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What Do You Do with the Comforter That Comes with Your Baby's Crib Bedding Set?

I know you're not supposed to use a comforter when you put an infant to sleep (to help prevent SIDS). So, what should I do with the comforter that came with my baby's crib bedding set? Right now it's folded up and just keeps migrating from corner to corner in her bedroom. It seems like such a waste of material! I'd be very interested to know what other parents have done with their babies' comforters. Even if you don't think it's a "clever" solution, anything's got to be better than throwing it in the corner of the room! Thanks for your ideas!

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Wow, I received so many great responses! I've decided to hang the comforter on the wall as decoration. I'm going to use the clips that many people mentioned so that I don't put holes in the comforter, and then I can use it as a real blanket on my daughter when she's older and we've moved her from the crib to a bed. Thank you to everyone for your valuable input!

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Mine has been used as decoration too, but draped over the back of the rocker. It still is a great addition to the room decor, but is easily usable (floor play, etc). An added bonus - it has caught spit-up sometimes as we rocked baby, and the comforter is easier to throw in the washer than the upholstered chair! :)

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We have a shelf, that has a quilt bar under it, and that is where I hang the comforter/quilt for the baby's bedding. It makes a wonderful wall decoration.

I always just kept it over the end of the crib for decoration. It brightened up the room. As they got older, it helped keep the light out of their eyes in the morning.

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Mine has been used as decoration too, but draped over the back of the rocker. It still is a great addition to the room decor, but is easily usable (floor play, etc). An added bonus - it has caught spit-up sometimes as we rocked baby, and the comforter is easier to throw in the washer than the upholstered chair! :)

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I use mine as a play mat for baby. Also, if it is cute enough, you could make a hanging mural in your baby's room.

I also put mine over the back of the rocker but now that my son is moving to a toddler bed I'm finally going to use it!!

you could get a quilt hanger and use it on the wall as decoration.

Try having it framed. It can be a nice accent peice in her room. That's what we did with the one for our daughter and the one for our son.

Yes, it is a waste of material, cute as they are. It's a shame that we parents spend sooo much money on things we think they HAVE to have and they turn out to be unnecessary.

Ours migrated around the room as well. I also used it as a floor blanket for the baby. Also, we rarely used the crib, so it spent alot of time draped over the side. When our girl got a toddler bed, it sometimes was a bed spread. My boy slept on top of it in the crib. He was a stomach-sleeper. The one thing it never was was a covering for a baby. It's a shame, since I was so thrilled to find something cute that could be for girls and boys.

I hung my son's comforter on the wall using a quilt hanger. It looked adorable, and I received lots of nice compliments on what a good idea it was! I felt like it was at least getting some use....considering how much bedding costs!
M. C.

You could hang it on the wall, like a quilt. I used ours in the playpen and for my girl's tummy time.

Since it's the same size as what my daughter will need when she's moved into a toddler bed, I'm saving it in a drawer until then.

I hung my kids comforter on the wall.

I always lay my sons on top of the comforter, to give them extra padding.

Babies R Us sells clips that you can hang it on the wall as a decoration. I have my daughter's hanging that way and it is a nice added touch to the room.

i put the comforter on the "wall"
it matched the room, and took up empty wall space.
God bless you.

We hung ours on the wall as well :) And now that they are older we are selling the set in a garage sale. :)

Wow, I'm obviously in the minority..but mine went in the bed. Yeah, both my kids laid on the floor on it but at night (esp in the winter), it was in the bed. The ped said as long as it laid below their waist and was tucked in the crib under the mattress, we were fine..and we were. The risk of sids is almost gone once the kids can roll over and both of mine did that by 3 months (my dd a little earlier). Once they can roll over, they can manuver (sp?) themselves if they are uncomfortable. Both of my kids were belly sleepers as well from birht. The hospital never said anything and neither did their dr., whatever works for them to get a good night's rest.

Sorry if I wasn't much help. But I have a boy and a girl and 2 different bedding sets..I was no wasting the blanket that came with their crib bedding.

I hung my quilt/comforter on a wall from a rod with decorative clips. It is a nice way to display but not totally ignore the item and provides some decortation too!

