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Weight Gain at 28 Weeks

hi experienced mom's

we expecting our first baby in november am 28 weeks as of today.
before pregnant i was 144 lbs.
now at 28 weeks i gained 26 lbs till now...am 170.2 lbs as of today..
am 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall.

am really worried about my weight gain. am always hungry.
can anyone give me some tips how to put on less weight and how much time should i spend in walking. am staying at home fulltime and walking daily for 45mins .is it too less.

please someone help me am scared to get on scale now a days

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Sometimes that just happens unfortunately!! With my first pregnancy I put on over 50 lbs and by my second trimester was eating only lowfat subway lunches and watching what I was eating for other meals, plus I was doing walking workouts. With this pregnancy, I am at 34 weeks and have put on about 20 lbs and haven't been as good with my diet or working out....As long as the doctor says you and the baby are healthy, I would try not to worry about it so much!

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I started out at 135 and went up to almost 180 when I had my son. And I was walking and not eating as much as you would think to gain that much. What has your doc said about your gain? I know if you are drinking juices or high calorie drinks that could help. Try to do whatever you can. Trust me I understand how frustrating the weight gain is and I still have 6 lbs to take off and my son is 7 months old. It's not easy! But all in all if your docs aren't concerned and you are doing what you can I wouldn't worry :)

Sometimes that just happens unfortunately!! With my first pregnancy I put on over 50 lbs and by my second trimester was eating only lowfat subway lunches and watching what I was eating for other meals, plus I was doing walking workouts. With this pregnancy, I am at 34 weeks and have put on about 20 lbs and haven't been as good with my diet or working out....As long as the doctor says you and the baby are healthy, I would try not to worry about it so much!

Sounds to me like you are doing all the right things. Did your doctor tell you not to gain any more weight? Typically, pregnant women can gain 20-35 lbs over the course of a pregnancy, so I don't think you've got a lot to worry about unless a medical professional gives you a good reason.

Keep walking as long as you can--that's good for you!

Hi R.,
Congrats on your first baby! Your main concern should be making sure you are giving your baby the best nutrition possible, not your weight gain. I am preggy with #5 and have gained anywhere between 20 to 43 lbs in my previous pregnancies.. each one was different! Make sure you are getting 80-100 grams of protein a day, plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains. Salt your food to taste and drink to thirst. Take your prenatal vitamins and keep up the great work with the exercise and you will be just fine. A fantastic resource about the best diet for you and your baby is The Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High Risk Pregnancy by Gail and Tom Brewer. You can see a summary of the recommended foods in the Brewer diet here:
I would say stop worrying too much at the scale and enjoy this precious time with a new life growing inside you ;)

i didnt read the other requests, but i am pregnant for the 3rd time... first time, i gained 63 lbs (and i am only 5 foot 2 inches), but i had a beautiful, super healthy baby girl at 7 lbs, 13 oz. second time, i gained 40 lbs, and baby was 7 lbs 10 oz. the point is, the weight i gained didnt matter, as long as i was having healthy babies. i HATE HATE HATE exercising, but i was still about to go back to pre baby weight (i have terrible stretch marks, but that was unavoidable, all the women in my family get them)... now, with baby #3, im 22 weeks pregnant and have already hit my 'target' weight. OH WELL! we'll just have another healthy baby :) dont worry about it, the stress will make you want to eat more. as your baby grows and starts to push on your stomach and intestines, youre probably not going to want to eat as much anyway!! and congrats on the pregnancy :)

You've already gotten some great advice but here is my two cents. Unless your weight gain has mostly happened recently I wouldn't be too worried. If you have been slowly gaining over the entire 28 weeks your still within a normal range for weight gain. Try not to worry (easier said than done!)and just be careful about eating well going forward and you will do fine!

I just passed the 29 week mark so I am in a similar position as you ... here are a few simple ideas that help me and might help you too:
- limit sweets to once a day
- eat what you want but keep to smaller than normal portion sizes on high fat, sugar or proccesed foods
- eat lots of small meals to prevent a drop in blood sugar
- choose whole foods when possible (whole wheat not white, fresh fruit and veg, lean meats)
- every time you eat something think about what nutrients you baby needs ... make sure you are really hungry and need food and aren't just tired, bored, stressed, etc.

