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What Do You Call Private Parts

I am curious as to what I should call my girls private area. I have twins and I have read different books etc and some people encourage calling it by the "real" name. What does everyone suggest? My girls (twins) are 16 months old and I figured I should be prepared since this will come up later down the road, thanks.

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Dear K.:

Young mothers' work so hard at trying to do the "right" things. When my children were little, they called it "my privacy". I really didn't have to come up with something. I thought it was appropriate enough since they were taught it was their private area.

A little about me: I'm now a 57 year old great-grandmother. We started young.

Do you also call a wound a "boo-boo" or "owie"? Many things have several words to identify it by, not a big deal to call it their "given" names, or call it a fun one. Some people are real insistent upon calling using the given terms, but if they're giving "play" names to other objects, why is it such a big deal. ex: binky, pacie, bink bink, blankie, ba-ba, and the list goes on...

good luck :)

I have a daughter age 18 months and 2 neices ages 4 and 11. we always call the private area 'Lucy" and that works out well.

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I would call them by their real name, if you are embarrased to say the words and you call them by other names you are sending a message that there is shame associated with these parts. We all have them and they all do the same thing! An open honest relationship with your child about their body opens the door to communication down the road about what is happening to their body when they go through puberty and more importantly sexual development and feelings.

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I have a 15 -year old daughter and she and I are very close and open about everything. If I may make a few suggestions...

#1 -- Be very honest and open with your girls -- but on an age appropriate level. When toilet training, and she said she needed to go to the bathroom, we just called it potty and poop at home (or discreetly #1 and #2 in public).

#2 -- She never asked what anything was "called". I have never made a "big deal" about female body parts. Please don't call her female parts the vagina. In life, you don't need to know that until you are wayyyy older in life and need to know.

#3 -- My daughter to this day, still asks me questions. I always tell her that I will fill her in on a "need to know" basis, if I feel she's old enough and needs to know! The other day she came home and asked me about why you'd need a flavored condom. I just looked at her and said "Honestly, I don't know".

#4 -- My last advise is this... when they are old enough -- 13-ish you need a few books. #1 -- Queen Bees and Wanna Bees (about how girls deal with girls and mean girls), #2 -- Dateable (about how girls and guys should handle relationships -- great book!), #3 -- Promise you Won't Freak Out (for you!).

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Hi K.:
As a former health educator, I firmly believe in identifying our body parts by their proper names. Giving our private parts a cute or silly name is actually disrepecting our body and sending a message of shame or secrecy. Each and every part of our body is beautiful and has a name. Now at 16 months, it may be hard for them to pronounce the word vagina correctly, but you can help. Good luck. M.

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Hi K.,
Looks like there are alot of people giving you advice on this one. We have 4 kids but only two old enough to understand thier anatomy. I'm not sure how my daughter came up with "scooby-butt" but that is what she calls her vagina and now my son has begin to use the same word. I don't see any thing wrong with it but they DO know the proper names as well. With society the way it is today I feel it acceptable to have nicknames. It is also a privacy thing...when we are out and she has a problem...she does not have to anounce it to the world for me to understand. Hope this helps!

We have identical twin girls too and we call them 'your girls'....when we first thought of it I was thinking, boys call them their 'boys'...don't hit 'the boys', etc., so it was funny, but it worked and they're 6 and we're just fine :) Our son, we call them his boys ;)

We use the real names.

Someone told me, whatever you call it, make sure it is something you are actually saying. I have a hard time saying the anatomical name. I do differentiate between the anus and the "private parts". They are going to be a part of the ongoing conversation...ie., "I have a booboo" "In your privates or your bum?", so just make sure you will be comfortable saying it.

We call them by their real names. We tried to use as little baby talk as possible when labeling anything (including foods). It is good that you are thinking of this now because they will be getting interested in labeling everything as they acquire more and more language skills.

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