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Help...I need some wieght loss tricks. I am 5'6" but I look about 175. I have been working out walking/jogging most days of the week and lifting weights for strength building. I have not lost a single pound . i do not eat very much at all. This is just making me so depressed. Moms out there...how do you lose weight with a very busy schedule and what are some diet tricks. 4 years ago I lost 25 pounds on the South Beach Diet in about 4 months but I do not want to do that. Do meal replacement bars work? Help.

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I would highly recommend Weight Watchers. I am 5'6" and was 192 & am now 147! I'm thinner than I was before I got pregnant! Anyway, I had never been a successful dieter & did workout but didn't have much luck losing weight until WW. Give it a try!

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I would highly recommend Weight Watchers. I am 5'6" and was 192 & am now 147! I'm thinner than I was before I got pregnant! Anyway, I had never been a successful dieter & did workout but didn't have much luck losing weight until WW. Give it a try!

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About 10 weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a change in my life and strive for a healthy lifestyle. My first step was to get healthy inside and out. I started taking Mona Vie and that kick started my journey. Mona Vie revitalized my life and motivated me to start eating right and exercising. Before Mona Vie, I would barely roll out of bed in the morning because I was so exhausted and after work I would come home and sleep. Now I am up at 5:30am and I walk for 30 minutes every day. I also started eating right. I limited my calorie intake to 1700 calories a day and I upped my activity level to moderately active. (Including my 30 min walks). To date I have lost 21 pounds and I am targeting another 8 more weeks for another 20 pound goal. Mona Vie's primary ingredient ACAI is noted as the #1 Superfood and the antioxidants and phytonutrients in Mona Vie have also been reported to:

Boost energy
Fight free radicals
Improves digestive function
Improves mental clarity/focus
Cleanse and detoxify the body
Strengthens your immune system
Slow down the aging process
Promote healthier and younger-looking skin
Helps maintain healthy heart function
Minimizes inflammation

It is important to note that all of this started with a choice. My choice to be healthy and there is no diet trick in the world that can get you going except for you. It all starts with you and your desire to be healthy. Everything else will fall into place once you choose health.

Good luck to you and if you need support or just want a health buddy feel free to contact me at ____@____.com for more information on Mona Vie visit http://www.mymonavie.com/StayatHomeMom

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Start keeping a food log, and write down what you eat, figure out the calories your body needs daily, and eat less, move more. It's really simple math. Calories in, calories out. Diets don't work, eating healthy and working out does. Here's a website link that you can use to find out your caloric needs.


Diets have never worked for me (or most people in the long run).If I go on any kind of diet, it may work to take weight off, but it is not maintainable. Then it is harder to lose weight and keep if off the next time. So instead of dieting, I have started listening to my body. I have stopped weighing myself. If I get 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3-4 times a week, eat only when I am hungry - important - stop when I am full, my weight stays stable. I am not a slim movie-star looking person, but I am satisfied with my weight, because it feels right to me.

Hi E.;
I use a pair of weighted sneakers while I am running around after my daughter and doing errands. The design burns double the amount of calories and improves cardio at the same time. I also follow a balanced nutritional plan and occasionally utilize a natural, healthy metabolism booster.
I can't do diets, I've never been good about sticking with a gym, but the shoes I put on everyday.
S. H

