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Weird Stretch Marks on My Daughter

My 13 year old daughter has these things that look like stretch marks on the sides of her bottom, around the "saddlebag" area. Only she doesn't have an ounce of fat on her. Also they're red. She says they don't hurt or anything but I've never seen anything like it. Has anyone else? Any idea what it is?

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I feel so much better. It's hard when your kid looks to you for answers and you don't have them! I'm so glad you all gave me the answers I needed.

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Hi R., My 13 yr old has those. I think as she has grown she has had a pattern of going out and then shooting up , then out , then up a few more inches, and the skin, stretches, and shrinks a bit especially around the hip/bottom area as they develop a figure. My daughter puts an over the counter stretch mark cream on them with vitamin e in it. They seem to soften and fade. Hope this helps.

It sounds like it could possibly be an irritation such as a heat rash or an allergic reaction. Check to see if it is along the line of where her underwear touch. Given that it has warmed up it could be the beginning of chafing and rash associated with heat. For that a little A&D ointment really helps (same type of thing as diaper rash in a baby). If it is right along the line of the underwear, it could also be possible that she has developed an allergy to the laundry detergent you are using or to one you have recently switched to (or softener or bleach). In this case, the A&D could help a little with the marks if it is an allergy rash that has been chafing as well. Also, switching detergent could help.

One other thing is to check to see how her underwear are fitting. It could be that they are too tight right there and leaving marks that are not painful kind of like a rubber band around your wrist, it might not hurt but if it is to tight it will leave a mark.

If you can't readily identify that something innocuous like the three things I've mentioned are the problem, I would call the doctor and have them checked. It's better to be safe... I'm always a bit cautious when it comes to my children's health and physical safety.

Anyhow, I hope this helps. Good luck.

It is probably her having a growth spurt.. I know when I was young i had some and that is what my dr said they were..

I used to teach elementary school and even at that age I had girls (and a couple of boys) talk with me about stretch marks. If a child grows quickly, it'll happen. Sometimes a growth spurt is all it takes. I know it's annoying, but does it bother your daughter? You can try lotion and things of that sort, but usually they fade over time, but won't go away. Good luck!

If your daughter had a quick growth spurt, she could get stretch marks from that. If she grew quickly, then the sking around the hips and back can get stretch marks from the pulling as her spine and leg bones grow.

I got monstrous stretch marks at that age over my whole thighs, bright red and purple, and I was rail skinny too. She may even get more throughout puberty. They will all turn clear and invisible-I forget how long it takes, but they will go away-don't worry!
a m y

Is you daughter tall or has she had a recent growth spurt? I have the same thing; they are stretch marks. I had a big growth spurt (I am not very tall, just grew all at once) and I have stretch marks covering my thighs and butt. They will fade but do not ever completely go away. Have her rub aloe or vitamin e cream on them, it will lighten them. Also, Avon makes a product for stretch marks/cellulite that will help lighten them. Good luck!!

Hi R.,

My friend who is skinny skinny has them right there too, from having a big growth spurt during her teens. Just like one of the other moms, she didnt get any stretch marks from her two pregnancies. I wouldnt worry. Just a thought, I think most of the time its just hype, but maybe starting early on those stretch mark lotions may help the appearance. Maybe someone here has uses one w/ success...

Hi, R..
I'm 31 now, but I remember when I started getting stretch marks when I was 13 as well when I started to get my period. I was not skinny, but I was not overweight at all, but I guess I started to grow fast and it just happened. I wish that my mom was aware and concerned like you are when I was going trough that. You are a good mom.

When kids that age grow too fast over a short period of time, they develop stretch marks in that area. I have one from when I was 13. The irony is I don't even have stretch marks from being pregnant yet I have them from growning as a teen.

R., I am 44 now, but when I was that age I got stretch marks from my ankles to my butt. My hips and inside my legs were covered & they are still there/. I was thin, got a little heavy & lost it all real quick. I was involved in band then cheerleading so I was extremely active. The have faded but still there. I don't know why but it happened. I don't ever remember getting them, they just appeared. Never hurt. I hope this isn't the case for her, but if it is, there is no pain & they do fade. Good luck to you both.

If she recently had a growth spurt, they might be stretch marks from that. I have stretch marks on my knees that have been there since I was like 13 or 14 because I had a growth spurt and my legs grew so fast that it left stretch marks on my knees. I was thin when young. Probably didn't even weigh 100 pounds when these appeared, and had to ask my mom where they came from. I couldn't figure out how I got strech marks being thin either.

Hi R.. It's probably just from her growing. I was the same way. I didn't get to 100 pounds until I was about 18 years old. I had stretch marks on my knees and my butt (same area) and I think it was just from a growth spurt. I grew a few inches over the summer when I was 14 and that's what caused them. Hope this helps!

I'm 28 years old and have always been thin. However, I have the remnants of those same stretch marks on the sides of my hips. I don't remember having them at a young age, but I'm assuming it was during a growth spurt. Because of the angle of the stretch marks, I was growing taller and wider at the same time! Just like pregnancy, your skin is growing very rapidly to keep up with the tissue inside and simply can't keep the pace! My birth coach recommended at least 80-100 grams of protein each day since that's what the skin is comprised of. I only got one tiny spot of stretching under my belly botton. I really think the protein helped.
Best wishes,


I actually got stretch marks on my thighs and butt when i was 13. I was 5 foot and 95lbs. So i wasn't over weight in anyway. They were red and didn't hurt. The doctor said my skin just didn't stretch like it was suppose too. I used Cocoa butter for years and they faded but won't go away. So I would say its normal. The only thing it hurt was my self esteem. So just reassure her that it doesn't take frm her beauty! Good LUck!


I am a 14 year old girl and i have the same thing but they are on the insides of my legs and they are really noticeable. They dont hurt and i dont have no fat on me either. If you have found out what it is please respond to this!

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