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What Are 5 Yo Girls Into?

We are going to a 5 year old girls bday party and i have 2 boys, so im not sure what 5 yo girls like. Are they into Dora? What kind of toys do they like? Barbies? COloring books/crayons? Im lost. Or should i just give her money? Any advice would be great.

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we have ALWAYS given $20 cash....EVERY kid has been absolutely THRILLED to get money....also I don't have an extra place to stop (more like forget to stop at)

My daughter liked the princesses when she was 5. Littlest Pet Shop things might also be a hit. She also liked all the dress up stuff.

Hannah Montana anything - barbies - play makeup is really popular - dress up - cooking/baking pretend items - fun girly stuff!

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It wouldn't hurt to ask her mother, since some girls love one thing and others don't. I believe crafts are still too difficult for 5 yr olds, play-doh is pretty universally liked, most kids have crayons, paints, etc. but how about glitter glue. They like hair accessories and pretty little purses, fake make-up (but ask M. first), they're not really dextrous enough to dress Barbies, and probably already have some. Paper or board dolls with clothes that cling they can manage, most love dress-up things, shoes, wands, crowns, dresses.. I have always liked paint with water books, but they seem to be hard to find now but perfect for this age. Bubbles and a big set of bubble acessories are popular. Good books, like classic children's books. If she is a princess, she will like all the princess themed toys.
Well I read some of the other moms, guess it's been awhile since I've had a 5 yr old girls.

Hannah Montana anything - barbies - play makeup is really popular - dress up - cooking/baking pretend items - fun girly stuff!

Disney princess. Barbies. Dora

My daughter liked the princesses when she was 5. Littlest Pet Shop things might also be a hit. She also liked all the dress up stuff.

My 5 year old daughter is into princesses, Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie Princess Movies, My Little Pony, Drawing and coloring. Hope this helps.

As a mother of a girl who did not like barbie or pink or god forbid those little ponies let me urge you to stick with a fun art/craft kit (or even a fun age appropriate science kit). Lets not perpetuate all those gender assumptions!

Barbie & Polly Pockets are great for girls at that age. I do agree that Arts & Crafts stuff is the safest way to go if you are not sure what she is in to. They make some really cute kits that make bracelets & necklaces. There are even kits that make bird houses (good even if she is not a girlie girl). Michaels is a great place to look for craft kits for kids.

My friend's 5 YO daughter with whom we hang out with a lot is VERY into drawing, so markers, sparkly pencils, etc., a drawing pad with cute picture on the cover, were much appreciated for her last birthday. She loves clothes and dressing up, so any dress-up stuff or accessories like hair ribbons and barrettes. And Calico Critters are VERY squeal-worthy little animals for pretend play. Have fun!

Barbie, Polly Pocket, kid makeup & jewelry, watch, are all popular with my daughter. She's getting into Webkinz a bit now too. Craft kits, books, stuffed animals, games. Anything shiny or sparkly generally works too.

Hello Kitty accessories (Claire's Boutique)

a purse with money. (Also at Claire's)

Kids Bop cd (I know it's lame, but it has clean versions of popular songs and they advertise like crazy, (Borders)

Board games: Candy land, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry-O, (These were recommended by the Kindergarten teacher). But other favorites are Pretty Pretty Princess, Cariboo, Don't Wake Daddy, Yahtzee Junior.

Clothes: Long sleeve tshirt with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Jonas Brothers.

My girl just turned 5 this month. Here are some of the things she enjoys:
Anything Disney princess
She loves to play dress up
She likes playing games with her Dad and I - parchesi, princess yahtzee, princess matching game, and junior sequence are her favorites
She is just learning to read so the beginner reader books are a hit with her.
She loves to play pretend kitchen with her dolls and does tea parties with them all the time
She loves playing with her Barbies and Disney PRincess Barbies
And, she loves legos - they have girl lego sets
Hope some of these ideas help. If you are comfortable asking the parents, they would be able to tell you what she is into better than anyone.

My daughter will be 5 in December and she is into princesses, Barbies, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop and Polly Pocket. She also loves to dress up. One thing that she really likes that the little girl might not have is the princess castle Moon Sand. Yes, it's messy, but it keeps her occupied for a long time. She also LOVES coloring and doing crafts. Hope this helps!

Hands down my daughter's favorite present when she was five was a little piggy bank with change in it. She felt like she won the lotto! I liked it because five year olds are just beginning or will soon be beginning to count change.

Hi L. Any of the above gifts would be fine.

It depends a little on the girl - early reading books are a good choice, also crafty projects for her age - most of the kits give you an age range or a game. I would go to the store and look for items that either say 4+ or 5+. Many girls her age are very interested in dress up but she may already have a particular doll etc. You could ask her parents as to whether she has a particular doll and then get clothes for it. There are also a variety of bake cookies or cupcake kits that are fun.

I gotta say that I have two girls and hands down, they are into animals. Both of them at the age of 5 were huge into Littlest Pet Shop, or anything similar. My current 5 year old is also huge into Barbie! With a new movie out and all of the dolls, you are timing it perfectly. Good luck to you!

i think dora is for kids a bit younger than five. my five year old loved barbie, strawberry shortcake, my little pony, play doh, anything crafty, any little figures, animals, people..., dolls that do things, books are always good. if you are totally at a loss a gift cert. to a book or toy store is always great. or just include the receipt and if they have it or dont like it they can bring it back. with most toys you cant go wrong tho.

Books about fairies; craft items, board games (Connect 4 and Sorry are favorites here), Pink Legos (they come in a bin at Target or other shops like that), dress up clothes, a zip up fleece for the cooler weather, probably in a size 6x-7, unless she is petite as they run small (and kids grow quickly!).

Barbies, games, art stuff?

we have ALWAYS given $20 cash....EVERY kid has been absolutely THRILLED to get money....also I don't have an extra place to stop (more like forget to stop at)


Probably into Hannah Montana & crafts. Kids love crafts at that age! Bead kits for bracelets - Michaels has those & often with 50% off coupons. A gift card from Target or Wal-Mart is my daughter's favorite thing... she gets to go shopping & pick something out... very VERY fun! No on the Dora... my daugther would tell you it is for babies...

Disney princesses and Barbies!!!

Mine was into anything pricessey (including princess type Barbies), arts and crafts (beads for making jewelry, coloring, etc). My daughter did still like Dora at 5 (she's 6 now), but it appears that some kids have moved on. Most of her friends at that age were all about High School Musical and Hannah Montana (I think it's way too young). I would stay away from those and definitely stay away from Bratz, unless you know the parents would be ok with it. Another idea; if she's in kindergarten this year, she'll probably begin reading in the next couple of months so some really easy beginner books or BOB books (ask at the bookstore) might be a great idea too. It's not like we aren't all overloaded on toys! Good luck and always remember - gift receipt, gift receipt, gift receipt!

My 5 year old daughter loves Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, any type of Crayola coloring or craft kit, Tinkerbelle. It is a great age as they like almost anything. Have fun at the party!

Dora is soooo yesterday---or so my kids tell me when- heaven forbid -they actually see Dora. LOL. Crafty stuff is your best bet, although my girls LOVE getting a gift card from Target. It's a nightmare for the receiving parent because it means trapsing up and down every toy and craft aisle for what seems like hours but the kid really likes the thought of getting to pick her own junk. I always thought a gift card was a cop out until I saw how totally excited our girls got.

The best idea would be to ask the Mom what her little girl is into. If you aren't comfortable doing that, I would look into age appropriate games or books with a gift receipt.

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