I used mine as wall hangings, got a dowel rod about 2" wider then the blanket, folded the blanket over the dowel rod, with about 1" hanging over the side then pinned that side down with diaper pins to the back of the long part of the blanket. Then put a pretty ribbon that matched on the dowel rod, tied at each end, with enough slack in it to hang by. This way, if I ever needed a blanket to throw over the punkin seat or one to use in the car & their others were dirty, I could take it down pretty easily & use, then wash & hang back up.

I tacked my daughters comforter to the wall her crib is against. Then she still has all the bright pretty colors of it but it's not in the way. Helped me fill a very plain white wall too...

Good luck!

There is a classic style rocking chair in my baby's room. I thought that the back of the chair was too hard, so I decided to drape the comforter over the back of the chair. Not only did it give me something to do with the comforter, but it made the chair more comfortable as well. It really makes my son's room come to life. We have a Winnie the Pooh set, and the comforter is one of the cutest pieces. The first place your eyes tend to focus when you enter the nursery is the rocking chair with the big Pooh on the back. If you don't have a chair in your baby's room, you might try making a wall hanging out of the comforter. You could put it on the wall opposite the crib so your baby could enjoy looking at it. Maybe using ribbon sewn on the back so that it would be easy to remove the ribbon if you decide to use the comforter some other way later. Hope you can figure out a good solution. It is a waste to just leave it laying around.

I hung it up on the wall as a decoration.

i to used mine as wall hangings i wasn't nearly as creative though i just took two nails and hung it like you would anything anything else, lol my youngest is 5 and still has it on her wall, she won't let me take it down for some reason, but at least it's strawberry shortcake so it's not to terribly babyish, though it clashes terribly with the now blue walls.

We put ours on the living room floor for him to lay on because it's so much softer than any other blankets we have.

I'd be interested in knowing too!

I think some people might hang it up???

I hung it on her wall as a decoration. It matched and helped bring the room together. Ours had animals and stuff (the John Lennon collection) so it helped bring the whole theme together. If you look at places like USA Baby and specialty baby stores they have big clothespin looking wall hangers for them - mine actually had ones that matched the print. Otherwise if you have a chair in there you could drape it on the back.

I have 8 month old twin boys, so I have two comforters. One is hanging on the wall, and the other one is used to lay them on before and after their baths. This is nice because it makes a soft place on the bathroom floor. It is also easy to wash and dry.

I used it as decoration. I hung it over the back of the rocker. You could also use it when they start sitting as a play blanket on the floor, that way when they fall back it will be more cushioned.

Hang it on the wall as a decoration - it is a shoe in to match :-) Get a curtain rod and the round sliders with clips.

We got a long quilt hanger with a shelf and hung it on a wall. It was like an extra wall decoration. We found the quilt shelf at a yard sale!

I have a great idea for you! I used my son's comforter for a decorative wall hanging above his crib and it looked great in his room.

You can hang it on the wall.. they sell special clip type hangers. You can turn it into a few pillows. You can always cut out a portion and frame it or scrap book it when you are ready to switch themes.

Once your baby is mobile (pulling himself up, etc), it's ok to give hime a blanket. My son is 18 months now and he's sleeping in a toddler bed. We use the bigger blanket for bedtime, and the smaller crib blanket for naptimes. This way helps him understand the difference. He won't take his nap in the middle of the day if he thinks I'm trying to put him "night-night". But if he has a smaller blanket and sleeps on top of the night-night blanket, he'll take his nap cuz he knows it's not as long. I've also caught him cuddling his nap blankie at night.

So, you just never know. If you don't have anywhere to use it now and don't want to put it on the wall, just put it in a drawer or something. You may find a use for it later.

Hi K., I used to throw it over the back of my rocking chair as added cushion! It looked nice too. Then I used it for the spread on my first daughters toddler bed when my second daughter came along. Hope this helps. God Bless. N. L.

I used mine as a wall decoration. You can get a rod to hang it on or sew little loops on the end and use two nails to hang it. Now it's on my 5 year old's bed as an extra blanket.

A couple of my friends have used theirs as a wall hanging. It looks really cute with all the coordinating sheets. We decided to use ours as a play rug for our little ones. We do tummy time on them and then hang them over the rocking chair in their room the rest of the time.

If it has a picture on it, hang it on the wall for decoration, or just put it in the car.

After reading everyone else's comments, maybe I am a horrible mom - I use it as a blanket.

