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What Do You Do When Child Swallows a Coin?

My 3 year old just swallowed a coin. He is not having problems breathing or swallowing. Anyone else experienced this? Thank you.

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A majority of children swallow something they're not sopose to multiple times in their life without us even knowing. this will pass, literally. Wateh for it in the poop. It may take a few days but it will come out.

Hello S., My son swallowed a nickel when he was about 5 and I freaked out. We took him to have x-rays done. They said it was there and to wait a few days to see if it would pass. This was the worst part because we actually had to "search" for it. But luckily after a few days it did, and he has been fine ever since. I would wait a few days to see and then if you can't find anything, take him to get an x-ray. Hope this helps. M. W.

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My son swallowed a penny when he was 4 (old enough to know better, I thought!) I called the pediatrician and they said what the other posts have said - watch for any symptoms of anything wrong and watch for it to pass naturally. There's a slight chance it can cause an obstruction somewhere, so you should let your pediatrician know and watch for any abdominal pain.

My daughter swallowed a penny. We did the xray thing too. It was in her stomach. The pediatrican called a pediatric gastroenterologist and he said it could take any where from a few days up to 2 months for the penny to pass. It came out 10 days later. I too did the bowel movement checks. It came out just fine.

Call your dr or go to the ER. It might not be affecting him now, but as it travels, it might get lodged somewhere and block things off. They may just put you on "poop watch" but you want to make sure it is "traveling" safely.

Good Luck!

That happened to someone I know- their daughter swallowed a penny. This is gross, but what they did was check her feces for it until it passed through. Unfortunately, I was babysitting when it did :P

When my niece was 2 she swallowed a nickel. My sister was told to immediately report any vomiting, abdominal distention, lack of BMs, and were told to watch for it. They "found" it in a couple days, my niece did not seem to have any trouble passing it. You may want to call your doctor for his/her recommendations though.

I do not mean to panic you but I would take you lil boy to the Dr as soon as you can and ask for an xray. That way you can tell if it has traveled or not.
I have gone through this twice with my older kids. The first time was 12 yrs ago. She started to wheeze and had trouble keeping 3rds baby food down so I took her to the Dr. Not knowing she has swallowed anything he put her on meds for Asthma. After a few days of treatments she didn't get any better so I took her to the ER and demanded an xray to see if she had pneumonia. They came back with good news and bad news. The good news was that she didnt have pneumonia but she did require emergency surgery as she had a foreign object in her throat. Come to find out she had swallowed a penny and had been there long enough to corrode. I freaked out. I was told she was lucky that it didnt lay down flat when she slept because it could have but off her airway. Now mind you she was a little over a year old when this happened.
My second child 5 yrs ago swallowed a quarter and I freaked then but I took him to the Dr and they said to go on poop duty and it did come out a few days later.
I am sorry if I have scared you but if it were me I would go and have it checked out. I would much rather pay a dr bill then be sorry later down the road.
I was fortunate to have the lord on our side and watched over my daughter and kept her safe from harm.

I am a nurse, and as long as there is no breathing difficulty you just wait for it to pass.

I would call your doctor. My friend's son did the same thing and he went to the ER.

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