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What Do I Wear to Sea World?

I need help Ladies! We are going to Sea World this weekend and although I have been once many years before, have forgotten what kind of clothes and shoes to wear. As if this isn't enough, I am a low maintenance gal going on this trip with my high maintenance MIL and SIL and feel the pressure to step it up a notch! (I know, I probably shouldn't care, but I do occasionally like to look nice!) Since choosing to SAH with my kids a couple of years ago, I have lost my sense of fashion and could really use some advice! What would you wear on this trip? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :>)

J. F.

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Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen...and I will then second the previous poster lightweight top and shorts/capris. Sunglasses and/or a hat. A croc type shoe is nice in that it is comfortable and waterproof (for the water park). Good luck...I am the low maintenance one in a family of high maintenance women.

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First of all, wear comfortable shoes, some people like sandles, others tennis shoes. If you are going to be there all day and if it's hot, the heat will go through a thin sole flip flop. There is a water park there, so consider wearing your swim suit under some shorts and a tshirt. Wear a cap or hat and sunglasses. I would not wear denim, because you might get wet at some of the attractions and denim takes a long time to dry and it's uncomfortable when wet. Light material and colored shorts and tshirt. Go to Walmart and pick a coordinated outfit that is easy to slip on and off (because of the water park). Sunscreen, glasses, cap or hat, towel and water bottle are a must. Consider the sleeves on your top when selecting a top, you will have a tan line. I hope this helps, good luck and have fun.

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Bless your heart--I feel your pain. My initial thought while reading your request was, "Whaddya mean?? Wear shorts and T-shirt!" Ha ha ha--I get the chick factor, though. You want to look effortlessly cute and comfortable, and you want it to weather all storms that the day might entail. Previous poster is right on.

Let me tell you what I would wear starting at the top--ultra-conditioned ponytail (to deal with sun/heat) with a cap/hat. Facial moisturizer and tint, or spot concealer on face. (I rarely smear foundation on my whole face. I just blot it on spots and blend, so my face can breathe and I don't look too made up.) A little bronzer on my cheeks for "casual color". Water-proof mascara. Sun-block all over. Sunglasses that you don't have to take off or that you can just push up on your head when needed. My favorite lip gloss. (I always feel good when my lips look great. Your self-esteem might need an extra shot walking around with these girlies.) I prefer to be sleeveless, so a flattering tank top (maybe doubled) with a very casual cargo skirt or very, very loose shorts. (I like for my body parts to breathe!) I don't do well with closed-in shoes, but cute little shoes are a no-no, so I would wear my Fit-flops. The soles are great for walking and standing (I use them in my kitchen.), and I can show off my pedicure. Invest in some athletic flip-flops, something easy on the foot. I keep my accessories simple--small earrings, wedding rings, link bracelet, simple ring on right hand, small chain with pendant around my neck. These are things that I always wear. I also wear body jewelry--rings on toes, bracelets on ankles, chain on hips. Maybe you'll feel better about it if you can dress it up with a toe ring and pedicure. (If you are considering getting your first toe ring, get it early and walk around for a few days, so you can be comfortable walking with it.) Sometimes it just takes a little kick (nobody has to know that it's your kick) to make you feel good in certain environments. Wear a swimsuit or cotton underwear. If you don't have to wear a bra, wear one of those cotton tops with straps and built-in bras. (I get mine at Victoria's Secret, just to let you know what I'm talking about.)

I would also strongly suggest that you start your outing feeling as rested as possible. You'll look and feel beautiful if you feel rested.

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Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen...and I will then second the previous poster lightweight top and shorts/capris. Sunglasses and/or a hat. A croc type shoe is nice in that it is comfortable and waterproof (for the water park). Good luck...I am the low maintenance one in a family of high maintenance women.

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We were just there a few weeks ago and I guess the answer depends on if you're just going to the park or if you're planning on hitting the water park as well. When we were there, it was HOT and I am sure it is only worse now, so you will definitely want to keep cool. I would think shorts or capris and a lightweight shirt or tank top (if you have a cute one) would work well. A hat might be good if you look cute in them (I don't) but you will certainly need lots of sunscreen either way. The arenas are shaded where the shows are, but walking there is another matter entirely. The only place we found to get out of the heat was the Penguin Encounter, so you may want to go there in the middle of the day to cool off a bit.

Also, I would wear tennis shoes if I were you. You definitely want to sacrifice fashion in this area because it is a ton of walking. I almost wore some cute shoes when we went and I was really glad that I decided against it because my feet were tired even in sneakers (although I did see someone walking around in high heeled boots which I couldn't understand!).

If you're going to the water park, then your bathing suit is what you need. They have a lazy river, a wave pool and a splash park for the kids. I think they have a few water slides too, but we didn't do anything but the wave pool and splash park because my kiddos are still little.

I understand where you're coming from about your MIL and SIL, but honestly, it isn't a fashion show. It is really very hot and you probably won't look your best no matter how hard you try. Bring a cute sundress and get made up to go out for dinner! :-)

Have fun!

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You definitely need comfy shoes because there is lots of standing and walking. There is also plenty of shade and sitting too. Some comfy sandals or tennis shoes would be fine. As far as clothes shorts and any short sleeved, tank style shirt. There are so many cute ones out! I wouldn't worry about being too trendy just wear what you are comfortable in, it's going to be HOT!

We went last summer and I wore capri pants and a tank top with tennis shoes!

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I went last summer and wore knee-length jean shorts and a tank top and walking shoes. If I go back this year, I will wear my lighter-weight shorts that dry much faster and are cooler! You will be doing a lot of walking and getting wet =) I don't think you should care what you look like (to a certain extent!) Wear what is very comfortable (of course it can also look cute!) and don't go out and buy a new outfit just for going to Sea World! Oh, and don't forget plenty of sunscreen and hats for everyone! If you forget and have to buy it in the park, it will be twice as much!

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I second Heather's everything.
If you do wear a hat, make sure it has a strap to hook under your pony in the back because it can be windy and a hat in the hand is not nearly as cute (or helpful) as on your head.

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All great advice. You could also consider a light colorful sundress like the ones by "Fresh Produce" it is almost like a bathing suit cover up. I live in them. They wash great, and do not fade very fast. Then get some of those wonderful Croc flipflops.. They come in wonderful colors. I noticed Costco had them for a great price.

Wear your hair up in a twist or get a cute hat.

Take a ton of photos!

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