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Weird Little Bumps All over Son's Body

I had my parents take my son to see his pediatrician today because for the past week or so he has been developing these little bumps on his belly, which has started to spread up on his chest, and onto his legs. It started mostly on his left side, but now it is on both. Instead of writing anything down my parents told me that the doctor seems to think it is his excyma. His skin doesn't feel dry, the bumps don't seem to be slowing him down or making him crabby, he has no sores in his mouth (so it kind of rules out hand foot & mouth disease) and they told me that the doctor prescribed some stronger cream for the excyma and wants to see him again in 2 weeks, because if it isn't excyma it could be "a really long word" This is why mommy's take off of work to take their children to the doctor. I learned my lesson... moving on :)... They have been taking care of him during the day, he hasn't been to day care since February. I'm stumped and I'm just wondering if anyone has run into this?

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Thank you for all of the advice! The doctor prescribed Triamcinolone 0.1% which is a topical corticosteroid. He hasn't been scratching his bumps at all, and luckily, they are not open sores. One of my friends had come over the other day and had exposed us all to strep throat, but that was well after the rash had already sprung up. I'm going to try switching all of the soaps that I use on him, and his clothes. Thank you all again for all of the great advice!

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Use different laundry detergent. My husband is very skin sensitive. He has to only wear cotton-no polyblends and I use tide free. anything else causes bumps all over upper body. I only use dove scent free too for bath soap

Hello. My son had the same bumps on his belly and back. It's his eczema. I found out that he is allergic to the laundry detergent I was using. so I switched back to Dreft for him. and also I been putting lotion with out any dyes and fragrance and It cleared it up quick. I was worried too but his Dr said he just has sensitive skin. Im hopeing he will out grow it. Hope this helps. good luck

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Both of my children have contact dermatise. AKA ezcema that you get when your body come in contact with something your allergic too. My sons gets red bumps on his stomach, legs and arms when he plays outside because the poor kid is allergic to the grass. If your child is allergic to something it could be making him break out, grass, pollen, food, animal dander. ETC. Best thing I have done for my kids is allergy medicine and to give them a bath whenever they come in contact with something they are allergic to. Make sure you keep his nails short to keep him from sctatching.

Also both my kids break out in ezcema when they are sick with any kind of bug. There immune system seems overract and attack their skin when they are fighting a virus or bacteria. Allergy medicine still seems to help with this.

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Hi J.,

I have had some white bumps on my daughter and I cant remember the word but the doctor told me to try putting head and shoulders on her for 10 minutes before bath and it seems to work.


Maybe it's hives, although they're usually itchy. Since it may be some kind of allergy I would probably try some benadryl before taking him back in. You could also call the nurse at your doctors office and ask for a little more explanation over the phone so you're clear on what the doctor thinks is going on. Good Luck!

Can't help with the rash...but got a similar lecture last week from my mom when I went to work even though my son had a fever of 102.6. I left him at home with my husband's aunt. My mother didn't realize that I was calling every 30 minutes to make her recheck it to verify it was going down, which it did, of course. No! She just called me a selfish mother for not thinking about him...didn't even bother to ask if I ever checked on him.....so, I know where you are coming from there!

I feel your pain! Aren't moms fun sometimes!

Good luck with the rash...I hope your little man gets better quick! Mine did.


My son had this happen on his legs.Can't remember the name but his ped told me to use a lotion over the counter called amylactin. It worked with in days the bumbs were gone. Good luck!


Hi J.. I just went through the same thing with my 5.5 month old son! I kept taking him to the Dr. because I didn't know if it was hives, exzema, rash, or something that I was ingesting that he might be allergic to. The Dr. wasn't super helpful either. He just told us to try Hydrocortizone cream on the bumpy areas. I finally switched over all his soaps and lotions to Arbonne's Baby Care line (I had been trying to use up other products that we had received as gifts). And, I switched our laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets to a non-toxic, chemical, fragrance and dye-free brand. Now, he has no more bumps or rashes! So, you might want to try something like that.
If you're interested in checking out Arbonne's baby care products, please feel free to visit my website at: www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com. I would also be happy to send you a free sample. Good luck!
Take care,
M. Olsen

My younger son, age 9 at the time, had this happen, with bumps on his forehead and then, over days, spreading down his temples. I told him that he should stop using the shampoo he had been using, but didn't actually remove it from the bathroom. After a trip to the doctor, and he admitted that he had continued using the new shampoo, we ascertained that it was indeed an allergy to the shampoo.

So, my suggestion to you is to think about any new cleaners that have come into your house (or that have been there but to which he had not been exposed previously). Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, household cleaner (residue on a towel), lotions, creams, etc. can all cause this sort of bumpiness.

It may be Mollescum. My children had this
I would go to a dermetologist to confirm.
It is quite an ordeal to get rid of, but
it is not harmful at all for the child...
just looks bad.

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