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Weight Loss After a Miscarriage

I'm not really sure where to post this, but I'll start here. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. It's been 5.5 weeks since I had a D&C. 1 week after the D&C I started weight watchers and exercising to help support my body mostly, but also to get myself back to where I was. I wanted it for my mental health, as well as for trying to conceive again. Now, 10 lbs is more than I'd want to gain in 15 weeks. Especially considering a healthy weight gain is 2-5 lbs for that period of time. But, I had the same thing with my daughter. I gained quickly, but lost it all after. Regardless, I've only lost 3.2 lbs in the 5.5 weeks I've been doing this and I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm working SO hard and seeing no results. It's lowering my motivation, and really discouraging me. I mean, aside from the diet and exercise, I do have to live a little. Any little dinner out, even counting my weight watchers points means I either gain or BARELY loose. Like I just said, I'm still counting my points! I don't know ladies... Could this be a result of the miscarriage. Am I hoping for too much too soon? I didn't think I was. Oh, also, I just got my period back on 8/29. So, I've started a new cycle. I thought any residual hormone stuff would be resolved once I got my period? Anyone have any ideas??

UPDATE: Thank you for your replies so far. I want to add that I am not new to weight watchers. I became a life time member in 1997 after loosing 26 lbs. I joined online after my daughter and lost 20lbs. I think it is a good idea to meet with my leader. I will do that. But, I have a hard time believing it is because I'm not counting well. I'm weighing or measuring everything. I'm exercising. I am not counting activity points, but I never did. I am starting to wonder if I need to eat different foods? I vary my diet quite a bit. But, I'm wondering if I need to have more of this and less of that sort of thing. Anyhow, keep the ideas coming. I need them!!

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I am truly sorry for your loss...when I had my first miscarriage at almost 12 weeks (2 D&Cs almost 2 months apart due to a 2nd sac & placenta being missed, very bizarre situation) needless to say, it took a while for my body to re-adjust. I had gained 11 lbs in almost 3 months time and then gained some more after due to stress and anxiety. I was beating myself up over everything that had happened and then moved on to the frustration of the weight not coming off. For me, it wasn't until I tried to accept everything that had happened and relax a little about what was going on around me...I had a hard time accepting things after the 2nd D&C. When I was about 5 months post, the weight started falling off! It was wonderful! Then it just stopped....that was how I found out I was pregnant with our first child, a beautiful little girl, now almost 4! I stick with the no one is the same when it comes to our bodies recovering. There are so many changes that take place in such a short time we expect the same when comes to going back to "normal", I know I did and I still haven't found my so called normal for me yet! :) Best of luck to you! Try to give yourself some time to relax mentally as well as physically, I know that is hard with a little one, my little man is 20 months. Stress does some horrible things to us women!

A couple of things...It took me a lot longer to lose the weight after baby #2 than it did after #1. To the point that I started WW when #2 was 9 months old (since he was a preemie, and I was nursing, my OB told me NOT to start any sort of diet until he was 6 months adjusted, which was Thanksgiving, so I waited til after the holidays that year...). That being said - I've had a number of people at WW tell me that going Core for a couple of weeks or a month REALLY helps shake things up a bit. I may try that (admittedly, I fell off the WW wagon when my Mom fell ill in March, and I'm hoping to get back on track SOON...) when things settle a bit this fall.

Sounds like you've been through alot, sorry about your loss. I did weight watchers recently, there were weeks I gained in the beginning! So I met with our leader 1:1 after a meeting and she gave me pointers on how to stay full with fewer points. On how to use the points on more protein and whole grains so I stay full. And to rev up my activity points, but to also make sure I ate all my activity points. It helped for about 4 months, then I got stuck again (and it was at work and it ended so...I'm outta luck right now). But anyways, overall I did lose 25 lbs in 16 weeks, so keep at it, in the end it will work.

the one thing weight watchers tries to push is not to get discouraged....you might still have horomones in your body that might prevent you from losing the weight....try to change things up change your exercise that you do or the food you eat if you eat and do the same things all the time your body will get use to it and your metabolism wont do anything but if you give it a curve ball then it might do something and usually that last 10 or 15 lbs you want to lose to get to goal are the hardest ones too!

First, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Give yourself a break! You just went through a really rough time and your hormones are probably all haywire. Your body is still probably holding onto excess water weight and the hormones may be keeping on the fat. Not only that, give yourself time to grieve before you worry about the weight loss. Take care of your spiritual health and mental health before you worry about how you look. Don't be so hard on yourself! It's only been about a month. Give yourself about 6 months for your body to get back to normal.

I am so sorry about your loss - as far as the weight issue . . I am not a fan of weight watchers. I know a ton of the people on this site swear by it but the problem with it is that it's a calorie restiction diet. It's temporary and inneffective. You seem like you are losing weight - but you are losing it as muscle and retaining fat. This slows down your body's metabloism so when you gain the weight back (which will happen eventually on this program) you gain it all back as fat. Why do you think you can earn "lifetime mebership" They know you'll need to come back.

