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What Are the Best Diapers/pull-ups to Wear at Night?

Hi all....I am in the middle of trying to potty train my 26 month old daughter. However, she wears Huggies Pull-Ups during the day and at night. But here lately she waking up with soaking wet clothes and sheets. I do limit her fluid intake before bed, but the pull- up still seems to leak no matter what.

My question is, what is the best "Night Time" diaper/pulls up to wear at night. I know I saw the Huggies Night time pull-ups at Wal-Mart, but wasen't for sure if they are worth it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks everyone for your quick responses!!! Looks like Huggies Overnights are mostly favored here. I'm going to the store today to purchase some. thanks so much for ya'lls help!! Have a wonderful day:)

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My 3 1/2 year old still uses Luvs at night and they work great, not to mention they are much cheaper!!

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My only advice is when this started happening with my son i would take time to get him to pee before bed time.
if you cant get yours to. i would take a cup of water and pour it on her or turn on the water in the sink that could help too.

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Huggies Overnights Diapers are awesome!!!! My son is also 26 months, and he wears these every night. He used to leak a lot until we discovered these. Now we have no problems at all. No others have worked for us.

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I read a comparison of Luvs, Huggies and Pampers and for overnight leak protection the Pampers beat the both of them. When my older boys were young I never used Huggies because I thought they smelled worse than Pampers with a pee pee diaper. We rarely had a problem with Pampers Pull Ups. I hope they work for you, too.

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Huggies overnights- they are the best!

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I second Huggies Overnights. They worked really well for both of my boys until they got too big and now use Huggies Goodnights pull-ups. These are awesome too. Depending on how much your daughter weighs, you can't go wrong with either of these.

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My daughter is five and my son is three and they still have to wear pull-ups to bed. We just started using Huggies Pull-ups night-time protection. They work really well. My daughter goes a lot at night and she sleeps with me at night. My husband is a truck driver and never home. So she would wet the bed everynight. I've tried everything and the Huggies pull-ups night-time protection seem to work great.

Good Luck

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Those are the kind I used and they worked great--still limiting fluid intake before bed. Pull-ups are meant to hold IF they have an accident--like one time. SO if they go more than once in a night--then almost any pull up type training pant will probably leak. But these work good.

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this is going to sound silly but i would use the pampers. my daughter and several other friends with little girls always had trouble with huggies anything leaking. i have a little boy and the few times i've tried huggies, they have totally worked for him! i swear huggies are for boys and pampers for girls...i know, it sounds silly. my daughter is potty trained now, but we still put a pullup on her occasionally (especially when we're travelling) and i really like the seventh generation pull ups. they're biodegradable and chloring free. just a thought.
good luck!

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