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Wedding Shower Suggestions

I am in the planning stages for a wedding shower--any ideas for themes, gifts, games or cute ideas or resources that you would like to share. Thanks for your help.

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Thank you all for the terrific ideas that you shared. This will make planning the wedding shower more fun! I am sure the guests and the bride will really enjoy this special day as we incorporate some of the suggestions. Thanks so much! We are still deciding what will work best.

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kitchen/Recipe showers are great! you have everyone cook a dish and they bring the recipe they used and you put it in a recipe book for the bride. The gifts are something they used to make the dish...

If you need invitations or party favors let me know!
A. J

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kitchen/Recipe showers are great! you have everyone cook a dish and they bring the recipe they used and you put it in a recipe book for the bride. The gifts are something they used to make the dish...

If you need invitations or party favors let me know!
A. J

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This game was played at a bridal shower I just attended.

Make bingo cards and at the beginning of the party have all the guests fill out the cards with what they think she'll receive as gifts. Each gift the bride opens you can mark it off your bingo card. The first person to bingo wins a prize.

EX. There are alot of gifts in a basket...the basket counts as a gift. You'll be surprised how many people would not write down the basket.

I also do desserts...check out my website:

Hope this helps!

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from the cranium game, we've snagged the idea of sculptorades. it was really fun making up the cards to fit our shower (i.e. baby, bridal) & everyone really had a ball playing it.

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Hi Suasan,

We host many showers here at our Tea room, Alices Tea Shoppe (in McKinney) (which is set in an English Cottage/Alice in Wonderland theme). We have a private room and can prepare special menus within your budget (be it a tea or lunch). The tea menu (which is served in a course) includes a cake. Our cakes, which are made from scratch can also be created and prepared based on the brides theme. If the lunch menu is selected, we can prepare a cake separatly (which could run anywhere from $20-$45 (depends on the style and decor of the cake). Ranges for lunch and a tea (which includes our yummy homemade scones and beverages) $12.00 - $16.00.

As for games, one idea: I went to a shower the other day and they played a cute bingo game using wedding stickers on blank bingo cards, and Smartie candies as the tokens. We ate our tokens!

Take care and call if you have any questions, ###-###-####, or visit our website at alicesteashoppe.com.


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Hi S....first I would like to wish you the best with the shower. I second the Asian-themed shower!! They are so much fun and add such variety to the party. I had three bridal showers and this one was my favorite!!
A great personalized gift idea for the blushing bride-to-be is a towel cake! I have lots of experience in making them and would be willing to do it for free as I am still trying to get my name out there (you would provide the supplies). The "cake" is made with 3 layers...bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths all in the bride's color scheme (either for the wedding or her home). Then it's decorated by some bridal accessories, home décor items or even some Asian-themed items to match the party. Please let me know if you are interested in my services.
You can view my business "S.O.C.K." on Mamasource and contact me for more information. Again, good luck with your party.

Hi S.,

I haven't read any of the other posts, so hopefully I'm not repeating anything. My sister is getting married in May and we've had a few wedding showers already. My cousin hosted one of the showers and everything was centered around things my sister loves. My sister really enjoyed the chocolate fondue fountain she had. (You can get a fondue fountain at walmart or target.) There was an assortment of yummy foods to dip - strawberries, cherries, marshmallows, pineapple, pretzels, grapes, pound cake, rice crispy treats, etc. It was so much fun and so tasty.

There was also a newlywed game, in which my sister was quizzed on things about her future husband, (we got all the answers from him) and it was a lot of fun. I can give you the list of questions we used if you are interested.

At another shower, we did a variation on the newlywed questions game, where my sister had to put a piece of gum in her mouth for every question she got wrong, and those questions were a lot harder, so needless to say, she ended up with about 12 pieces of gum in her mouth. It was pretty entertaining. The theme for that shower was just her wedding colors, which is simple, but very pretty too.

We also played the game where everyone gets a bracelet when they first arrive, and they can't say the word "wedding" during the shower, and if they do, the person that catches them saying it gets to take their bracelet away, and the person who ends up with the most bracelets at the end gets a prize.

Oh, another fun one was every guest has to write down their fantasy lover (celebrity crush) and put it in a bowl. The host then pulls out one name at a time, and everyone has to try to guess who's crush it is. It was pretty hilarious too. The one who gets the most right gets a prize.

Another funny thing to do is have someone write down all the things the bride to be says when she's opening her gifts ("Thats so cute!", "Oh, I can't wait to use this!", etc...) and then her words were plugged into an ad-lib type story about their honeymoon that was read aloud. It was really hilarious.

There were some more games we played, I don't want to write them all out, but if you want some more ideas, let me know!
Hope this helps! Happy planning!

I do invitations if you are need of some custom, cute invitations. I can do wedding, bridal shower, engagement, save the date, bachelorette party, etc. www.WorksofaWink.com

My sister is getting married and then honeymooning in Vegas. We are doing a Vegas themed bridal shower, and a Vegas themed wishing well. You could always do a themed wishing a honeymoon theme. People could bring you sunscreen, beach towels, beach bag, etc.. Good luck!

High Tea Party! These are my favorite!! Let me know if you need help if you decide to go this way, I do them all the time. good luck.

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