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Weird Stomach Virus

Anyone ever have a child to have stomach virus symptoms overnight, vomitting and upset stomach, and then the next day be almost 100%.... only to find that the next night the symptoms return??? It's so strange to us!! I have talked to 3 friends, and 2 out of 3 have had this happen to their little ones too... I guess I am looking for reassurance....

What can I do next?

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yup, just last week and the week before BOTH of my boys had this bug... symptoms showing up around dinnertime, but they were playing with no fever all day... it's weird, right??!! not fun, either :)

Yes, my son did that a few months back. Vomitted overnight then nothing that next day and then the day after .....just when I thought it was safe more vomitting!

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Have 4 grown kids. Oldest one (girl, now with 3 little ones of her own) NEVER spit up or vomited until she was about 8 or 9 (rides at the county fair did it! LOL). One boy would be sick throwing up, be fine a day or more only to wake up throwing up all over himself in the bed a few nights afterward. Whatever sickness he had (headache, sore throat, cold, virus, etc) when we'd ask him how he felt, all he'd EVER say was, "Oh, I'm better now". Made it hard to tell if and when he didn't feel well! LOL I think that's just how it affects some kids, though -- viruses hit them in spurts. Probalby God's way of keeping them from getting too dehydrated LOL (and teaching mamas about patience! *GROAN*)

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Sarah, sorry to say my crew has not had this, now that I say that, they'll go back to school and pick it up! I know it sounds crazy and as a nurse I usually don't turn to "old wives tales," but there have been occasions that I've been desperate and tried them...one being from my dad-in-law, have them drink pickle juice. Most kids like the flavor, mine don't but they'll eat the pickles which helps just slower. The vinegar kills the bugs or at least flushes them from the system. DON"T give them vinegar! My husband did that to me since we were out of pickles...bad decision, it burns badly! lol, tells my ignorance,huh! Anyway, you can also try acidophelus (sp), it's an over the counter bacteria that occurs naturally in your GI system. Helps to increase this "good" bacteria and flush out the bad. It comes in blueberry flavor so kids like it, and chewable. Again, if you are at all concerned with homeopathic or alternative treatments, certainly speak to your doctor. Hope this helps and easy on the gatorade, too much electrolytes can actually hurt the kiddos. Give them pedialyte or half apple juice/half water with a pinch of salt. Straight from a pediatrician...it works for my kiddos. Good luck!

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talk to your doc its sounds like an allergy or something since it only happens certain times good luck


Two years ago my 5 year old caught a nasty stomach bug but only vomitted for 8 hours. He woke up the next morning starving and playing as if nothing was wrong. I fed him because he said he was hungry. That very night, he was up again vomitting. The next morning nothing wrong with him. He ate and ate until his heart was content. Two days later he was sick again, only it wasn't just 8 hours of vomiting and upset stomach it turned into 5 days of it and I had to take him to the hospital where he was admitted for 3 days. The child vomitted for 7 days straight. They could find no cause for it other than it was a virus. They told me not to ever feed a child high fat foods or their normal diet until 48 hours after they've recovered from their stomach bug. The told me to give him the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) from now one until about 48 hours out. If he gets those symptoms again and feels better I would't let him go hog wild with food. His stomach needs time to heal. Hope he's better by now.

No worrys this is normal,, I have had a rough three days as it is moving thru my threee boys and hubby. I'm praying it doesn't hit me. clear liquids is the best way to go, if ya can get them to eat, try a banana or some good old fashioned chicken noodle soup. It does a body good. The only time to be concerned is if it accompanied by fever. (which has on this end) My boys ages 5, 7, and 10 were all upwards of 103. Had they gone any higher we'd be hospital bound

Hope this helps
S. J
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I remember as an older child getting a 24-hour flu bug multiple times over a week or so, being well in between. I don't know if it was really that, or if I just wasn't yet well from the first bout.

