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What Can I Do for My Husband to Show My Appreciation?

Hello moms, lately my husband has been putting in a lot of hours at work. He has a long commute and he's getting a bit burned out. I would like to do something for him to show how much I respect and appreciate him and what he does for us. He works hard so that I can stay home with our daughter. I have already written notes so I'm looking for something else. I also already cook him dinner. I wouldn't mind spending a few dollars but really it would be better if it was free, he would appreciate it more if it's free. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

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Hi L. Show him how much you appreciate him by telling him how much you love him with hugs and kisses. Have the bathtub ready for him when he comes home with some nice bubble bath and a candle lite dinner and make sweet love to him at night. This would be worth more than the gold at Fort Knoxs.

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I think a nice even massage would be a nice way to say thank you for all the work you do for us.
I do know that men love the nice notes, so keep them coming.

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Hi! I actually had my husband read this to see what he would think. If your husband likes football, he said the best thing would be to buy a 12 pack of beer, chips, and let him watch football by himself while you and the kids find something else to do on Sunday. I started laughing, but he was dead serious.

It sounds like you have an amazing husband!


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Okay...you can do with this what you want...but I think doing something "extra" in the bedroom with not strings attached is a cheap, fun way to make your hubby smile more!

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One thing I started with my hubby was putting SHMILY all over. SHMILY stands for See How Much I Love You. Here is the story I read before I started it with him...
It is a very touching story!

All I have to do to remind him that I think of him and that I love him is write SHMILY anywhere! I have written in the mirror after I got out of the shower so when he steams it up next it shows up. I have written it with Hershey Kisses and rose petals on his pillow. If you find something that reminds you of him put it somewhere and write a post it or whatever that says SHMILY. I have even written it on a piece of paper and put it in his lunch... DO NOT put it in a ham sandwich like I did! Oooops- he ate half of it! We have been doing it for 12 years now. We even named our first dog SHMILY... well actually our son did! Sometimes I will just call and leave voice mails with a song and then say SHMILY at the end. I have sat him down and told him I am giving him a SHMILY and then rubbed his feet and back!

You can come up with TONS of ways to be creative with it! Of course he would have to read the story behind SHMILY too... I framed it for us! Who knows... he may love the idea so much he may even give you SHMILYs too!

Whatever you do if you do it with your heart he will know that you appreciate him and all he does for your family! I think it is awesome that you want to recognize him for it!

Many blessings to you and yours!

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what could be better than a vigorous romp in the sack?
I'm sure your husband would like that more than just about anything else! I know mine would. LOL

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I agree with a couple other posts...find someone to take your daughter overnight for starters. Then make his very favorite dinner and eat by candlelight, have his favorite music playing in the background and wear something sexy. (every guy likes that!) If you have a fireplace light a fire and lay a blanket down in front of it, give him a nice massage and let it go from there. Don't be disappointed though if he gets so relaxed he falls asleep! Another option is inviting a couple of his friends over for the game, make some munchies for them and disappear for a couple hours with your daughter. If he's burned out he might not want to go out...he may just want to stay in his own home and relax. Otherwise, just keep showing him on a daily basis how much you do appreciate what he's doing for you and your family!

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Hi L.,

It's wonderful that you recognize and appreciate all your husband does for you and your family. I think the #1 best way to show your appreciation is simply to tell him that, over and over. Tell him how thankful you are that he is such a great provider, how much you appreciate all he does, how proud you are of him, and what a wonderful man he is. And tell him often! Show him lots of love and affection, maybe a back rub when he's had an extra long day, and be patient with him on days when he's not in a great mood. I think showing him in these ways will go much farther than a gift, for example... though that's always nice, too. :)

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I read a lot of the post and I know that my husband would enjoy spending time with me, alone, or even a romp in the sack. But, I know my husband would think it was even more thoughtful if I did something for him, like telling him to go golfing(which it looks like this will be the last weekend for that). Not sure what you husband likes to do, but plan poker party, or have the guys over to watch a football game and have beer and pizza. Even a night out with the boys would be great. Some other free ideas, which I am sure you have already done, let him sleep in on Saturday morning, make him his favorite breakfast and serve it in bed. You could make him a t-shirt with handprints on it and after the handprints have dried you can write a word why he is the best(kind, funny,etc.) You could even paint your belly button and put that on the shirt for the baby. Bonus, you can always add new handprints to the shirt.

