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Does anyone have any good recommendations for nonprescription weight loss supplements? I have tried a few in the past, but it has been a long time and there are so many on the market now-a-days. I know there is no magic weight loss pill, but I just need something that will give me some more energy (without making me neurotic, LOL) and supress my apetite somewhat. Just that little extra boost to go along with diet and exercise so I can shed this "baby weight." I've heard horror stories about ali so I think I've ruled that one out, but am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for your time and stories!

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Skip the supplements, try Nutrisystem instead. I have had problems with weight my whole life, only worsened by having two children. It is working for me better than anything else I've ever tried. I'm down 30lbs in less than 4 months. It's super easy to do, which is great because I hate to cook and don't have a lot of extra time. The stuff tastes great too and doesn't have side effects like meds do. Good luck! - J.

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Trimspa worked for me, took off the weight and gave me energy. I didn't exercise, but I did count calories like an accountant :) No matter what you try you're going to have to cut back calories.

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Hi V.,
I've been using safe supplements from an online store. I can register you as a customer if you are interested. There is nothing harsh in their products. I like the Attain Bars and Attain drink mixes. The Access drink is a great pick me up prior to exercising and it tastes good too. Just let me know through website: http://www.livetotalwellness.com/bonniesgarden

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I love Herbalife! I found it through a friend who loved the products as well. i started on them when my daughter was two and the weight had found me again. I love 16 pounds in 6 weeks and I've kept it off for 4 years next month. I have incredible energy and I feel really good all the time. You can look on my website if you'd like or go to herbalife's main page and they will hook you up with a distributor. The thing that really sets Herbalife's products apart is the customer care that comes with the products. You are have an instant companion to help you through the weight loss challenge!! That is another thing that I Love. Helping others get great results. Your choice!
my website is www.4yourbestshape.biz to see results go to www.4yourbestshape.com or you could go to Herbalife's website www.herbalife.com They will assign you a distributor.

V. Wight

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I have been hearing a lot of great things about coconut oil lately. It is supposed to help boost metabolism and help you lose weight. Also supposed to be great for skin, hair, and immune system. I know it sounds weird that an oil could help you lose weight, but I guess if you take 3 or 4 tablespoons a day, it suppresses your appetite and gives you energy and you lose weight. I've been using it on my face and putting it in smoothies in the morning, but I haven't been doing it more than a couple days so I haven't seen huge results quite yet. Use the Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined) and see what you think. It also smells sooo good. You can google it and/or go to coconutoil.com and there are all sorts of websites about the benefits of coconut oil. Good luck!

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I have heard that Alli is a good program but I am as interested as you are to find out what works!!

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I have the best song in my head right now.... "One Hot
Momma"... IF you don't know my mom has moved in with
me because she transferred positions... well we were
out and about Monday and went to LANE BRYANT. THEY
did not go in there to buy, I actually left my purse
in the car. But she said... you look so great... go
try these on...
I tried on a few things and she surprised me with 2
new dresses and new underwear. I know that sounds
silly but it made me feel so good!

Then last night I was invited to a Business Womens
Exclusive event last night. I wore one of my new
dresses and was sporting my new do. I have had so
many people complementing me lately how can I not feel

So here is an update:
I was 355 lbs and a 26/28 in some things and a 32 in
I just pulled down a 22 Oh yeah baby a 22! Can you
believe it? I can't but ... I can .. and I am so dang
excited I just have to SCREAM it from the roof tops.

I don't know about my poundage because I threw away my
scale a long time ago that dang thing was
depressing... I was obsessed with it... so next time I
go to my chiropractors I will use his and keep you up

Here are some little things that make a BIG
I can sit in chairs with arms in them with out them
cutting into me or my butt getting stuck! Yes I have
had my butt get stuck before.
When in a meeting I don't feel like I have to move my
chair 6" away from the people beside me so I am not
sitting on them. I still like personal space but I am
more comfortable sitting between people.
My seatbelt is fitting better.
My clothes are getting smaller AND CUTER! SWEET!
My migranes are rare instead of constant
I am taking so much less pain meds... they are now
once and awhile instead of the highest dose "safe" per
day every day. (being heavy hurts)
I no longer am spending $40 - $160 PER WEEK on
chiropractic care. like $40 per month... to every 6
I have lost a whole shoe size which opens my windows
of cute shoes tremendously. I love shoes!
I have moved pinky rings to my ring fingers...
My bras fit better
with my new underwear they were not riding up my
butt. I know you are laughing right now but that was
a HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME... I felt like I had a constant
Because I am living in less pain I am more productive.