As for the exercise, as long as your doctor is ok with it 45 minutes most days of the week sounds great. As long as you can continue being active it will help you shed the pounds later and make labor easier.

Good luck!

Like most of the others mom said, I wouldn't worry about your weight gain. I gained 50 lbs with my first child, and eventually lost all of it (it took a lot of dieting and exercising and time), but my doctor wasn't concerned since the baby and I were both healthy. If you're eating mainly healthy things and are walking for 45 min every day, then your body is probably gaining how much it needs to be healthy. My dr. also told me that I had to eat if I was hungry. Since you said you feel hungry, you should not cut back on your food!! This time around (my second pregnancy) I haven't gained as much, am not as hungry, and feel totally different. Don't give in to every craving (but do give in to some of them), and you should be fine and have a healthy baby.

darling honey!

Do not let yourself caught up with these kinds of thoughts! Your body is the home of a wonderful little baby, let your body do the work, let your baby get comfy!! If you are hungry do not deprive yourself, just make the right choices about what to eat! Keep exercising, that is good for you! You deserve to give yourself a break for the pregnancy, after you can start looking at ways to regain your shapes and your weight. I gained more than 40 pounds, and lost it all after, in 6 months. Of course my hips are a little wider today, and my tummy does not have the same exact tone, but essentially, I am as slim as before. Enjoy the pregnancy, let your body do his job, and feed you both with healthy stuff!!!

Hi R.,
While pregnant with my first, they stopped telling me the exact number of lbs I had gained at 35 wks. At that point I had already gained 58lbs.(total wt gain was about 70lbs) I was not concerned at all as I am 5'7" and B4 preg 135lbs. I was huge but happy!

Always hungry and at 37 wks my ob told me to slow down a bit because she was worried about me loosing the weight after birth. Upon hearing this I was devistated because I knew I was only going to keep gaining at this point.

I spoke to friends, who happen to be ob's themselves. Their advice "don't worry about it, your body is going to do what your body is going to do. Now is not the time to be concerned about weight, but about a healthy baby!"

Then I spoke with my mother--who is 5'2" and she gained over 50 lbs when pregnant with me!! As long as I can remember she has been thin as a rail...

Sorry to be so long winded but you are going to gain the weight necessary for your body to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. As long as you are making good choices in the foods you eat the majority of the time, you will be fine. Everything in moderation. (I know, I know, nutrition is everything---but indulgence is sooo good!)
I gave in to my cravings and ate what I wanted but made sure I nutritionally covered my self most of the time--if I didn't eat what I was craving it only made the craving stronger
I am now rambling--It took me 10 mos to loose the weight but I did loose it only to be pregnant again!!!!!!
Oh well, it all worked out I was pre pregnancy weight 6 mos after the birth of my second.
Don't worry, it'll all work out--best of luck,

Just from my personal experience, sounds like you may be gestational diabetic. Have you gone for your glucose tolerance test? I was diabetic with both of my pregnancies and unfortunately for me, diet was not enough to control my diabetes so I had to inject insulin. During my first pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight at first, but after they found out I was diabetic, they helped me with a meal plan and I lost 20 lbs. So when I delivered my baby I had only gained a total of 25lbs. Talk with your doctor.

Eat foods that are higher in fiber, they'll keep you full for longer. Plus even if you're not gestational diabetic, eat like you are. I gained tons of weight in my first pregnancy (I was gestational diabetic but it's wasn't diagnosed as that back then, they've since lowered the blood glucose threshold). My second pregnancy I was diagnosed gestational diabetic and during the course of following the diabetic diet, I only gained 19lbs. my whole pregnancy which was totally acceptable since I was carrying a little left over weight still at the beginning of the pregnancy.

My point is that I now think every pregnant woman should follow the diabetic diet even if she's not diabetic, it's so healthy and very well balanced. There are also a lot of ways to fill yourself up without jacking up your blood sugar that translate into ways to fill up without gaining weight. See a nutritionist and ask about following the diabetic eating plan.

