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What Age Did You/your Child Get Braces?

What age did you/your child get braces? Was it successful? My daughter is 7 and needs help with braces, spacing, probably two teeth pulled. Well, our consultation appt. is later today, so I'll have more info then, but my husband (a born cynic) thinks that she is too young to have braces and she will end up having them longer because of growing etc. and that the Dentist and Orthodontist are just pushing it too get more money! I told him that it is my understanding that it is easier on the child to do it while they are still growing. He agrees she probably needs to have at least one pulled and spacers put in... she doesn't have enough room for her adult teeth. Like I said, consultation today, just thought I'd see how other mom's felt about it! OH, also, HE had braces and didn't use his retainer so his teeth did not stay perfectly straight. (I know that why he thinks she's too young) But even my husband would agree with the exception of keeping her room clean =0), my daughter is a very responsible, sensible girl.

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First let me say thank you to all of you for all of your responses! I will definitely keep all of you advise in mind as we are going through this ortho stuff!

Well so far, here's what's happening... She, as I said, some major issues! She definitely does not have enough room for her adult teeth and has a very narrow and high arch (top) and a few other things as well! He confirmed that a lot of the issues that she needs corrected would be better address as she is young and still growing. But, we are going back in for a second (free) consultation in 4 months... I have tried for YEARS to get her to stop sucking her thumb in bed... YEARS! I think hearing the Ortho say that she HAD to stop may have finally gotten to her. He told us to go to the sporting goods store, we just went to Target, and get her some batting gloves. He instructed me how to put holes in the wrist part of the glove and strap so that I could lock in it place on her wrist WITHOUT putting the zip tie around her wrist. Well as I said before, she is a very responsible girl and VERY well behaved... I just told her to leave it on, and she did! I checked in on her 3-4 times and she slept fine. This morning she said she woke up and "was thirsty" (one of her excuses for sucking her thumb) so she rolled over and laid on her arm until she fell back asleep! I told her to be careful about that one! ANY way... back on topic... when we go back in 4 months it will be to see what has corrected it's self and where to start with the rest! At that time I will make a couple more consultation appointments with other orthodontists who have been recommended to me!

Thanks again for taking the time to give me some advise!!!

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I'm 34 y.o. and I had braces about 4 years ago and its a big responsibility. You have to really keep those things clean and you have to be careful about what you eat because the wires could pop. In my opinion, I think it is kind of young for her to be getting braces. You all should wait a little while longer, because either she will have to wear them longer or wind up getting them put back on later in life. And it is very important that retainers are worn because I notice my teeth shift when I don't wear them. Tell what you decided.

Both of my sisters childern have had either braces or stuff done to get them ready for braces when they were 7 or 8. One is now 20 and he only had to have them once he got them off b4 we went to middle school. One had to havve spacers but in b/c there was not enough romm for the permanent teeth to come in. they did that when she was 7 and she got the braces when she was 12. My children are not old enough yet for all of that but i know it is coming in the next two to three years for my daughter she is 5 and i can tell that when she starts to lose her teeth she will not have enough room for the permanent ones.

Hi C.

My son got his braces when he was ten. He also had problems with needing to have his pallet expanded to be able to fit his adult teeth. He still has them on!!! the adult teeth took FOREVER to come in and although there was room for them, they just didn't want to come out.

My daughter had the same problem, but the Orthodontist used a retainer type pallet expander for her and said once her adult teeth come in (we're almost there)she can then get the braces put on to straighten the teeth. She was 7 when she got the retainer BUT only wore it for 2 years (we expanded it almost every day for about a week then every week then every month for about 1 year and went in every 6 wks or so for adjustments.

So it all depends on the child. The Orthodontist was the same for both of my kids and they started treatment at the same time. This was and Orthodontist in NJ and now I'm in the process of looking for a new Orthodontist here in GA to finish treatment for my son and then start my daughter up!!!

Hope this helps!!

L. Pizarro

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I personally got them too early--before all my teeth were in. I don't remember the age, but I was in elementary school. I ended up having to have them put on again--in high school. I asked my dentist about my daughter (age 9), who will obviously need them. He said to wait. My opinion is that it is too early. I would get a second opinion!


My son's dentist recommended an ortho consult when he was 8 and I too thought it was too young. I actually asked my dentist (he goes to a pediatric dentist and I go to a general dentist) why kids seem to get braces so young now days as compared to when I was a kid (which really wasn't that long ago!) She said that certain dental problems are more easily corrected when the kids are losing their baby teeth and just getting adult teeth. Especially in cases where there isn't enough space or the jaw line is forming too narrow. She just said that it gives them an opportunity to correct certain issues before all the adult teeth are in and it takes much longer to correct certain issues once there is overcrowding.

That being said, the orthodontist we took our son to took xRays and said he could put braces on him when he was 8 but he only had 8 permanent teeth so there was a possibility that he would have to have them again later (he had enough space, his teeth were just crooked). Or we had the option of waiting until more of his adult teeth came in and put braces on later and guarantee that he would only have them once. Since it wasn't a necessity to put braces on him at 8, we opted to wait until now (he's 13 and got them about 6 months ago after he'd lost all of his baby teeth). Plus, our insurance has a lifetime max on orthdontia and I didn't want to have to pay for braces twice.

So I think it all depends on the issue. We have had several of our friends' kids have braces young for only a year or two and then get them off. One knows she will have to have them again and another one is hopeful that the problem was corrected before he adult teeth came in and they are now coming in very nicely and she may not have to have braces again.

You don't want to get them too early because they may shift back after she gets them off. i had braces in 5th grade and they shifted back after they took them off and are now crooked again. of course It might have been that my dentist wasn't the best and didn't leave them on long enough or something but that was my experience.

Hi C., my daughter just turned 11 and we knew since she was like 7 that she would need braces later on. Her dentist suggested waiting until she was older like 12 or so to give her teeth time to come in so we have been saving up since then because braces are expensive! Hope this helps you. Take care.

I was 8, almost 9 when I first starting going to the ortho (who happened to be my uncle who straightened my teeth for free, so I know he wasn't looking for the $$). I had to have some preliminary work done (spacing, etc) before the braces which I got a few months later. The braces came off a few weeks before I started a brand new middle school in the 7th grade. I remember being so ecstatic that I wouldn't have to wear my braces around these new, cool, older kids. Just something to think about, kids can be cruel, and the older she is when she has the braces, the more self-conscious she'll be about them. I had a friend that wore braces up til the 11th grade and you can't find a picture where she's smiling because she was so embarrassed about her braces.

We went to a dentist who was proactive. He pulled a couple of my second daughter's baby teeth that wouldn't come out. Then, he put a retainer on her bottom teeth. This was all done when she was in early elementary school. As she grew older, the problem wasn't as bad as it could have been. She still needed braces. However, it wasn't as long as she could have had them on.

My first daughter didn't get the same treatment because we had to leave the State at that time. She got them on at 12 and kept them on until 14/15. We returned to the same dentist with the second daughter. She got them on at 12 and off at 13.

I didn't know youcould get braces while you were still losing baby teeth- I was 12 when I got mine and wore them for 2 years and then had to wear retainers for a year or so after...I would think 7 is way too young- but I'm not an orthadontist either.
Good Luck

I'm not sure because everyone is different but my daughter will need braces but her dentist told me to wait until all her adult teeth are in which is around age 12 before thinking about it. My daughter only has a few problem teeth as well. I don't know the extent of problems with your child. My dentist recommends getting braces only after the baby teeth are gone and adult teeth are in. Hope this helps.

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