Good luck!


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Hi L. Show him how much you appreciate him by telling him how much you love him with hugs and kisses. Have the bathtub ready for him when he comes home with some nice bubble bath and a candle lite dinner and make sweet love to him at night. This would be worth more than the gold at Fort Knoxs.

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I agree with some of the other ladies: time to yourself is so important when you are working like mad and come home to wife/kids etc. Get your husband tickets to a sporting event with a friend or, for a cheaper alternative, I once called this bar that my husband used to hang out at weekly and reserved a table for him and some friends - I ordered them pizza and a few pitchers of beer and paid for it on my credit card. Then I emailed a few of his buddies and they had a nice night out :) (The bar was Joe's on Weed Street - most bars will reserve a space for you if you offer to pay for some food/beer in advance).
I also think that taking your daughter out for the day and letting him do whatever he wants might be nice - I know my husband loves that - he will take himself out to breakfast and read the paper and then come home and just hang out.
I know this is more expensive, but you could also arrange for someone to take your daughter overnight and skip up to WI or MI for a stay in a bed and breakfast - if it is only one night, it shouldn't be too expensive in those areas and might allow him some much needed "vacation time" - sometimes just getting out of the daily grind makes a big difference.
When I quit my full time job, I promised myself I wouldn't forget how hard it was to come home from work and have the house swirling with activity and things to do all around me - I think just giving him some time every night to himself without having to help with dinner/dishes/baby etc. shows that you appreciate him. Keep his home life as simple as possible during the week and I think that shows MAJOR appreciation :)

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Your husband could be different but I find that most men REALLY enjoy extra physical affection. Since he works hard allow him to be pleased by you w/o him having to get too physical. Ahem...hint, hint.

But, the easiest & most direct approach is to simply ask him. Not ask & then do it that moment. But ask & then surprise him with his request. That way you're sure he will enjoy it. And I think he will doubly appreciate that you asked him directly what he wants. He may not get that at all at work.

Hi mom I do not know how this might sound but how about giving him a day at home along, ok hear me out I live with my grown son my 13yr old grandson and my guy and all I wanted is to be at home for 24hrs by my self! Don't get me wrong I love them all but peace is a blessing and your husband will love it also, ok,well think about. Good Luck Peace

Hi L.! You are so right to tell him how much you appreciate him. I started saying it to my dh & was surprised at how genuine praise really impressed him. When he brings home a particularly impressive check, I say "Way to be the provider!" not sarcastically but sincerely & honestly he stands prouder and says thanks for noticing. Keep doing what you do to free him up to bring home the bacon, keep being loving & supportive, dress nicely & make sure he has what he needs to earn that living (clean socks & underwear go a long way for my husband, I know pretty basic, but it's nice to have someone else worry about your needs!) They love the little things & especially extra attention in the bedroom ;)

Have fun!

ps, you might enjoy reading some Theology of the Body books, they cover these needs a whole lot. I loved Theology of the Body for beginners.

I think a nice even massage would be a nice way to say thank you for all the work you do for us.
I do know that men love the nice notes, so keep them coming.

We are all in this category, my Friend!

Put on your reddest lipstick, kiss your mirror, and write across it! Greet him in your best! Offer him coupons hidden in things...like a foot message in his socks hidden in his drawer, an extra long kiss hidden on his toothbrush, extra 15 minutes of undisturbed sleep on his next day off hidden under/ on his pillow...messages can be given taped to a Hershey Kiss so he knows where to look, or just plain!

Best to you!

I understand how you feel. I got to stay home with our twins until they went to school full time. My husband would work his regular job and side jobs.

I say give the man a nice massage. It is even better if you do it yourself.

What are his interests? Does he like to read or play XBOX or anything like that? You could get him a new book or game which doesn't have to be expensive. I know the best gift in our house is to have our son spend the night at grandma's while we just get to do whatever we want at home. We eat whatever we want or watch t.v. or movies without being interrupted and then we get to sleep in the next day and have breakfast together. Does he have any guy friends that he is missing because he is too busy? You could give him permission to spend a few hours with the guys one night. Good luck!

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