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What Do You Get a 13 Year Old Boy for Christmas???

My husband has a godchild who is a 13 year old boy. (He'll be 14 in April.) We have NO idea on what to get him for Christmas. We have put lots of thought and effort into his birthday and Christmas presents but for the past couple years they have never been good enough...... He opens them and either pouts or just walks away and his mom says thank you for him.....

A little about him. Him and his brother are raised mainly at their moms home. They see their dad on every other weekend. Parents have never been married. The boys have NO discipline from their mom at all. They play video games, are on the computer, or watching tv constantly while at her home. My husband really wants to get him something he will like but we will NOT buy him video games..... We don't want to encourage their obsessions with these items.....

We would be willing to spend up to $40 if we knew he wouldn't just throw it away..... ANY ideas PLEASE?????

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Thanks ladies for all the great ideas!

My husband would love to do something like a ball game with him but they live in the Twin Cities and we are West of St. Cloud. They only come this way about every other weekend to see their Dad. And the problem with my husband going there is that we farm so he can only get away for about 4 hours total in the middle of the day and almost all of that would be driving time.... But we are planning on keeping this in mind for the summer. Sometimes they come stay at their grandparents for a week so my husband wants to do something with him then when it will be possible! Now we'll keep our eyes and ears open for something this summer that will interest him!

So, we've decided to get him a South Pole hoodie from JCPenny's and a Subway gift card. That way he won't be able to get video games! LOL.

THANKS again for all the help!

ADDITION: He got the sweatshirt on Saturday. LOVED IT! He put it on almost right away and wore it the rest of the day! YAY. The first present he's liked in YEARS.

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I am personally pretty bothered by the pouting. Could you do something with him instead of giving him something material? I think that might do him a lot more good. Good luck!

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My 13 and 15 year old niece and nefew have asked for itunes gift cards the last few years. They love picking out their music. If he does not have a mp3 player yet, you could start him with an ipod shuffle, they are not as advanced as the others, but it will hold a lot of music and is really small so you can take it anywhere. Goof Luck.

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I have a son who just turned 14 a couple months ago and I understand your frustration. My son will always happily accept an itunes gift card, but that isn't necessarily what you want to give him.

I'm sorry, but this Godchild sounds very spoiled! My son at least tries to show appreciation.

One thing my son really does like is getting the Ripleys Believe it or Not book. I saw the 2010 ten volume out at Sams. If you can seek out things like that, you might get lucky. Another idea that I've done for my neices and nephews in the past is I've bought them Movie tickets for 2. That's usually appreciated.

My son still likes going to the Pizza Machine. Maybe your husband could take him there for lunch sometime and they could do all the cool things together. That would be very memorable for this child.

I hope this helps you think on the right path. Since he is his God child he could always get him a good teen faith book. Being a God parent means that your making sure this child is getting his faith. I know it doesn't sound cool, just a suggestion.

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A couple years ago we got a teenaged nephew a share of stock (www.oneshare.com). You can buy it in a company he might be interested in (Nike, Marvel Comics, McDonalds, etc.). It comes with a ton of information about the stock market and gets kids interested in following their share. Our nephew, also a video game addict, has since purchased some additional shares on his own and really gets a kick out of it.

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My first instint, is NOTHING! But, my bark is worse than my bite. :) Try a gift card to somewhere that doesn't sell video games...movies?...rock climbing place?....golf lessons?....a family pass to the museum or zoo? Whatever the kid might be into or like and will be easy enough for his mom to take him.

Maybe a day out with your husband to a sports game or something outside with some physical activity? I'm sure he could use some positive male influence.

And then when he makes a face simply state that it was his last gift until he can be grateful. A lesson he obviously needs.

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How about a gift card or an itunes card? Most kids that age have ipods and enjoy listening to and downloading music.

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Good Luck.. Boys at this age aren't pleased with anything even if it is something they have asked for. How close is he with the child? Would he be willing to get tickets to a basketball game or some other event that is coming up that the kid wants to see? Being a single mom is hard, I am now single again with a 16 year old and sometimes it is hard to know exactly when to discipline and when not to. Instead of a gift how about a gift card or movie tickets? Maybe something he could share with a friend to get them out of the house.

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A 13 year old pouting over gifts is ridiculous! I agree with the previous suggestion of having your husband do something with him...maybe go to the batting cages or bowling or something.

Otherwise, I think a gift card to Target or Subway or something would be good enough. He would appreciate it I'm sure. Even though it is not personal, teens are all about money, and at least it's better than giving him cash.

Another thing you could do is buy him a savings bond. My mom buys $200 bonds for all of the grandkids each Christmas...they already have tons of toys and don't need anything else. He wont care now, but when he is 21 and in college he will be very appreciative of the money then.

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M. - without me reading all the other responses - I'm going to take a chance with my own idea here.

$40? Why not do something that apparently NO ONE else seems to do ... spend quality time with the boy. How about you and your husband take him to lunch and miniture golf? Or maybe to the raceway? Is there a college near by that you could take him to a football game? I think spending some time with the boy would be meaningful (even if he doesn't seem interested at first). I'm not sure where you live - but how about hiking in the woods - teach him how to shot a BB gun. There are plenty of things that you can do together that won't cost an arm and a leg. Seems like the young man could use some quality time with both a positive male & female role model. What about taking him to a batting cage for the afternoon and stop and have ice cream on the way home?

If it works out well - perhaps you can make a date to do it again in a couple months ... it could be his choice on what to do next time.

Good luck to all of you!

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I completely agree with the previous response. Tickets to an event that your husband can attend with him. Seems like this kid needs to get out of the house and away from the video games. He also needs a strong male role model. Spending a day doing a special activity with your family or your husband could be a great gift.

Don't give up on this kid. It isn't his fault that he has no structure and discipline.

Good luck.

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