I am getting compliments on my hair, my eyes, my
nails, my skin, my appearance. (keep them comming I
am love, love, loving the positive attention)
My husband took me on a date ...

Jen took me to a spa, and I was introduced to
Annisa... I bought a SHAKER BOTTLE and her shakes
because I have medical problems and desperately needed
to stablize my blood sugar. I hated breakfast it was
either too fatty or too sugary and well at 6am I am

So, I am now actually having breakfast and I also use
the shakes at 9:00pm when my hunger monster come
alive. also if I am out and about I have a shake
instead of fast food.

OK so last night at this function, they served treats
and it was during my HUNGAR MONSTER HOURS and I looked
at them and as pretty as they were I had no desire or
their sugar filled treats. I even had people trying
to get me to eat the treats... but as pretty as they
were I was not even tempted. YEAH the hunger monster
is getting collared. Dancing around my house in
undies and a new nighty.

my blood sugar without drugs and easily... the "side
effects" are fantastic. I love you both and I love
life right now!

MOOOWA my darlings!

I just got this from Anisa... YEAH

My Saturdays Spa invites you to join us on January 29 from 7-9pm for a

ladies night out event featuring a discussion on how you can use
Usana's shakes and bars to lose your carbohydrate and sugar cravings
so that you can live healthier and lose extra pounds this year!

***There will be a door prize drawing for a 1 hour hot stone massage
with Pam Bliss at fingerprints spa on Broadway in Boise. You won't
want to miss this event. We invite you to bring friends as well!

Where - 9356 W. Maple Hill Drive
in Boise off of Maple Grove between Franklin and Overland. Call Anisa
at ###-###-#### for further directions.

**********************JANUARY PRODUCT

Attached is our January specials. If you purchase any of these
specials BEFORE Friday January 25, I will give you a FREE BLENDER
BOTTLE And enter your name into a drawing for a 1 HOUR HOT STONE
MASSAGE with Pam Bliss! Don't miss our BEST DEALS EVER on some of our
most popular products!
Anisa Shaffer

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I am in independent consultant with Arbonne International and we have a safe, all natural weight loss program that includes supplements, protein shakes (meal supplements), weight loss chews to satisfy your sweet tooth and an energy drink. You can use all or just one of the products and I have seen amazing results. If you would like to know more about these products, please email me back at ____@____.com. I can get you more information quickly.

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Quite frankly, I wouldn't try any weight loss pills. I would be too worried about negative side affects. Have you ever heard of Kombucha Tea? It is a wonderful (food) drink that has been a part of our world for thousands of years. You can pretty much google Kombucha Tea and get good info but for specifics try looking at happyherbalist.com. It is a very reputable site. There is also a Yahoo group committed to Kombucha Tea. Kombucha Tea is completely safe and natural. You can get a starter to make the tea (which doesn't taste like tea at all) from someone for the costs of shipping unless someone in your living area can help you out.

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I have been using Alli, and have had no problems with it. Since it works with the fat you ingest I suppose it would do differently if I ate more fatty stuff. I have tried Metabolife, and it got me so shakey that I ate more to get food in my tummy to counter act the Metabolife. But I know people who have been successful with that as well. Good luck!

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Hi V.,
You might want to try taking 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. It is great for energy and weight loss. Plus, it is food, so it is completely safe. I've used it for a couple of years and have had success with more energy and weight loss. You can research it for yourself at www.coconutoil.com. Some good brands are Garden of Life or Tropical Traditions. Good luck!

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