However, I tightly tuck it in between the mattress and the crib and make sure that it only comes up to his waist. He doesn't roll over, scoot, or even move around yet so it is not endangering him. He can't even pull it up over his face since I have it tucked in so tightly. We have an old house that gets pretty cold so I think it has been excellent in keeping him warm.

I do also use it for decor over the end of his crib and as a play blanket. I hope this helps.

With my first child I hung the comforter on the wall with the wall hangers for quilts, etc.
2nd and 3rd kids, their comforters were placed over the back of the rocking chair in the nursery.

K., Hi. When my son was a baby I hung it on his wall. It was really cute. J. (Mom of 3)

you could try attaching to the wall as a decoration to go with her room. i have done that with each of my kids. it makes for a nice addition to the room.

I am 5 months pregnant with my second child, a boy. I plan to buy a hanging quilt rack, the kind you see with quilts on the wall in magazines and using the comforter as a wall hanging. The quilt rack won't damage the comforter, so when baby is big enough, you will still be able to use it!

I used ours as a blanket for tummy time!! Ours was perfect thickness and it was a great place for my daughter to lay on her tummy!! Just a thought... hope you find the perfect place for it!!

Hi K.,
I used a comforter as a wall hanging in my nursery. It pulled the theme together and filled blank space on the wall.
I did use the comforter as a comforter once the children were old enough to have one and found a quilt to replace as the wall hanging. Just an idea! Good luck.

K., the majority of people I know including myself have hung the comforter on the wall above the crib or on another wall in the nursery. That's really the only thing I have ever seen done with them. Hope that helps. It does make for a nice art peice on the wall to continue the theme of the room.

wow, you have gotten alot of great responses. I agree with the wall hanging idea. But I wanted to tell you that my son, now 6, started using that blanket once we changed his crib to a toddler bed. It is the perfect size. And to this day, it is still "blankey" to him and he hates to go to bed without it. It has almost become a friend. Dont give up on it all together.

I got a decorative rod and these little clips that looped on the rod and clipped the comforter on it. Hung it on the wall by the crib. The crib was against the wall so it was center. But if you have the head board against the wall then hang it above the headboard.

For my son, I used it as a wall hanging. I used my daughter's as a window valance.

We used my daughter's as a wall hanging in her nursery.

Hi K.,
My name is M. V. and one of the things I used the comforter for was to cover the car seat in cold or cool weather when moving the baby from car to indoors,vice versa.
I also would place it on carpet to lay the baby on, providing your baby isn't crawling yet. It protected both the baby and carpet. Then eventually as my children grew into toddlers the blanket and pillow become their security blanket at night. Hope that helped.
Have a Blessed Day !!!

I put my son's comforter on the floor so he had a soft place to lay and play with his toys in our family room.

They make nice wall hangings:)

You could hang it on the wall as part of the decor.

I used the comforter as a wall hanging. I bought a nice curtain rod with pretty finials (ends)and attached ribbon to the corners of the comforter with safety pins and tied it to the rod. It looked really nice.

I thought the same thing with my first child, so it ended up in a drawer UNTIL, he turned about 18 months and we converted his crib into a toddler bed. So with my second child we bought a rack, kind of like a towel rack, for her room and we have it hanging there as decor until she is ready to use it. They are soo cute and they match what is in the room. So put it on display until you are ready to use it.

I would make it a wall hanging.
or cover the changing table as your child will not be on it unattended.

We used ours as a cute wall hanging. We were too cheap to buy all the matchy stuff for the nursery so it was nice to have something to hang up! My husband attached some photo hangers to some clothes pins (the kind with a spring) then we used those to hang the comforter. It was very cute!

I sewed a yard stick to the back of mine. Tied a pretty bow to the yard stick, and hung it on the wall.

I had the same problem! I threw the comforter on the floor of our living room or wherever we happened to be spending time. It was nice to lay our daughter on her own blankie.

What I did with my daughter's was hang it on the wall. It makes a wonderful decoration to the room since they are usually so nice and detailed.

Hi K.,
I put the comforter up on the wall with a couple of small nails by the crib. It looks like a nice wall hanging.

We have a shelf, that has a quilt bar under it, and that is where I hang the comforter/quilt for the baby's bedding. It makes a wonderful wall decoration.

I hung it over the side of the crib for awhile (for decoration) the rocking chair idea works too. As the baby gets older, you can use it and we did. He still uses it sometimes and he just turned 3 so it will come in handy.