Hi R. T,

Congratulations on your first baby! First and foremost, ask your OB and trust their judgement on the weight issue.They know what's healthy and what's not..And remember that weight is helping your baby get the nourishment it needs for healthy developement. That's always the most important factor..It sounds like you're a pretty active mom,as for excercizing, and as long as you're eating healthy, not junkfood, sodas, sugar, etc.. then don't worry. If it helps any, I gained 40 lbs with my first son and 50+ with the second.I was constantly hungry- I mean really hungry! The good news is that, for me at least, breast feeding my sons took the weight off within the FIRST month or two, after their births! No lie.. I lost ALL my baby weight with the first one in 1 month! And all but 10 lbs with the second..It took an extra month for those 10 lbs, but it DID come off.. Believe me, when you first lay eyes on that little miracle , you'll know it was worth anything you've gone through to have him/her healthy and here. Good luck !


Hi. We're trying to get pregnant with our second child, and I'm worried that I'll gain back the 65 pounds I just lost. Here's what I plan to do this time around (lessons from Weight Watchers):

Watch your portion sizes - you could measure out the recommended portions and/or count calories, fat and fiber content to stay under the daily total recommended by your doctor.

Stop, rest and assess. If you're starting to feel full, stop eating, throw out or put away the left overs and wash the dishes. You'll be less likely to keep eating if you put it away.

Drink lots of water. Replace your sodas, juices, flavored coffee drinks, etc. with pure water. If you need a bit of taste, you can add some sugar-free flavor like crystal lite, but plain water is best. Drink 8 cups each day. It will keep you hydrated and full, and if you want to nurse your baby, it will keep your milk supply up.

Go for high fiber and whole grains in your food. The double fiber breads, Fiber One products and cereals like Mini Wheats are my favorites. They will make you full and help rid your body of excess waste.

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Fruit is a great alternative to sugary sweets. They will keep you full and are packed with vitamins and fiber.

And finally, get some exercise every day. Don't do anything too strenuous if you weren't exercising before you were pregnant, but even walking a mile or two, swimming a few laps, cycling or elliptical will help. There are also gym classes tailored for expecting moms you could look into. I try to walk/jog with my son in his stroller or bike every day. I have a couple small hand weights, a step and a large ball for indoor workouts. Simple pushups, jumping jacks and lunges go a long way.

Believe me, I've been there and I know it's hard. I was close to 240 pounds by the time I was full term! My worst craving was for ice cream, so I went to Cold Stone Creamery several times a week - not smart. I'm going to try to substitute frozen yogurt and homemade smoothies this time. Look online for healthy alternatives for whatever you're craving. There are new books like "Eat this, not that" which address healthy substitutes. Keep in mind that you can get all your calories from healthy foods. Hang in there and try not to stress too much. Hopefully you'll find the strength to take control and feel empowered.

Sweetie - this is the one time in all of your life as a woman where you shouldn't be worried about gaining weight. If you are really this concerned, talk to your OB. If they were worried about the amount of weight you are gaining, they would surely say something, but I know plenty of skinny moms who gained upwards of 70 lbs during there pregnancy and managed to lose it all afterwards, and had very healthy babies. Like they say, the weight you should gain during your pregnancy is merely a guideline. Not all pregnancies are the same.

As a natural childbirth educator, and birth doula,here are my 2 cents.
Do not buy into fear tactics from others and especially the OB/GYN's.
Eat 80-100 grms of protein. Cut out sugar and white foods, eat plenty of veggies and fruits and complex carbs, lots of fiber and lots of water. Exercise 3-5x /wk. Water exercise is great during pregnancy as is yoga.
Worry does not help your baby or you. Focus on quality food, water and moderate exercise, and relaxation.
Good luck,
L. M
HypnoBirthing childbirth educatoin and birth doula services for women and families in MD, DC and Northern Va.

You shoulld not worry about weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the one time when a woman really doesn't have to worry about weight gain. I would not introduce any strenuous excercise while pregnant. Has your ob says that your weight is a problem? All you should do right now is to make healthy food choices. I ate all the time when I was pregnant and my weight gain was moderate---lost it fairly quickly while nursing. Embrace your pregnancy curves and enjoy your pregnancy. Don't sweat it.

Ask your physician for guidance, and perhaps ask for a referral to a nutritionist. However, I don't try to lose weight or avoid gaining. Even IF you have gained more than you should, you still need extra calories to grow the baby. I will aslos say, you will be surprised at how effective the body is at losing baby weight. As long as you aren't gorging yourself on chocolate, most women gain wha tthey need, and lose it pretty quickly, especially with nursing. Breastfeeding is GREAT for weight loss. Don't worry, eat frequent little meals that are healthy. Godd luck with your baby - it is the greatedst joy - and worth the little weight gain!!

