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What Do You Tip Hair Stylists?

Well, I guess I asked my question! I've always tipped 20% if I'm happy with the experience and love my hair, but I remember reading somewhere that some people don't tip that since you're already paying them their price??? So I'm curious.

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Thanks! I thought it sounded strange to not tip anything, and I started wondering what everyone else did. The only time I did not tip was several years ago when a new girl did a total hack job when I couldn't get in to my regular salon (I didn't even pay for the cut...another stylist tried fixing it best she could, and she's the one who told me not to even pay for it---it was *bad*. My regular stylist told me it was the worst cut she had ever seen when I went to have it fixed). Otherwise I always tip 20%.

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At least 20% - My hair is fairly low maintenance, so I don't go with the frequency of most people (only about every three months). That means that I usually tip more than 20% since she doesn't make as much off of me as other customers. I love my stylist, though. Love her! :)

I can't imagine NOT tipping my hairdresser.

Not tipping would be tacky to the extreme......stylists earn tips.

I tip a minimum of 20%

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You are supposed to tip! Good for you for being right. I also tip 20% if I'm very happy. The least I've ever tipped was 10% for crappy jobs done by "wedding specialists." It is not okay not to tip a hair stylist.

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I'm a stylist, and yes, if the stylist owns the salon you still tip. That is a really weird belief that owner stylists don't need tips.

Some salons take steep commissions, some pay really well commissions, some pay hourly at an amazing price, some pay hourly at a crappy price, and some stylists make millions a year, while others would make better money working at McDonald's, some rent their chairs and make a killing, some rent their chairs and cry every night b/c they are broke... it just depends on the salon and the talent or sometimes luck of the stylist. But the tips are always the stylists to take home and they rely on that as their pay.

If you have a good assistant or shampoo girl, they get a tip too if they do a job well done. I assisted for a while when first starting out and a woman gave me a $20 b/c she said it was the best service ever... I was totally floored!

So yes, if the stylist does a good job, not only tip, but refer your friends to him/her! :)

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I can't imagine NOT tipping my hairdresser.

Not tipping would be tacky to the extreme......stylists earn tips.

I tip a minimum of 20%

Most stylist have to rent their chair for a flat monthly rate. Whatever they make pays for that first, THEN they get to take whatever's left home.

If you're happy with your stylist and s/he does a good job, then tip well.

Most stylists have to rent their chair in the salons. The salons usually have a set price, though sometimes "levels" for hairstylists exist in higher salons. Most of the time, the stylist doesn't get to set her price - it is set for her. The tip is to help her do better than just the set price, since she is paying rent whether she has a client in that chair or not.

I give around 20% for the service, especially for someone I continue to go to. I may wait to see if they do a good job a few times before going that high, but it's always at least 15%.


If the person doing your hair owns the salon you usually don't tip. Otherwise it's customary to tip the stylist for a job done well.

Most hair stylists, don't get everything you pay. The tips are very important.
I give good tips, becuase I have crazy thick hair. They have to spend so much time with me, that I might be taking up valuable time, for another appointment.
In a situation more standard then mine, I think 20% or more, is very appropriate.

Hairstylists who don't own their own shops don't really make all that much money. I always tip more than 25 percent.

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