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What Age Should You Move Your Child from the Crib to a Big Kid Bed

When is it time to move your child from the crib to a big kid bed. Most of my friends, relatives and acquaintances moved their children at a much younger age then my daughter. My daughter is going to be 18mths in 2 weeks and I have another baby due in December. I can't imagine my daughter laying in a bed and going to sleep if she can get up and bang on the door or read books etc. I am concerned about her getting into things or hurt since she is a climber and can find a way to hurt herself in even the most child proof room. my husband thinks she is ready mainly because my neice was in a big bed when she was 13-14mths old but I don't. My plan was to have the new baby sleep in a cradle for the first 6 mths and then in a playpen until we decided to move our daughter to a bed but I am hearing a lot of criticism from family members. So what is the best age to move her? My pediatrician recommended 4-5 yrs old which seems excessive.

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Hi B.!

I moved my daugher into a big girl bed when she started to climb out of her crib. That happened to be at 2 years 7 mos of age. I kept her in the crib as long as I could because of the convenience and safety issue. She did great in a big girl bed too. We just bought a twin box spring and mattress and set it on the floor with no frame.

Good luck!

I am the mother of a 20 month old and now a two week old. I moved my daughter out of her crib about a month ago, so that she would be used to sleeping out of the crib by the time the baby came. I put her in a toddler bed which has little rails on the side so she doesn't fall out while she is sleeping but it is very low to the ground so she can get in and out of it herself. Hope this helps

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My son was 2.5 when we moved him. I wasn't ready to but he had outgrown his crib and needed a larger bed. The other reason was i was about to have another baby and we were doing her nursery and wanted him to feel special and get something new as well.
My son never climbed out of his crib and if yours hasn't yet i doubt the will.
once he was in his bed we had every door childproofed but he was old enough that it was ok.
i would not move her until you feel she is ready. i personally feel 18 months is way too young. maybe wait until you are ready to put the new baby in a crib then get her a new big girl bed then.

have you converted the crib to a toddler bed or does it do that?
you could start with that and see how it goes. we didn't convert his until he was 2.
good luck but do what you think is best.

Hi B.!

I moved my daugher into a big girl bed when she started to climb out of her crib. That happened to be at 2 years 7 mos of age. I kept her in the crib as long as I could because of the convenience and safety issue. She did great in a big girl bed too. We just bought a twin box spring and mattress and set it on the floor with no frame.

Good luck!

Hello. I have so been in your shoes! Don't worry about what others are saying, first of all. Remember this is your child and your life. You need to do what fits in your family. My son is 19 months and is not in a big kids bed yet either, because I know for him its not safe yet. You have to evaluate the situation for yourself. Do you feel that she is ready to sleep in a big kids bed? Children are going to climb and fall no matter what we do. Just make sure your home is child proofed. Which I am sure you have already done and do whats right for you, and your family.

My doc recommended that we move our daughter (almost 3) at the age of 18 months to a toddler bed and she did well until just a few months ago she started waking in the middle of the night and coming in our bed (her room is right next to ours). But I think if I was you I would at least wait til the new baby comes so that it is not too many transitions all at once.

my daugther was ready at 1 year old (she tried climbing out of the crib and almost landed on her head - i caught her before she did). my son was not ready till he was almost 2. my nieces weren't ready till they were almost 4. it depends entirely on the child.

if you know that your daughter has the habit of climbing and thereby increasing the risk of her getting hurt, i wouldn't recommend moving her. you will know when your daughter is ready to make the change. trust your instincts. if you have 2 children in a crib because your daughter is not ready to make the move to a "big girl bed" - so be it.

I personally think your instincts are right and she's way to young to move to a 'big girl bed'. My daughter is 14mths now and there is NO WAY I'm moving her anytime soon. She's not a climber or anything, but she's secure in her crib and it's not hurting anything for her to stay there. I got all sorts of advice from family, including the one where I should have been potty training her from the time she was about 2mths old. GIVE ME A BREAK! Times change, ideas change so just go with what makes you comfortable. If you're still not ready and she starts to try crawling out, I found this and I remember having an actual 'tent' that was attatched to a sheet when I was a kid (it fit on our top-bunk). Good luck sweetie...

With the RARE exception of a friend with a 17 month old boy that was moved from crib to bed (he was GIGANTIC... the size of a 3 year old), I've NEVER known anyone who moved a child under 2 or just under 2 (like 23 months!) to a bed. I think people lie or just don't remember correctly about the ages. Like the people who claim all 5 of their kids were potty trained at 1 and in beds at 13 months! SURE, I believe that! Ha ha. I have at least 30 acquaintances or friends with kids under 5 right now. I know none who had babies in beds until about 2 or 2 1/2 (for some... mostly the boys... it was closer to 3). My oldest was 25 months. My youngest just turned 2 last week. He's still in a crib and will be for as long as I can keep him there... or 2 1/2, whichever comes first! Don't sweat it. You will give yourself more stress than you need trying to keep a baby in a bed when she should be in a crib anyway. Best of luck!

I moved my son to a toffler bed at the age of 18 months. I had to do it becuase he kept climbing out of his crib. It all depends on the baby. I dont think there is really a set time for them to be out. Good lUck

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