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What Age Can Baby Have Lovey in Crib?

I am wondering at what age is it safe for a baby to sleep with a transitional object or "lovey"? Everything I've read says the crib should be clear of any potential item the baby could suffocate or choke on. My daughter is almost 11 mos and seems to have some separation anxiety at night, leading to frequent night waking. I was wondering if a small stuffed animal or blanket would help, but is it safe?

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The rule of thumb that I have operated by with my kids (with my peds approval) is that if they are able to roll over consistently, then it's ok to have loveys in the crib. It is the little ones that have a hard time moving themselves around that are at risk of suffocation since they are unable to move away from a breathing obstruction. At your daughter's age, she has plenty of physcial control and plenty of self-preservation instinct even when asleep to keep her safe from suffocation.

It's perfectly safe, and your daughter will probably sleep better with a "friend" in her crib with her.

Hey E., at 11 months you are at a better stage to give her a lovey than at 1 or 2 or even 6 months for sure. if she can turn over and sit up on her own, she shouldn't have any trouble with a lovey. just make sure it's something that can't get tangled around her and that she can move easily. my daughter has had a lovey (a small dog blankie) since she was about 6 months (she could turn over and sit up with ease so i figured it was okay) and it has made a big difference with her sleeping through the night.

11 months old is plenty old enough for a security item, if they move their face into it, they'll just turn their head. Go ahead. We got one of those super soft larger beanie type animals, my son is 3 and still loves to sleep with it. Good luck!!

Like the other posters say - she is probably old enough to move around enough to get herself out of any tight spot. Just make sure if its a stuffed animal that it doesn't have sewed on buttons or other small parts that can fall off (choking hazard).

Well, I had a soft doll & blanket in my daughter's crib shortly after she turned 3 months & we never had a problem. An 11 month old is definitely old enough to have something in her crib.

My daughter got one at 5 months. She can't sleep without it!

Make sure you buy 2-3 for "just in cases" and rotate them.

They have ones that are stuffed animals where the body is flat and the head is stuffed, but not soft. I believe those are supposed to be kid safe. Look for "flatso"

good luck!


I have read all those articles too that said don't have anything in the crib. There are some items that should not be in the crib, but a lovey is just fine. Get one that has breathable stuffing inside and she will be fine. Most manufacturers now days make stuffed animals like that because of the SIDS scare. My daughter was born in July of 04 and has slept with a toy in her crib since I moved her to a crib at about 6 months old. She has a bunny rabbit from the Build-A-Bear workshop and has never let that thing out of her sight until she started school. There is nothing wrong with it. Hope this helps. God Bless.

My daughter started with her "gauzie" much younger than 11 months and she still uses it (she just turned 3). I'd suggest you have several of the same thing, if you can (keep one in the diaper bag and a couple clean in case there are problems).
We actually just use a small, soft white cloth that looks like one small layer of a cloth diaper and it works great for her. You never know what will do the trick! :-)

my feeling on the subject is whenever the baby is old enough to move around on its own and adjust its position when it's uncomfortable, they're find holding on to their security objects. The loveys are important to their sense of security, and I think they become attached to them at the age at which it is OK to give it to them

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