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Weight Loss - Bethel Springs,TN

Before I got pregnant I lost 20 pounds just by diet and exercise. Well, not really dieting just by cutting back. Since my baby was born 11 months ago, I have lost 40 pounds. I only have 5 more pounds to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. The problem is I can't stop eating. I have cravings like I am pregnant or pre-menstrual all the time. I know for a fact that I am not pregnant and my monthly period is like clock work. Could my hormones just be re-adjusting or something? Is this something I should see a doctor about? Does anyone have any weight loss tips?

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Here are a couple foods that the weight watchers has as zero points. Try eating carrots, celery, and the whites of hard boiled eggs. Salmon has points but VERY good for filling you up. Also, I cut alcohol for lent once (I'm Catholic, it lasts 40 days) but in combination with the above and a tiny bit of excersize I lost that 'extra' ten pounds every one talks about.


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It doesn't sound like you are eating too much if you have lost 40 lbs. That is great!
I found when I lost weight that your body craves what it is needing. I took vitamins and continued to exercise and that seemed to help. Are you taking a good vitamin?
Also, when you get hungry, drink alot of water. I kept a bottle with about 1/4 of water in the freezer. I would get it out, add water to it and shake it really hard and I had cold cold water for hours. I used the water to fill me up.
I don't know if hormones would have anything to do with it or not. I sure hope you figure it out and settle the cravings. Sounds like you have done so well.
Good luck. I would check into the vitamins and eat more raw veggies. They have alot of vitamins and things that your body will crave if you don't get it.

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The same thing happened to me with my first son. I was breastfeeding and weight just seemed to melt off me no matter what I ate. As soon as I stopped nursing the wieght came back though. The weight loss didn't happen with my second son. If your breastfeeding, that would explain the weight loss and it will prolong the hormonal adjustments. If you are nursing be sure to limit your diet again when you start weaning or the weight will come back.

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are you nursing? If so, that is probably it. If not, your metabolism could be in high gear which is good. Maybe you are not eating enough fiber. Eat more filling foods and see if that helps. Drink a lot of water, that should fill you up a bit too.

what a nice problem to have...you are lucky! :o)

This will sound way off-track, but bear with me. Are you getting enough sleep? I ask because appetite and sleep are related, and with a little baby you may not have been getting enough sleep. Make sure you are; that should help your appetite diminish. Good luck!

It sounds like your body is still adjusting. But to be on the safe side I get yourself checked. It would make you feel at ease.

Have a good day
Vicki W.

My suggestion would be that you get a complete physical. There are medical conditions that can cause you to lose weight and be hungry all the time. For example, having too much thyroid hormone in your system can make you lose weight and be hungry all the time. When you have too much thryoid hormone in your system it makes you metabolize food faster and that makes you hungry. All the systems in your body are also working faster and it can make your heart race, etc. Get a physical if you are concerned.

Here are a couple foods that the weight watchers has as zero points. Try eating carrots, celery, and the whites of hard boiled eggs. Salmon has points but VERY good for filling you up. Also, I cut alcohol for lent once (I'm Catholic, it lasts 40 days) but in combination with the above and a tiny bit of excersize I lost that 'extra' ten pounds every one talks about.


if you're nursing, you need that extra weight for a while. I lost all my baby weight by nursing. It burns about 500 calories a day.

your body may need the extra cals right now. it woudnn't hurt to call the dr if you're concerned. That's what they get paid the big bucks for :)

Are you breast feeding? If so, expect to be hungry.

Kick up your exercise, try & fit even just 10-20 minutes in per day. If it is your hormones, the exercise will help regulate them. Yoga is GREAT for aiding in balancing your hormones.

Examine your diet, heavy carb load can leave you feeling hungry. Even if you are not eating that much, if it is mostly grains/breads or empty calories, that too can throw your system.

Take a multi vitamin & add a B complex.

You sound perfectly normal. : )

Are you breastfeeding? That sometimes keeps a few extra pounds on you.

A website that i have found really useful is sparkpeople.com. It is free and you can log food and exercise. What is really great is that when you sign up, in your profile you put your height/age/weight and what your goals are. Then it tells you a calorie range. by logging food it gave me a very eye opening awareness of the composition of my calories - carbs/fat/protein. turns out i was never eating enuf protein or fat.

Also - remember to eat the good fats. They will actually help your liver metabolize better. (Olive oil, salmon, etc)

Hey A.!
I don't know the answer to your question, but just wanted to tell you that I can relate! After my son was born and while I was breastfeeding, I was constantly hungry - I mean famished!!! All the time!!! So if you are breastfeeding, this could be the reason. That hunger went away when I stopped breastfeeding.

Are you nursing, A.? With your period like clock-work, I would think you aren't, but you didn't specify. When did you have a check-up lately, bloodwork done, etc? What kinds of food are you craving? I would think that this is probably more important than the fact that you are hungry. You ask about weight loss tips, but you're already losing weight - what you need to know more is that your body is healthy in the way you've been losing weight. If you are losing weight even while eating a ton, then you are either eating the best food in the world and are the luckiest woman in the world, or there is a reason for it and you might need the doctor to make sure that it's not a side affect of a larger problem.

