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What Diapers Are Best for Preventing Leaking Out the Top?

My daugher is 7 months old and just recently had two big leaks...one during the day and one at night. The leaks are coming out the top of her diaper and we just can't figure it out. Her diapers are not too small they fit her great and she is in size 3 Pampers Cruisers. Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions???

Also, had anyone used the new Fisher Price Happy Days/Happy Nights diaper and had success with them? I have read a lot of good reviews on these and tonight is the first night my daughter is using them so we will see. Thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much for the great advice! Last night we used the Fisher Price Happy Nights diaper and it was great. It held so much and there was still room for much more if she went. We are pleased so far in fact I am thinking of getting the Happy Days diapers as well.

Today my mom (who watches Presley) said she put her for a nap and when she woke up there was another huge leak. So the plan is we are going to finish up the rest of the Cruisers and try Huggies size 4 and see how that works out. They are pretty big on her right now but I'm sure she will grow into them. Also, I am going to buy a package of the Happy Days and see how that works. I used Pampers Baby Dry when Presley was younger and thought that once she became more active the Cruisers would be better but I am going to take your advice and try the Baby Dry also if these other options don't work. Thanks again to everyone!

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I use the Target brand diapers with my son and used the Walmart brand with my daughter. I use/have used the Huggies Overnites with both of them. They are great! I believe they start at size 3 and run to size 6.

Well, I've heard girls and boys are different in the diaper department, and I have two boys, but I LOVE -and I mean LOVE both Kroger Comforts brand (really cute with little honey bees on them) and Target Up and Up brand (also very cute polka type dots). They work every bit as well as Huggies and Pampers did for me with my first, and I wish I had tried them with my first because they're 1/2 the price -really! I know several people with girls who do like them, so you may want to try a small pack. You'll save a ton if they work for you!

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When does this occur...during nap time or sleeping or during the day? My daughter had problems with leaks out the top, but she sleeps with her hiney in the air! We found that the overnight diapers work better. They have prevented most leaks for us.

I see u got lots of replies and here's one more...Doublers are no longer avail, but loved them. We now use the cheapest wal-mart brand of maxi pads (heavy, 48 ct., 3rd level or pad that highlighted on the package). Put it towards the back of the diaper and it pulls the pee back first. We tried up front first, but filled too fast and leaked. We still use them today and our daughter is 28mo.

We have also used the Huggies Overnites since very early on with my son. Part of your problem could be with the Cruisers. They seem as if they have less absorbent padding. I don't know, but I have also heard that Huggies tend to be better for girls and Pampers for boys.

i've found that different diapers fit different kids better. my daughter only wore pampers as an infant- if she wore huggies she exploded everywhere and my son wore huggies. when they got older (a little over 1) they started wearing any kind. good luck!

Have you considered cloth diapering? You can prevent most leaks, save tons of money and keep chemicals away from baby's bottom all at the same time. Check out www.balterbaby.com where we sell Happy Heinys cloth diapers. Thanks!

even though they may fit, it is possible you need the next size up for absorption. honestly we had the best experience with the store brands like from walmart and never spent the extra money for name brand diapers.

I know this is "taboo" for some moms, but have you tried cloth diapers? My daughter is 15 months and we have been using cloth since she was 4 months - honestly I can count on one hand the number of times we have had leaks. Just a thought.

I use Pampers Baby Dry, but I fold down the back. That seems to "catch" the mess just fine. :)

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