Try the flat belly diet, and watch I Can Make You Thin on Sunday nights on TLC (I can't remember what time it's on, like 8 or 9, I think). The show is really revolutionary- I mostly just tuned in because I was like "how can a TV show help people diet" but really, I was like "wow, this really works!" And try to catch the reruns of the first few episodes. As for the flat belly diet, I would follow some of the food recommendations, but still follow the rules of the show. The flat belly diet focuses on eatting healthy fats that actually help you get rid of that fat most of us moms have trouble with around the belly, while also addressing our every day habits that make us bloat. But I think the key for moms, esp as we get older, is in general NOT to diet but to just adapt a healthy new lifestyle, and that's one thing I love about the show- it's really anti diet. I'L. give you a preview- in the first show he talks about the four rules, the heart of his program. They are 1) Eat when you're hungry, 2) Eat what you want, 3) Eat conciously (don't watch TV, don't read a magazine, don't do anything else. Enjoy your food, eat slowly, put your fork down after every single bite, and chew each bite as long as you can and really THINK about how good the food is- this is my favorite, because the next day I had a grilled cheese and I had never realized how rediculously yummy grilled cheese is, and I was fuller and more satisfied- this also makes you eat less) and 4) Stop when you think you might be full- apparently this is the hardest thing for some people and he suggests (I didn't do this) eatting for a few meals with your eyes shut so you don't know how much food is left on your plate. But he says if you THINK you're hungry, stop, but if you're hungry in ten or twenty minutes, eat more! I love it. Good luck!

Counting calories can drive you crazy but it helps you manage what you are eating. go to calorieking.com and you can type in any food item from pretty much any restaurant or grocery store. Start by eating breakfast, before I got pregnant I ate a bowl of special K in the morning, then a good healthy lunch and usually ate something healthy for dinner (eating early helps too) and worked out after work and I lost about 10 pounds and looked great. Good luck with it!!!

OK this is an easy one. I used a program called Body For Life by Bill Phillips and managed to lose 105 pounds in 16 months, which remedied my infertility. There is no gimic to losing weight. No Pills... no powders... nothing. Just common sense. IF you are not eating enough you will throw your body in to starvation mode which will stop the process of losing weight because your body will store everything that it can because it fears a lack of food. So therefore.... EAT! But you have to eat healthy foods... not junk foods. Do not eat anything that doesn't come from nature... if it's boxed... skip it... if it's canned... ditch it. Think lean... think veggies and fruits. Check out the program I used and I promise that if you stick to it that you WILL see results. I have tried EVERYTHING else including 10 years of binging and purging. It doesn't work. www.bodyforlife.com
Good luck! :)

Hi E.. Yes the bars work. I have a program that I use that I lost 15 lbs on in 3 months. It is a combination of food (diet), supplements/vitamins and exercise. If you are interested email me back for more info. T.

Hi E.,

I am a nutritionist and I would love to help you. You can email me any time and we can do a free analysis to see what you are currently doing and see there are any places we can adjust.

Email me anytime at ____@____.com

Here to help

First off you say you do not eat much. Define "you do not eat much"? Do you know how many calories a day you are supposed to have? Do you know how many calories a day you are eating? If you aren't eating enough you WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT! and obviously if you are eating more than you should, you will not lose weight. You are lifting weights, muscle weighs more than fat, you might be loosing fat and gaining muscle. There is not magic bar or trick. You must do cardio and weight training and you must eat - at least every 3 hours a day! Measure yourself rather than weigh yourself. How your clothes fit is what matters.

Anyone can lose weight on the South Beach Diet but you can't be on this diet for the rest of your life so the weight WILL come back. Sensible eating and exercise are a must.

If you email me what you are eating on an average day and what kind of exercise you are doing and how often I may be able to give you some pointers.

At the least, find out how many calories a day you need to lose about a 1lb a week and then keep a journal of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. This can be time consuming but if you can track your food for a week or two you can be sure you aren't going over your recommended caloriec intake.

Dear E.:

Most of people think that lose weight need eat less and that in somewhat against what your body feel. however, when body lose the ability to process food to energy, whatever how much you eat, you will alway feel fatigue, then wants instant energy again by eat carbo and sweat which lead to gain weight. my point view in Chinese Medicine is to strengh body to solve what is the cause the gain weight - body deficiency !! , then strengthen the body ,once the body process food well to generate enoght energy, you will feel more energetic, strong immunity and less craving.
Please visit my website
www.omdweb.net or www.sandiegolongevity.com
to check the newsletter of Obesity . if you have any question , you can call my office
best regard H. H

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