nipple does it ooze anything. Sounds like you could have a little bit of yeast. I would go in and have it looked at.

Just because he is fixed doesn't mean he is right away. It takes a couple of months and then the surgery can reverse itself. You could be pregnant or it might be a new form of PMS. Wait for Aunty Flo and see what happens.
C. B

As far as the hurting part goes, it is possibly a shift in your homones that is causing this. In my 40's I started getting premenstrual breast tenderness, similar to pregnancy discomfort. Apparently this change came to me with peri-menopause. At 38, you are not too young to be starting hormonal changes that way yourself! If it goes away with your period, this is probably all it is. And it will likely return the next time you ovulate! As for the itching,I am not as sure. I actually do have itching as well, but it is only occasional, and in one area. Mine is accompanied by some dry patches. It scared me at first, but I have had 3 normal mammograms over time, and have been assured in my case it is a skin issue, not a breast issue per-se. I think it is from my bra. Anyway, it wouldn't be bad to get things checked out, but just know there are definitely non-serious possibilities. Good luck to you!

I been having the same promblem both my boobs been hurting a lot and its been itching a lot also,,,, i wouldnt know what to besides take a prego test or somthing i know it couldnt be cancer cause u would have a lumb there

There is a type of cancer called inflammatory breast cancer that does not have the usual symptoms of breast cancer- lumps, etc. You can youtube news reports about it. 'IBC' Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Or you can google it. Persistant itching is a symptom... Even if you feel back to normal now I would still encourage you to educate yourself, and your friends about it. If you're still considering going to the doctor it would be worth mentioning to him, as the news reports on youtube say a lot of doctors seem to overlook it, simply perscribing antibiotics, diagnosing it as a possible bug bite or something...

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