Hi S.,

It happened to me when I was in 3rd grade. I threw up at school 2 days in a row, okay for one day, and then threw up in front of the whole class the third day. My teacher thought it was nerves because my mom was away at school, but I really think I had a stomach virus without a fever. My dad didn't know what to do, so he did nothing. I was fine after the third day!

Sometimes the body just has to flush stuff out when a little virus is introduced. That may be what's happening to your child. Just make sure to keep him hydrated.

Good luck!

yup, just last week and the week before BOTH of my boys had this bug... symptoms showing up around dinnertime, but they were playing with no fever all day... it's weird, right??!! not fun, either :)

The stomach virus is lasting 12-24 hours. They could all be passing it back and forth or if you feed them milk, dairy or heavy things on their stomach while they are sick they virus is gone but the symptoms continue. Just feed them light foods, bananas, rice, bread for a full 24-48 hours after and see if it helps!

My grandchildren had this a couple of years ago, and it was a bit scary. They'd be fine through the day, then wake up throwing up at night. They were taken to the doctor who told my DS and DIL that it is a type of 'recirculating' virus that can take up to a couple of weeks to leave the system.
Apparently the keys are to keep them well hydrated, and make sure what they're eating is fairly bland.

Hope this helps!


My 4yo just went through this. It started the Saturday night before Christmas and continued off and on until the Sunday after. Yes, she didn't get to enjoy Christmas morning very much. She did have a low grade fever one day and my husband was very worried even though I kept telling him that all we could do was to keep her hydrated, but to make him feel better we went ahead and saw the doctor on 12/26. They did a culture even to see if she had a UTI, which came back negative. She is much better now and is making up for all that she lost, she's eating non stop right now.


I have not experienced this visus in our family, but I was at the pediatritian for a checkup and two other moms were talking about it. They described exactly what you are describing. One had had it for almost two weeks and a rash was also a part of the symptoms after about a week or so. I did not get to talk with them afterwards to ask about the diagnosis. I hoep this helps put you at ease. It just sounds like the latest bug to go around.

Yes, my son had the same thing last year when he was two years old. It was so out of the blue...we figured he must have just eaten something bad, because the next day (actually within hours) he was just fine. But then the next night he threw up again. Weird, huh?

I would keep a diary of what the child is eating. My son got sick like that and I started a diary. Turns out by me really concentrating on his every movement so I could record EVERYTHING that went into his mouth he was getting into the dogfood and eating it. After I removed the Dogfood from his reach the problem stopped. It also helps the doctor eliminate food allergy if you keep a diary and the problem persists. Good luck!

Believe me I hear you. I have a 5yr old and a 10 month old along with my husband that is has hit. Both boys were sick...fine the next day and that night sick again. My husband was sick then seemed fine for a couple days before it hit again. The only thing I could do was give them sprite, gatorade and pedialyte. I am hoping whatever it is passes soon because I am at a lose at what else to try. Good luck with yours.

Yes, my son did that a few months back. Vomitted overnight then nothing that next day and then the day after .....just when I thought it was safe more vomitting!

Yes, my girls had that a month ago. One at a time of course. :) It is strange. They seem fine the next day but that night they were sick again. It seemed like they woke around the same time each night, too. I think it only lasted 2 or 3 days. It is weird! Hope your little ones are better soon!

There is a weird stomach bug going around my youngest son had it and it lasted 2 days, my Mom had it and it lasted half a day and I had it one night felt better, then the next night it came back. Good luck and I hope your little one feels better.

Hi...I haven't had personal experience with this, but my neighbor has. It seems to be a virus that just re-circulates. It never fully leaves the system even though it seems to. Well, it does eventually. ; ) She just keeps them hydrated and lets the body work it out. I hope this helps.


My 7 year old and 12 year old both had strange stomach bugs. They both got sick one day, appeared to be over it for 2 days and then it came back w/ a vengeance. They're both fine now, but it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Did any of you contract this from your kids?

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