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Weird Rash Around My Sons Mouth.

I have noticed a red rash around my 4yr old mouth. Its just below him bottom lip. I will seem to be healing up then it will turn bright red, crack, and bleed. I really seem to notice it after he eats. I try and think what could cause it like a food allergy or something but I just don't have any idea. I don't have any insurance and can't afford to take him to the dr. He has not complained about it so I take it it doesn't hurt. What do you think could be the cause?

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I don't know what the cause could be and I am sorry to be responding to this so late. I think you need to get some kind of barrier on the skin to protect it. I use to use vaseline then I found something better. I recently started selling for a company called BeautiControl. They make a great lipbalm. It is rich in Vitamin C and wheat germ oil, very healing. Does not contain alcohol like chapstick and vaseline do. Contact me today! I have samples and you could try it to see if it works! Call ###-###-#### or e-mail ____@____.com Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello. My name is J. and I had the same diffrene with my middle daughter. She had broken out with a rash around her mouth as well. I took her to her doctor and he said it is dry skin, due to the changing of the weather. We use a facial cream on it and it seems to work, its not expensive at all and we bought it from Walmart. It is called Celaphin. Within a week it cleared up.

Does it seem to happen in the cooler months? I noticed something like this with my 4 boys around this age. It was caused by them licking around their mouth and the area getting chapped. Then when they ate food or a beverage it would irritate it and they would lick it more causing more irritation. A vicious cycle. I just put chap-stick (unflavored) around the whole area, especially at night.

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Check out this link. Scroll down to the paragraph on facial rashes. Hopefully, this will put your mind at ease.

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My 4 yr old son had the same thing happen recently. The rash seemed to last for weeks! Trying to figure out the cause, I noticed he kept putting his hands in his mouth way too often. After keeping a closer eye on the hands in the mouth, I noticed he kept licking his lips and around mouth and messing with his back teeth. Molars coming in?! Basically keeping on top of him and telling him not to do that, the rash disappeared within a week. You could put vaseline on it in the meantime to help with the chapping.

I sounds like he is licking his bottom lip or sucking on it. Sometime we do this subconsious sp? My daughter got her whole face this way almost for licking it to much.

My son... age 4... gets a red, prickly rash around his mouth when he eats tomato based products. He does not get sick, enjoys most tomato foods, and the rash goes away once his mouth is wiped clean and is dry for a while. It always comes back when he eats tomato things though.... I just assume it is some alergic reaction.

I have a four year old who gets this every winter. He is CONSTANTLY licking his lips, and with the cold weather and in a dry house, his face is chapped.

I have tried everything- chap sticks, oils, lotions (which just burn). Vaseline has worked best for it, but we mostly have to wait until he goes to sleep to put it on him. BUT, by morning, when it has mostly healed, and it almost gone, he starts in licking his lips again and it comes right back. Anything I put on his face during the day, he wants to lick right off.

If you figure this one out, be sure to let me know!

Try making sure you clean around his mouth as soon as he finishes a meal. My son gets the same thing. Food dries after just a few minutes and irritates the skin. He could be licking his lips or chewing on his bottom lip and then it gets chapped. Try Aquaphor for the rash. Great for irritated or chapped skin and even lips. I sneak and put it on after my boys are asleep, so they won't rub it off. You could even let your son pick out his very own Chapstick. That way, he would get in the habit of applying it himself during the day as well.

My son has had dry red skin due to the weather.....
I swear by Aquaphor.....it's amazing.....we use it nonstop!!!

Hi A.,

I'm not a pediatrician, but I do work with children every day. Many of whom have had to track an allergy of some sort or another. The most common allergies are milk, eggs nut, wheat and dairy products. Eliminate milk from his diet for one week and see what happens. If that doesn't clear up move onto another food, until you find the culprit...it may take a month or so, but certainly worth it. Good luck!

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