Unless your doctor is worried about it you shouldn't be. I believe it is normal to gain 25 - 35 pounds. You only have 12 weeks left and won't gain all that much toward the end. Drink lots of water and eat high fiber foods to feel full longer. And try not to worry too much.

Hi R.,

Worrying isn't going to help. Tweaking your diet will. Cut out sugar. This means lay off the dairy unless it's nonfat. No sodas or fruit juices. Choose whole grains over white flour. Eat lean protein, and vegetables. Not so much fruit and more colorful veggies. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Can't live without your OJ? Cut it in half with low-sodium sparkling water, things like that.

You're over halfway there! Your baby is going to be putting on his/her weight this last trimester, so you should expect to keep gaining. The weight will come off. Enjoy this time!

I am a mother of 2 boys. My oldest is 10 and my youngest in 10 month. I have lost all of my baby weight with both. The first child i gained 40 lbs total and it slid off. I gained nothing till I was 7 months and gained 7 lbs. My 8th months I gained 18 lbs and my 9th and 10th month(my son was overdue) I gained a 22 lbs. with a total of 40 lbs. My second baby i gained 28 lbs but was alot larger and bigger quicker than the first. my body was already stretched out. What does the doc say about your weigth. I was told that during a pregnancy, a woman who starts at a normal weight should gain 25 to 40lbs. during pregnancy. An overweight woman should gain less as the baby already has some room to move and an underweight woman more. Remember, the baby only weights 6-8 lbs. the fluid, tissue, and placenta about 3-6. So total, a baby and everything with it should accomadate about 12-14 lbs. The rest will be you so the less you gain the more you have to worry about losing. Also, the bigger you get the more uncomfortable it will be for you. Give in to cravings but in moderation. Many of my girlfriends at like they were eating for 2 and not healthy. the way i did it when i was pregnant was to picture my baby at 6 months and all the nutritious food i would feed him. every time i ate i thought that i was feeding the baby(they eat what u eat of course) Try eating fruit and veggies as snacks, the iron in green veggies is great for the baby. I loved cold broccoli and light dressing. make fun deserts (strawberry shortcake) etc., pudding, things like that. always keep active even if its hard, listen to your doctor. if he says your healthy dont stress yourself. exerceing helped my mood and made me feel better. Is there anywhere that you can swim. A pool is great for a pregnant woman, u can relax and burn some calories while feeling weitghtless(YEah) no matter what size you get or turn always try to keep healthy for you and the baby and be proud of your body. YOu are a human incubater. Pregnant bodies are beautiful.. never is there a time where u have a more natural glow, beatuiful (nicely large swollen breasts) and an excuse not to worry about gaining weight. just be sensible and healthy. Good Luck! when baby is born try Stroller Strides or Mommy and me exersize class.

With my first pregnancy I gained 30lbs. I am not sure how this one will turn out. I did sign up for a website during my first pregnancy called www.babyfit.com. They have a lot of good advice and a food tracker which I used in the first couple of months during my first pregnancy. It really helps to know where you might be going overboard or where you might even need to add. It also has examples of exercises and a way you can track that as well. The only reason I did not use it for my entire pregnancy is because after the first couple of months I really felt it gave me some good guidelines which I continued to follow but did not feel the need to keep entering the information every day. I did keep a baby journal though which I didn't use to track food or exercise as much as just what I was feeling in my pregnancy, but I think I did enter my weight in it from time to time. I worked out 3 times per week but only did anywhere from 15-30 minutes on either walking on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike machines depending on how I felt. I usually kept it at a low intensity and switched it up so I would not get bored. The only thing I wish I would have done was some weight training because holding a baby constantly does put strain on your upper body and maybe some exercises to strengthen my lower back. I did nurse my son and that helped to drop the weight but the only problem I had was he weaned himself at 5 1/2 months and I did not continue to pump and kind of allow my body to be weaned so I think my body went into shock and I gained 15lbs in a couple weeks. I didn't realize how many calories the nursing burned, but I cut back on some foods and worked out and eventually I lost that. The only other thing is you should get checked by your doctor. You could have gestational diabetes or even another condition that only a doctor will be able to detect. I hope you are able to figure things out and enjoy your pregnancy!

