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What Do I Do with All This Leftover Fried Chicken?

I have quite a bit of leftover fried chicken that I hate to just throw away (approx 8 pieces white and dark). Any easy recipe I could make with the leftovers? Something I could throw in the crock pot would be ideal! Thanks moms!

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One of my favorite meals is my mother-in-laws chicken salad. Just shred the leftover chicken (it's easiest if it's cold) and add some mixed veggies(the kind without lima beans...you know corn, peas, carrots, green beans), a couple cut up hard boiled eggs, and some mayo. It's a great lunch but we love it for dinner with some white rice (my MIL makes the BEST white rice too...if you sautee some chopped onions in oil and then add the rice and water and salt...yum) and it's yummy. It's super easy and very yummy.

Buy some greens/lettuce, pull chicken off the bone, and have a "fried chicken salad" YUMMY :)
My family LOVES it! ;)

My mom always used to make Rice a Roni and break up the left over chicken into the pan at the end to warm it and to get covered by the sauce. Hope this helps

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Oh my gosh dont throw it out! We make "chicken slop" its my mother in laws receipe, its easy and good. Take chicken as much as you want pull it off the bone into any size bites you also like. Make a bag of seasoned stuffing according to package directions then add a can of cream of chicken soup and a can of cream of celery (u can use any 2 cream of whatever you like) add a can of milk mix in the chicken. Pour entire mixture into a casserole dish and bake utnil crispy on top. We make this after thanksgiving using turkey and we also make it using raw chicken but then you cook time increases to at least an ____@____.com luck and if you make it please let me know what you think.

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Hi K.,
I do have to say your question made me laugh. Everyone usually have all these problems with their children and you want to know what to do with left over chicken. Thanks for my laugh for today, I needed it. I'm happy to see all is well with your child. Chicken salad is my favorite to make with left over chicken. Just take the skin off and chop the meat up (in the food blender or chop up with a knife very fine). You can add mayonnaise or salad dressing, celery, onions and there you go, chicken salad. It's good as a sandwich or on crackers. Another alternative is chicken and dumpling or soup. With the chicken and dumplings you have to make the dumplings and put both in chicken broth and cook until the dumplings are done. With the soup just add vegetables and chicken broth. Good luck!

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I made gumbo with all our fried chicken leftovers, Make a roux with butter and flour add some celery, green peppers and onions and sauté. Then add chicken stock, smoked sausage, chicken and a bay leaf or two among other seasonings that you may desire. Simmer then Serve over rice.

How about pulled chicken. I do this all the time with leftover pork roast as well. I throw it in the crock pot and either add bottle BBQ sauce or I usually make my own, which is really easy. I cook on low and just let the meat get tender. Then when I am ready to serve I take 2 forks and pull apart the meat. I am not sure if it gets any easier. My family loves it! Good Luck.

not a crock pot dish but easy and different than the norm (at least at our house)...how about a wrap sandwich, tortilla and some lettuce and tomatoes with your favorite sauce...yum!

How about cutting it up and using in a noodle stir-fry or in fried rice?

Hi K.,
I do not have any crock pot recipes, but you can freeze the chicken and heat it up for a quick meal later. When we have leftover chicken we cut it up on put it on a salad with some fresh veggies. It makes a great dinner and it is really easy to prepare.
Hope that helps.

Chicken salad! Chicken and dumplings!

God's Blessings

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