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What Do You Do with Easter (And Halloween) Candy?

So it's a simple question (right?) - what do you do with all of that "leftover" Easter or Halloween candy? I am the "Grinch" when it comes to the holiday candy...my in-laws and SIL have LOVED giving candy (and some toys) to my children over the years. However I have insulted them by admitting to throwing out or giving away our candy. I have not mentioned this to them TRYING to insult them nor appear unappreciative of their generosity, but rather to explain that my young children (5 and under) do not need 18" tall chocolate bunnies, and M & Ms, and gum, and...well you get the idea. It's not that my children are not allowed to have candy and such, it's just the extreme AMOUNTs of it that I have a difficult time with.

So what do you do?

What can I do next?

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Give it away to the incoming patrons who visit the YMCA daily. Leave it at the main desk in the lobby area.

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WOW, you have willpower! I just eat it all. I guess I love chocalate too much.....

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We have the same problem!!

I let each of the kids pick 5-10 items and then either give it away or throw it away. My husband and I have tried explaining to my in-laws that we don't want it. Our kids get belligerent when they eat it and it's just plain bad for them.

I don't feel bad about throwing it out since we've tried to explain to them that we don't want it for the kids. I ask them to spend more time with the kids instead, support them with their time, not their candy. But, that has fallen on deaf ears. Candy is cheap, fast and easy. And, they don't have to live with kids hyped up on sugar and caffeine or whining because we have to be the bad guys and take it away!!

So, I guess the bottom line for us is that if my in-laws don't respect our house rules and requests, then I won't I feel bad tossing it. My husband supports this as well.

Good luck!

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Over time, I've learned that the less I discuss our parenting with relatives the less they have to pick at. I love my husband's family, but they can be very gossipy and critical, too. I think it's just part of the family package for them, but I don't need to feed the habit, either.

No one ever needs to know what you did with a gift or candy they give you or your kids. It's rude to ask, and definitely rude to volunteer that you throw their gifts away if they don't ask. Just smile and change the subject :-)

I've told relatives that we don't want candy! It makes her wild and mean, but they don't listen.

I take some to work, the m&ms we use in cookies. I never thought of taking the chocolate bunny and melting it down, but I think we'll buy some strawberries and have a fondue!

We usually end up throwing a lot of it away. I don't tell the relatives this as it's rude. I just gently tell them before holidays we don't really need candy, but thanks!

I take it to work and let my co-workers have at it.

i send it to work with my husband. It will always be eaten by someone . It is usually gone within an hour :)Everyone needs a little candy !

Ahhh, In-Laws! My husband refuses to say anything to his parents about how much candy they give our kids so I just send it to work with him. I figure if they can't use commom sense then they will never know I don't actually let the kids eat it!
Don't feel bad at all! Your children's teeth will thank you!
Best Wishes!

I will either have my husband take some to work, or when the kids are not around, I slowly start tossing some of the non favorite things, and work my way to getting rid of all of it. Just don't tell anyone if you do throw it away.

Little toys: When their novelty wears off, I toss.

Halloween candy: We categorize and sort all candy. It's sorted in small, clear sandwich bags. Lot of the chocolate bars are used for Christmas baking, my husband takes all gummy candy (i.e. Twizzlers, Mike -n-Ikes, etc...)for his travels - keeps them in his car. We don't have a place to donate candy, like a work area or reception area but that would be a great idea. Lollipops I keep for a while because we have a lot of neighbor kids. I have a small candy dish that gets replenished with little candies. Usually, weekly, I toss one of the small bags until all is gone. When it is tossed slowly, it doesn't get noticed. It's usually all gone well before Christmas.

Easter candy: Regarding that 18" chocolate bunny - I would melt it down and make a nice fondue for a party and dip strawberries, marshmallows or pound cake in it. Or, again, use it for cookie baking. Small stuff goes in a candy dish, like jelly beans, candy kisses or little reese's cups. The rest "disappears".

I or my husband bring it to work for others to enjoy. I feel it is a waste to throw it away, but would rather see others enjoy it. Hope this helps some.

Give it away to the incoming patrons who visit the YMCA daily. Leave it at the main desk in the lobby area.

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