Have you been screened yet for gestational diabetes? Usually btw. 24 and 28 weeks, you take a glucose tolerance test. With gestational diabetes, you're usually very hungry and thirsty So if your OB hasn't referred you to a lab yet, ask immediately. If you fail the one-hour test, you'll take the 3-hour test, which is a bear, to be honest. But most women who follow a diet under a doctor's care do well w/o having to take insulin. I followed a very stringent diet and had a small baby whose blood sugar level was fine.

If you're in the clear, at around 28 weeks, some pregnant women begin to gain a lot of weight during this last trimester. Watch your food intake - particularly your carbohydrates. Load up on vegetables and low-fat meats and fish. And drink plenty of water. 45-minute walks are excellent, but be sure that your OB gives you the OK to continue - and has ruled out any complications.

Good luck and take care.

Fiber, Darlin, fiber! It will help you with any constipation you may have, as well. Fiber will keep you fuller longer, because it takes time to break it down.

In addition to this, choose foods that have intrinsic value. Meaning... foods that offer high nutrient values or good fats, fiber, etc. Eat LITTLE meals, s l o w l y.

You are eating to provide NUTRITION to you baby. Not just to help it get big! If you eat highly nutritious foods, so do they.

As for the 26 lbs., that is within a safe range. As you go through your end-stage, though, be vigilant about your food and activity. The walking is wonderful, because that will help you for delivery too. What you cannot see right now are the muscles you are keeping toned under the baby weight. If you truly are doing it every day, you will get back to your healthy weight.

I am a Weight loss and Wellness Coach, so I know how to manage post-pregnancy weight loss if it comes to that we can work together afterwards, but for now, I believe you will do fine and God bless both of you...


Don't worry- you are within the normal range. Your weight gain will actually slow down the last month of pregnancy. I just looked at the journal I kept when I was pregnant with both my girls. Right around 28 weeks I had gained 25 pounds with each of them. My total weight gain for both pregnancies was 33 pounds. You'll be fine. Just eat healthy stuff!

I'd say you were doing great! I'm 5' 5" tall. I have 1 boy and we needed a fertility specialist after 4 year of trying in order to have him. When we finally got pregnant I was 200 lbs. I had to take progesterone shots every day through the first trimester (it was a total of 5 months of daily shots in leading up to being pregnant through the 1st trimester). I was hungry constantly. My blood sugar would drop suddenly with no warning and I'd get nasty if I got hungry without being prepared with a snack. I had no nausea or morning sickness and my stomach got acidic very easily (I took a lot of antacids). I gained a total of 65 lbs by the end of my pregnancy. They had me do a sugar test for gestational diabetes - I didn't have it. I was tired by the end and my feet swelled up pretty badly. My son was 9 lbs 1 1/2 oz, was delivered vaginally and was perfectly healthy. I lost 20 lbs during delivery. Over the next 2 weeks I lost 20 more lbs which was mostly water weight. Between breast feeding and walking malls with a stroller during morning walk time, I lost more weight and I was below 200lbs by the time my son was 6 months old. Everybody is different. The goal is to have as healthy a baby as possible. Many women follow a pattern that is similar to their own mothers when they were pregnant. I found swimming was wonderful when I was pregnant. It took so much pressure off my back and I was so buoyant I almost floated on top of the water. Walking is good too if your hips are not aching too much and you drink plenty of water (ligaments loosen toward the end to prepare you for birth). The morning mall walks are great - air conditioned and no mosquitoes. Relax - you are not fat. You are pregnant. Enjoy it! I've got a great picture of me 2 days before my son was born and I was wide enough to block a whole tree trunk while filling up a birdbath. No, I'm not that wide anymore, but being pregnant was a once in a lifetime thing for me. I treasure the memories.

I was one of those skinny moms who put on a LOT of weight during my pregnancy. I started at around 140 and when I went into the hospital to have my little girl I weighed 217lbs!!! Besides having a weakness for ice cream (which has some good things in it) I ate very healthy - lots of fruit, veggies and well-balanced meals but I still put on a lot of weight. Held a lot of water as well.
As long as you are eating healthy don't worry about it. Keep healthy food around as a snack food so you don't go for the chips or cookies. Enjoy and it does come off pretty easily after the baby - although the last 10 lbs for me were the hardest to loose!

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