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Weight Loss for Mom and Daughter

Hi everybody! Does anybody have any suggestions for a gym or exercise class for moms and daughters? I would love to join ballys or something like that but I cannot bring my daughter. She is 10 years old very overweight (like mom) but all of the gyms on the southside of chicago don't allow children. Did I mention she is 10 and 5 feet tall already? I need something that we can both do together because when I am not at work she is normally with me. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. I have started walking with her along the lakefront. But a change of pace would be nice. Thanks everybody.

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Thanks everybody for your suggestions. The park district, curves, and all the gyms I have checked won't let kids under 13 or 18 in. I bought a couple videos...and I ordered an elliptical machine. I am going to dust off my bike and we are going bike riding. She is soo excited about that. I am going to get a WII fit at a later date. Watch the pounds melt away off of us! Look out Chicago here we come! Thanks again!

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As others have suggested YMCA's, park district, or local hospitals are the best places to try for children. Most gym and gym chains will not allow children for the risk they pose.

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Do home workout videos together, I started doing them with my mom to motivate her and she has gone down 2 dresses sizes already, she is kicking butt! Also what is fun is the Wii fit. Create your own Biggest Loser challenge like on Tv, you can even buy biggest loser work out videos that are great!
good luck and good for you getting motivated!

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Did you try Curves? I thought that I heard they allow children, but I am not sure of the age. Check out their website and see. Also, you can do home walking videos. Leslie Sansone has some really good ones!
Good luck!

Try the YMCA (there are a few on the southside) or the park district. Many parks now have work out facilities. And I thought some of the Bally's did allow kids, but maybe not. Also summer camp programs. Just the act of being out of the house for the majority of the day and being active will help. And our family has the Wii gaming system and then we received Wii Fitness for Christmas. That is something fun you and your daughter could do together. Walking or biking on the lakefront is great too. My kids also just like to go to the park with us and shoot the basketball, play tennis, etc.

St. James Hospital has a health club on Halsted & 197th Place. I believe you and your daughter could join. Phone # ###-###-#### The other piece is : LaRabida Hospital has a program for overweight children. I understand it is a good program. I am a retired school nurse. Hope this helps.

Hi P.,

I know I am late to respond but I wanted to offer a couple ideas. First, consider open/family swim at the local YMCA or public pools. Water offers great resistance without strain - a great way to burn calories and have fun with your daughter. Second, public tennis courts would be another way to make getting fit fun for both of you.

I want to applaud you for having a great attitude about getting healthy with your daughter. What a wonderful example you are setting for her!

As others have suggested YMCA's, park district, or local hospitals are the best places to try for children. Most gym and gym chains will not allow children for the risk they pose.

Where do you live, I also have a 10 year old and we are both overweight also.Maybe we could all walk together or ride bikes.

You could try your park district. If you're in the city of Chicago, though, they really (unfortunately) do not offer a whole lot in the way of group fitness classes.

If your daughter is very overweight, you should first get a full consultation with a doctor and nutritionist. That will go a long way. Other than that, now that it's summer, there is really no reason for a 10 year old to be stuck in a gym. How about biking, long walks along the lake front, swimming, water parks, etc. If you can get away somewhere on the weekends, you can take hikes, etc. There are so many ways for her to burn calories alongside you without making it feel like a chore or even thinking of it as exercise. Unless she's really excited about the idea of a gym, I think there are better ways. Once the weather does get bad, a gym would probably be an okay solution.

Check out the park district and see if they have family exercise classes available. Walking on the lakefront is a good idea. It's beautiful in the summer. Also you could purchase bicycles and ride on the lakefront too. That would be a lot of fun and it would give you and your daughter bonding time.

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