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What Age Do You Take Your Child to the Eye Dr.?

My 4 year old has been complaing of headaches around the same time everyday. He does watch cartoons and play video games but only for a limited time each day. I talked with nurse at my pediatricians office and they do not seem concerned. Should I take him for a an eye visit? My husband and I both have horrible vision. I have been in glasses since 6yrs old and contact since 12 due to the rapid progession of my eyes. Am I over reacting?

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What do you have to lose? It's not going to hurt to take him to the eye doctor and if it turns out there's nothing wrong, then all you've wasted is a little time but you've gained valuable piece of mind. And if it turns out that there is a problem, early treatment might prevent it from progressing or even correct the problem. But make sure you find a doctor that specializes in children. At that age, you can't really fully on them telling you what they can or can't see during the exam but a doctor that is experienced in dealing with children will be able to better diagnose any problems.

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I would not wait one minute. We have a friend who has a 6 yr old little girl that started complaining about headaches also & at around the same time every day also. They ended up taking her to the pediatrician & he recommended that they take her to an eye specialist & then he recommended them go get an MRI. To make a long story short, the little girl ended up having an inoperable brain tumor called Diffuse Pontine Glioma. When it comes to your children & their heads please don't ignore your instinct. Trinity now has to go to radiatian M-F at 2:00 & X-Rays & MRI's once a week. That is just a lot for a little 6 yr old to go through. Please call your pediatrician & see what he recommends you doing. I hope & pray that everything is ok with you son.

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My son who is now 10 started getting headaches too at a young age. He has been in glasses for the last 3 years. My oldest son started wearing glasses in kindergarten. I don't think your overreacting. I would go ahead and take him to the eye doctor, my kids all started going at the age of 5. Good Luck.

My kids started at birth since they have a chance of genetic cataracts, but, our doc sees them every year for a full exam. My advice to to make sure you go to an MD doc (optomologist-sp?) instead of an optomotrist. You usually can use your medical insurance -- which worked out great since we don't have vision coverage! But they have special charts for kids who don't know their letters or numbers yet. Very interesting to watch!

Light sensitivity can be caused by a lack of Omegs-3 fatty acids.
My DD began complaining of light sensitivity at age 4 1/2. We had her vision checked and she has better than normal vision. But we began feeding her more fish and giving her an occasional omega-3 supplements because her eyes still hurt whenever she was around bright lights (BTW: chewable omega-3's are expensive; so we try to modify her natural diet as much as possible to be sure she is getting what she needs Before giving her a tablet) . She still complains occasionally when she has not had enough omega-3 in her diet.


I think that for kids, if there's any family history of vision problems, take them as soon as they will see them. According to my ophthalmologist, astigmatisms can be hereditary(not sure if you have any history of that). The sooner diagnosed means the less chance of their eyes deteriorating quickly. I've been in glasses since I was 12, contacts since 15. When I started out, my contact RX was about a 2.75 or so. Now, I'm 26 and my prescription is 4.75 and 5.25. I hope that makes sense to those who wear contacts. In other words, my eyes are much worse now than they were then. Sooner is always better when it comes to health. :)

Take your son now! If he has vision problems that could be corrected the cut off age is just around 4. It was evident with my daughter that she needed vision correction at 12 months. She is a severe case but she has been through 3 surgeries. My dr has always applauded me for getting her in so soon because this is something that needs to be corrected early. I think its absolutely rediculous that pediatricians don't even look at thier eyes till 4 when it can be too late. The chances of your son having eye issues since you and your husband have vision issues is pretty high. I don't know where you are but I reccomend Dr. Everrett Moody. He's a pediatric opthalmologist. His office is in Irving and I think he also works out of a Lewisville office once a month. Worth the drive for sure! Good luck and if you have further questions feel free to ask.

Follow your instincts. Be prepared for a shock if you go to a child specialist. Big bucks! I am opting to do a simple eye check at preschool for a nominal 7.00 fee and follow up with the specialist only if indicated. An old friend of mine who is an accomplished Doctor in another state was thought to be mentally retarded until they realized that he needed glasses in grade school. The rest is history. I don't believe you can assume anything!
Best of luck!
C. S.

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