I hope that makes sense.

Good luck,


Are you nursing? If so, that could explain why you are hungry all of the time. If you're not nursing consider yourself lucky, however as others have stated it is probably a good idea to get a physical exam.

I am also a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl. So far i've been able to lose 30 of the 40 pounds I gained during the pregnancy. My weight loss success is b/c of the breastfeeding. ;-)

Best of luck to you,

Sometimes chewing sugar free gum stops the oral cravings. A friend used to tell me to just 'wait it out' that the hunger cravings will go away...do something else for 30 minutes and occupy your mind with something other than eating (play with your child, do a craft.)

There are also little bottles with flavor in them that will sometimes just get the taste in your mouth without consuming the item. One is chocolate. Just put a drop on your tongue and that helps.

You are going to need to decide if you are "truly" hungry or munching because you are bored or need something to chew on. The one thing you can do is replace your snacking with chomping on carrots or other healthy snacks. When I get the munchies in the middle of the afternoon-- I make a huge salad for myself and eat that (or a large apple)-- and that does the trick for me until meal time.


My first question to you is are you still breastfeeding? If you are, and you've lost the amount of weight that you have said, then it makes perfect sense that you are so hungry and wanting to eat. If your concern is high, then it is never a bad idea to get a professional opinion.

Take everything doctors say with a grain of salt though, especially if you don't know the dr well, or if the dr doesn't necessarily respect your health lifestyle, such as eating organics or something. I've had drs like that. As far as weight loss, keep up the exercising-great job 40 lbs!

Make sure you have both an aerobic workout (like running, treadmill, intense pilates to riase heart rate), and an anerobic workout (like weights to build muscle) in place. I love pilates, yoga, and exercise with weights done on the ball. Also keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you notice hey, I'm looking pretty good, but I now weigh more, its most likely muscle gain, and thats great.

Oh I'm sure you already know this, but limit or cut your refined sugars, and grains. Drink plenty of water. Cut out soda, sweet tea, and pesky things like yummy creamers in coffee. Those are low in fat, but there's a ton of sugar in them. Also something you may not know is eating organics can help. Our bodies hold in all of those toxins, pesticides, and hormones. Then the toxins hold in the excess fat.

Hi A.,
You're hormones are definitely still adjusting!!!! Drinking water really helped me. I finally lost 20 pounds from my last son, after trying everything I found what worked for me. For food cravings, take a good B-Complex and watch your sugar intake. Taking a walk with your little bundle of joy (or any exercise) will also help to balance your blood sugar and hormones. Hormones are usually the culprit for food cravings.

I'm a pilates & fitness trainer, so I thought it would be easy getting the baby weight off.... but it WASN'T : ( But I finally did it. And no more cravings!!! That's a big woo hoo!!!

If you're interested in knowing more about what helped me, I'd be more than glad to share that with you. I wish you the best!

You didn't mention whether or not you are breast-feeding. If you are, this will probably diminish once you are through breast-feeding and / or using a breast pump. This activity is generally good for burning about 500 calories per day, which will make you feel more hungry than you might otherwise be.

If not, you could have hyperthyroidism developing. Sometimes this can be triggered after significant changes (like a pregnancy). It might be worth a visit to your M.D. to explain your situation and be screened for it (simple blood test, initially), just to be on the safe side.

Enjoy that little one. They grow up so fast. Don't blink, and take lots of videocam and photos so that in a year and a half you're not saying to yourself "I hardly remember what you were like developmentally when you were very little."

Congratulations on getting within 5 pounds of your goal. My guess is that your body is craving something it's not getting. I find that I do better when I'm taking my Arbonne Hybrid vitamins and drinking my Arbonne protein shakes. I'd be happy to show you how to buy those at a 35% discount. - Best wishes!

What we hear about not eating simple sugars (white flour, white potatoes, white rice, sugar, etc.) is so true. When we eat those it just makes us hungry for more. If you could cut out gluten and sugar (so hard, I know) I bet your weight would start coming back down. My weight was going up for no reason and I have hormone issues so I finally decided to try a naturopath. I couldn't believe how my appetite went away when she convinced me to cut out all those things. Instead of pasta I use brown rice. We eat a lot more bean dishes. I stopped buying my favorite junk like captain crunch, and it's amazing how much my appetite went away. Snack on fruit and vegies, eat plenty of protein. If you think about it, most of what wheat is in isn't much good for us, and makes up the bulk of our diet. Instead of toast/bagels/muffins/cereal, etc. for breakfast, have eggs scrambled with vegies and healthy meats. Oh, and she's all about the good fats, like avocado, coconut milk, etc. Good luck!

Are you breastfeeding? I was so hungry when I was breastfeeding.

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