Hello K.,
I hung my daughter's comforter up on the wall of her bedroom.
Take care

I was going to tell you to hang it on the wall - like everyone else. I know it is too late for you, but when I bought my set, I had the option to skip the comforter. I like the idea of giving it to an older sibling too. Good luck hanging it up.

1. HANG IT on the wall if it matches the rest of the room.
2. Give it to a crisis pregnancy center.


Well...I based the whole room around that theme and I was in your same position, so I bought coordinating material and made little loops. I stitched the loops to the back side of the top and bought a decorative curtain rod and hung it on the wall like a quilt.

I tacked it up on the wall and make it a wall hanging. Now it's seen and usful both.

I always draped mine on the side of the crib until the baby was old enough to use it. You could get a quilt rack and put it on that....they have ones that sit on the floor and also ones that you put on the wall. You could also tack it to the wall as wall decor. Use it at the rocking chair (if you have one)always worked for me....I liked to have a blanket while nursing. Hope this helps.

I used the comforter that came with my crib set as a wall murial. It added to the decor of the room and looked great! Just use the command strip hooks and safty pins on the back of the comfortor to hang it up.

We have a pretty tight budget and didn't have many things to decorate my sons room, so I hung it up on the wall!! It's REALLY cute and really helps bring alot of color to the room =0)

I always just kept it over the end of the crib for decoration. It brightened up the room. As they got older, it helped keep the light out of their eyes in the morning.

I use the comforter as a throw over the rocker we have in Will's room. I use it to cover up when we rock or read or just snuggle in the chair. It is cute and ties in with the room theme. Although he is still in his crib I found (and purchased) toddler bedding that matches his room theme and will be able to use the comforter when he moves into his toddler bed in the next year or so.


I hung ours up on the wall above the crib - high enough so she couldn't reach it. They sold decorative wall clips at the time. She's 4 now and it's her favorite blanket. She still sleeps with it.

Hang the comforter on the wall like a tapestry, make sure it is secure with nails and hang it above the changing table. Don't hang it over the crib, just in case it happens to fall (it won't if it's secure, but for peace of mind!)

To hang ours I bought a set of quilt clips (from Pottery Barn Kids, I think).

I, as other here, hung it on the back of the rocking chair for a while, but was worried about it fading (chair was near window), so I stored it away until she was old enough to use it. Now it looks super cute on her bed.

Hi, K.. If you have an adorable comforter that would be a neat display, you could buy a small blanket display rack and hang it in your daughter's room. Then when she moves to a toddler bed you can use the comforter for its intended purpose :) That's what we did with our girls. Goodluck! D. (mother of three who are 8, 3 & 2)

We hung ours on the wall just to add to the Theme of the nursery,which was Paddington Bear and SO very cute!

I bought a wall shelf that had a bar below it (you could just use a decorative curtain rod). I also bought some pretty curtain clips and hung the comforter on the wall as a decoration. It really tied the whole room together.

I hung mine on the wall right above the crib and used it as a picture. It worked and looked great.

K., I hung mine on the wall like artwork....

good luck!

I put it on the floor for playtime - it keeps the spit-up off my carpet & on a washable surface.

Hi there! I sewed 4 fabric 'tabs' at the top of the comforter, put a dowl rod through them and hung it on the wall. The 'wall hanging' was a perfect accent for our theme for the nursery!

I sewed little ribbon loops on the top corners and hung on little 'c' hooks. It makes it easy to take it down for tummy time, but shows it off the rest of the time. It is a great size for a toddler, so you'll probably use it later, too.

You can put it on the wall as a decoration until she is ready to use it.

I think that I would use it as a wall hanging. It could be easily hung from a wooden shelf that has a wooden rod added to it or that came with a wooden rod.

Use for floor time. When your baby is awake lay the blanket on the floor with a few toys or noise makers and let the baby lay on the comfortable for floor time. Great to take a long if you go to someone else's house or even outside on the grass.

I bought clips and hung mine up on the wall as decoration. It was very cute that way.

We have our's over our glider. It helps protect the glider from milk and such when the baby is younger. I know other people have hung it on the wall therefore tying the theme all together.

if you know someone who is crafty, ask them to take the comforter and make a stuffed animal out of it. they can cut the comforter to the shape of a puppy or bunny and add additional stuffing. then you child has a "friend" and you have the memory of what your babies crib set was for years after they outgrow it.