You need to focus on eating the right kinds of foods (not counting points or calories). Eating Low Glycemic is the key. Not cutting out carbs - just the bad ones like sugar and white flour and the like. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months but lost body fat and gained muscle mass. The higher percent of muscle mass the more fat your body will burn (even while you are at rest) Exercise is also key. You cannot ignore it.

If you wnat to learn more visit www.transitionslifestyle.com

I'm not saying this to take away from anything you've been through, but I think you are being way too hard on yourself. You need to lighten up on yourself and take one thing at a time. Okay a miscarriage isn't something that is going to be resolved right away, but obsessing over your weight in it's place is going to drive you to the crazy farm. I was diagnosed bipolar in 1993 & gained over 60 lbs in 3 months - just before my wedding, I was upset but needed to think about what was the most important at the moment. Some women are luckier then others w/the ultra quick metabolisms, some aren't. You just went through a major ordeal, allow yourself sometime to mend. The weight will come off but the more you worry about it, the harder you will be on yourself. Because of my being overweight I allowed myself 20 lbs w/both my girls - w/my first I only gained 12 but then w/my second I gained 16. My sister-in-law gained 60 and lost it all in no time. We are all created differently and it's hard to see sometimes. But good luck w/everything and my heart goes out to you.

R., it sounds as if you're got a lot on your plate. You had a miscarriage, you have a baby and you're worrying about excess weight. Slow down here and take it day by day. You're living today as today. This is what I have noticed for myself. I gained alot of weight when I was 6 weeks pregnant and I couldn't figure out why. I was not eating more than normally and yet I was blowing up like a balloon. Did you have gastational diabetes when pregnant with the first one? I thought perhaps that may have been it for me because I had it with all three of my boys and I still don't have diabetes but prone to. I exercise about 4 days a week with my husband and he's a personal trainer and he has taught me alot about exercising. First of all, no eating late at night. Second, exercising...you need to confuse your muscles. Meaning, lets say I go to the gym and loved eleptical(spelling?) and if I think to do that all the time, my body will say oh, same thing and then I won't see the results. Change your exercising and confuse your muscles and they will do what it's supposed to do without knowing it's doing that. It's hard to explain and if you want more understanding e-mail me and I'll ask my husband to explain it again to me and I'll tell you and he says it better than I do. Also, watch the intake. I eat after I workout because I lose alot of the salt through workout and you need to replace it. But, are you eating alot of salt and drinking water too? That makes a difference. I have found that eating oatmeal in the morning helps with the workout and eat wholewheat pasta and grains. If you eat carbohydrates, make sure in 10 hours after eating carbohydrates, you workout or it will into fat. It is good to eat carbohydrates because it is for energy, but you need to workout and that is why it's important for boys to eat pasta if they are in sports it gives energy and if you won't workout it will into fat. Hope I have helped and any questions don't hestitate to e-mail me and if you want to ask other ladies too.

I am a wellness coach and I coach people re nutritional cleansing. It's cost-effective and It's a great way to lose weight relatively quickly and keep it off. But more importantly, the nutrition involved really supports your body to get back on track and work the way it is supposed to - and heal itself.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more.

How are your sleep habits? I have read that if the body doesn't get the rest that it needs, it will hold onto fat fuel and not be as willing to respond to increased exercise and reduced caloric intake. Also, I agree with the other posts about anxiety being a key factor. Stress will also trigger your body to hold onto its stored fuel.

Some friends of mine are personal trainers, and when their clients plateau in their weight loss progress, they change the type of exercise. Rather than use the treadmill, they'll use the step for some fat burning. A kick-boxing class can re-ignite the fat burning fire. Of course, always do some type of weight training. Increase the muscle, and you'll burn more calories all day long... even all night long!

My personal rule is to remember that what the scale says means nothing. It's how your clothes look on you that matters. Muscle weighs more than fat so the scale may be deceiving you. :-)

Your body needs to be renourished and supported after carrying and then losing the baby. Try skipping the weight watchers and adding nutrient rich foods to your diet to grow stronger. Your body may be holding on to the weight because it feels like it is crisis mode and needs better nourishment. You may be lose weight better by eating denser foods. Check out the westin price foundation website.

First off I am so sorry for your loss.

After I had my daughter I was told by my primary doctor that after a pregnancy you have to give your body 6-8 weeks to fully recover and "go back to normal" before trying to lose weight by dieting. i started trying to lose too soon after I had my daughter and it did nothing. I am not sure if the 6-8 weeks would be true in your situation, but there is a good chance it is. If I were you I would give it a little more time. Maybe watch what you eat, but don't start the true diet until your next period. maybe you body just needs more time to adjust.

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