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Weird Red Bumps and Left Side Pain Only.

Okay well I am not sure if this has anything to do with pregnancy. Never had this happen before. But about two weeks ago I took my sons to the park. A few hours later I noticed this lines of red bumps on the side of my calf. I thought it must have been a bite or something. Only itched if I touched it. Anyways I have been having prior shoulder and hip pain just on left side. Just figured it was due to sleeping on left side more often. Anyways the pain moved to knee after getting those marks on leg. Then a few days later noticed another red bump on side of foot. Then foot started aching when I walked on it. Then ankle started hurting only when moved around. A week later I found three more red bumps on my big toe. They were very senstive and hurt but I popped them. They are still there. My foot is starting to get more sore now and a yesterday I found two more red bumps on the sole of my foot and on the tip of my middle toe. I get areas on my leg that are really tender to the touch. I get sharp shooting pains going mostly from below knee down to toes. The pain which includes throbbing, some times burning sensation, pins and needles and also tingling started in my last two toes now those have stopped and it has moved to middle toe. I should say that all of this is all just happening on the leftside of my body. My right is not getting any symptoms. Has this ever happened to anyone before. I can't seem to find anything on it. I do have an appt with my OB doctor and I was going to ask if maybe the pains have to do with maybe a pinched sciatic nerve. Not sure. The bumps is what throws me off.

Oh I should mention my son just had fifths disease but my ob did blood work on me that said I was fine. Not sure if maybe that could be a factor in this. Thank you.

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Went to the doctors today and she didn't say much about the spots. Just that when you are pregnant you can get some weird bumps. My middle toe has gone numb and I was worried about that. She said it can just be from the baby and if doesn't get better than she will refer me to a Neurologist and she is sending me to get some bloodwork. Thank you for all your responses.

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I think Shingles also, but don't rul out fifths disease. You can develop symptoms up to three weeks after being exposed.

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sounds like shingles. the chicken pox virus stays in your spinal fluid and reemerges when there is an opportunity like when your immune system is down or stress. someitmes just because. since its viral, youmostly just treat the symptoms but if you catch it early you may be able to take antivirals that will reduce the time you have them. but since you are pregnant and it has been a while you may just be a littl too late for that. shingles goes along a nerve and that is where the pusutles follow so you may get it all up and down your body or not. but you really need to tell your doctor because this may affect the baby. even after the pusutles heal you may have residual pain. ihad shingles on my right hip and then they came back in two years. i have all kinds of scars but thankfullly, my stretch marks hide them LOL.

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You need to go to a general physician. Your OB won't know to much about what you're describing. Yes they all went to medical school, but that's not his/her specialty. 2 weeks is a long time to be having pain, and the bumps should have gone away if they were just a mild reaction to something or a bite. You might need an antibiotic. A general physician can at least point you in the right direction if you need a specialist to diagnose or prescribe something. Don't wait! Take care of it.

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Shingles, chicken pox or if the bumps get bigger - check for MRSA. Bumps on your feet can get infected really easy - especially being at the park in the sand.


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Hi Krisyn,
This sounds like classic symptoms of Shingles (related to chicken pox). Bumps appear on the left side only accompanied by pain (burning, throbbing), and itching. DO NOT SCRATCH as this can spread. It only happens on the left side because it follows the nerve tracks on that side. As chicken pox can be dangerous during pregnancy, I would call your OB and let him/her know that this may be the case. I think they will get you in right away. Please keep us posted.

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Hi, it sounds like you might have shingles. I had shingles several years ago and I had red bumps that itched if I touched them, but I also had aches and pains. My understanding is that shingles is often stress related, and is caused by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox. I would definitely see a dr., because I was prescribed something (can't remember what exactly).

Good Luck!

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Let your doctor know as soon as you can. I just read about blood clots and they can start that way. It is definitely good to let your doctor know in case. I don't want to worry you but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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K.- I would going to see a doc at a Urgent Care. You're pregnant and don't want to risk anything affecting the baby. The OB does not specialize. Get into an Urgent Care and see a Dermatologist if necessary.

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My first thought was that you have shingles, but if you are experiencing pain as high up as your shoulder and have no rash in the vicinity of that pain I would have to say that that may be something else. From my experience with shingles, the pain only radiates around the area where the rash is occurring, so while you probably do have shingles on your leg and foot, there is the possibility that you have something else going on to cause the pain in your shoulder and hip. Either way, you need to see a doctor. If your OB is a DO he can check your back, ribs and shoulder and adjust them if that is the culprit, any adjusment needed on your back for your shoulder pain should also alleviate the hip pain. Good Luck and try to relax, high stress makes the shingles worse.

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