I guess hanging it on the wall must be the thing to do! That is what we did for our first three babies (using tacs) but with #4, we gave it to #3 for her new 'baby' (doll) that she got when our new baby came home from the hospital--it has become dollys blankie and she still uses it for when dolly 'gets upset' :)

Hi, K.. I have a couple ideas. I use one, folded as extra padding on my changing table. Also, you can hang it on the wall as decoration. It matches your bumper and can help pull the room together. Have a great day!

I actually utilize my daughter's quilt as a shade for her window. I bought "clippy" rings that hang on a brushed silver rod, then I attached the quilt to it. It makes a great/very thick/light-dampening window shade and it's a great way to display the quilt design.

I just drape my son's over the foot of his crib (on the railing). You could also hang it on the wall for decoration.

I put ours over the back of our rocker. Simple, but it keeps it out of the way and we can still see how cute it is. I have also read that people put it up on the wall as a kind of art.

I "hung" it on the end of his crib. So when you looked in to his room, you didnt just see the bars of the crib. I didnt do that until he was older and I wasnt always checking on him:)


Hang it on the wall as a wall quilt!

We hung ours up on the wall and used it for decoration. It worked out very well because we had some space opposite the wall the crib that it fit perfectly! We used clips that were made by 3M (they were removeable easily from the wall but very secure). The clips were blue, but they matched the ocean creature theme of our room. I think they make them in white. You could also use a shelf that has a quilt hanger on it also. Good luck!

use it as a decoration....get a decorator curtain rod or a quilt hanger and hang it up in her room.

I have mine hanging on the back of the rocking chair kind a decor but whatever goes really!!

Hey K.,
Good question first of all! I always wondered why they even included those in crib sets when they are obviously dangerous to cover a baby up with. Anyway, I would put my babies on it for floor/tummy time until they could roll/crawl off of it.

Hi K., because it matches the sheet set, hang is on the wall. you see it all the time in home magazines. If you sew, just sew it together and make a big loung pillow. Go browsing at the craft store and look through some magazines for ideas.

I put it over a rocking chair face out to show the theme for the room. I've used it for 3 kids, so I see it as being well worth the money and not a waste. ...hope this helps.

keep it in your car so when you go places you can lay it on the ground for baby to lay on or in living room for them to lay on. now that my son is two he uses it for his cover now

I displayed my daughter's on the rocking chair in her room (hung it so you could see the characters on the back of the rocker).

Target has cute clips in the nursery section to hang it on the wall. The only drawback is having ot take it down for a toddler who is ready to use it. It just looks so nice on the wall:)

Use it for supervised belly time, or special cuddle time. That's what I did with the extra fluffy blankets I received from baby showers.

Well, the quilts I have for our son are all homemade ones, but for right now (since he is not long enough to fill the whole crib), they are folded in a stack at one end of the crib to fill up the extra space. I do want to hang the one my Mom made on the wall though, just haven't gotten a rod to do it yet.

alot of people i know use it as a wall hanging. since it is the theme of the room, or the colors of the room.

There was a few things I've done. We got like 3 quilts from the baby shower and we put one on the wall, left one in the crib, but only under the baby like a sheet, makes the bed more comfy. We took the last one and used it like a carpet next to the crib. or even under the dresser or something of the baby's. Hope this helps a little. Be Creative! Have fun & Good Luck.

Usually a comforter matches the decor of the room - I hung it on the wall - if it fits try that. Best of luck!

I had a recliner in my nursery for feeding my son and I draped it over the back. My friend had a shelf with a bar on it and she draped it over the bar which was really cute.

we nailed ours to the wall as a wall decoration.

I tacked mine up like a wall tapestry over the bed. It helped to really spruce up the room.

If worse comes to work you can always use it as a wall hanging by the bed until the child is older. If you don't want to do this then put it in a zipper bag (or one of the containers that will flatten down when you suck the air out of it) and store it in the closet.

Just remember to wash it at the same time you wash the other stuff so it fades out at the same time.

P. R

There are these quilt clips you can get to easily hang it on the wall. When the baby gets older, you can take it off the wall and use it for sleeping. We hung ours for awhile and it was really cute! I know it's not very creative, but you could also use it to throw on the floor when your baby gets to the age where they can have tummy time

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