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What Are You Getting Your Parents for Christmas?

Ok, it's clearly that time of year where we have to start thinking of gifts. My biggest problem is knowing what to get my own parents every year. Neither one of them have a hobby like golf or fshing. Both are retired. My mom is always happy with whatever we give (so she says). I really don't have a price limit, I'll buy whatever I know they'd like but I'm at a loss. So, to help get my ideas flowing in my own head, what do you plan on getting your parents for Christmas this year?


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In the past, we have gotten them DVDs of seasons of new crime shows since they don't get any channels where they live. This year, I am hoping to get into my craft room and make my mom some cards since she loves sending cards but isn't into making them herself. For my dad, I am sending him some home made treats.

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The last three years we have gotten my mom a new gas grill, a television, and a computer. This year, one thing I know she'd like (and needs!) is a GPS for her car. Otherwise--I'm out of ideas for this year.....

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I recently got an email from Barnes and Nobles about a wine selection (which I had no idea they did). I'm thinking about doing that for my parents - a box of different wines.

Good luck

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Gifts I've given in the past:

- Family photos (all their kids, grandkids, & spouses in group and indiv shots)
- Photo album of my son
- Adobe Creative Suite
- German Beers (one HEAVY present...it was over 40 bottles)
- Circus tix (cirque du soleil)
- Dinner train tix
- Teatro Zinzani tix
- lecture series
- Truffles (i made)
- Books
- Painting (as in I painted a few rooms)
- Family trees
- DNA art

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My Dad, is not alive anymore.
My Mom is.
We hang a stocking for my Dad every year. And we put something in it.
One year, when my daughter was only a Toddler, she got one of her own toys and wrapped it up for her Grandpa. It was all her own idea. We put it under the tree for him.

For my Mom, well sometimes we get her things like tires for her car, or a gift cert for a spa, or a nice handbag. And always, photos of our kids. One year we even got her, from www.kodakgallery.com, a t-shirt with our kids photo on it. She loves that and wears it around. We also get her a photo calendar of the kids. Also from Kodak Gallery. They have GREAT photo gifts. And from Kodak, I do an annual photo Christmas ornament. EACH year... that way, my kids will when they grow up, have photo ornaments of them growing up, for their own family Christmas tree and it will be a valued memento of their childhood. Each year, the photo ornaments shows how my kids are growing up.

I really like photo gifts. I always use Kodak Gallery. They even have throw blankets and photo pillow cases too. Real cute. And photo mugs, which I have also given to my Mom and relatives.

Another great place for special gifts is www.etsy.com They have things handmade from Artisans and crafters. They also have photo pendant jewelry... really cute. I gave my Mom that one year... with a photo of my kids. She wears it and really likes it.

I find that my Mom and MIL, likes things, of the kids. And they can then, show it to their friends and "brag" about their grandchildren.

Or another idea is: if your parents like to read, get them a Nook or Kindle.

good luck,

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I usually send my mom and stepfather a gift card for nice restaurant dinner in their area. They don't go out to eat very much and I am accustomed to eating out almost daily so it is a treat for them.
My daughter has started making candles and we will send a home made candle as well.
A couple years ago, I gave them a towel warmer for their bathroom so they'd have warm towels out of the shower or bath.
They are both retired, both golf and live on a golf course but they don't need any extra knickknacks. Sometimes I throw in an extra dozen of good golf balls as well.

My dad: retired, he is not as well off financially than my mom/stepdad. Last year, I called his gas company and has his gas tank filled so he would have plenty for heating in the winter.
He does have a freezer and I also send a package from someplace like Kansas City steaks or something like that with a variety of steaks and burgers. He loves country ham and I found a place where I can buy country ham in small packages. He loved that.

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Mom and Dad are recently retired, and also had some unexpected and large expenses come up, and they're looking at their budget and trying to determine if they can continue to do some of their favorite fun things. So my brother and I are buying them giftcards for the things they love to do for the next couple of gift-giving occasions - at least until they get their new situation figured out.

For example, Mom loves taking the grandkids to the zoo, so I think all of the grandkids are going to get together and get her a zoo membership.

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I asked myself this same question for years. And it wasn't until my mother died (this past Feburary) and my dad starting cleaning out the house did I realize all the things I could/should have bought for them.

As I was cleaning out her things and helping dad get what was left in order, I realized they could have used:

A new set of luxurious bed sheets (a really nice set that it feels good to snuggle down into)
A new recliner for the sitting area in their bedroom
Their dog a new bed
A new handbag from my mom
A fluffy new set of towels/washcloths etc.

I know this list sounds like normal stuff they could buy for themselves....but my parents (they were older parents-dad is 78) never replaced a lot of that kind of thing once they had bought it....or hadn't replaced it in years.

Anyway, just a few thoughts.

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Gift Cards.. to either a super nice restaurant, or the really nice and fancy movie theater or, tickets to an event for next spring.

They do not need things.. So we have learned they love getting to try new places..

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This year, I'm giving my mom a trivet with a picture of purple irises. It's also a souvenir from our trip to Louisiana, and as a joke has a recipe for how to boil water written beautifully in french. I'm not sure what to send my dad. He loves tools, but already has everything I can think of.
In previous years, I've gotten my dad a mailbox alarm which beeps when the mailbox is opened, a nice ice scraper, a set of cordless phones, and a music cd. I've given my mom cute craft punches, a handmade scarf and hat, a music note necklace, and an herbal tea sampler.
The last couple of years, my parents have just given us money.

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The last three years we have gotten my mom a new gas grill, a television, and a computer. This year, one thing I know she'd like (and needs!) is a GPS for her car. Otherwise--I'm out of ideas for this year.....

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